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Honest AdsConnect Review – Is It A Scam?

By Kyle / January 25, 2017

adsconnect reviewIf you are wondering “is AdsConnect a scam?” and looking for an unaffiliated and honest review, then here you go. Most of the reviews you will see are written by people promoting this product and trying to earn commissions off of you buying it. But not me.

AdsConnect isn’t some incredible product that totally takes the guess work out of your sales funnel. People are saying that you are pretty much guaranteed an amazingly successful sales page, but in reality this is not true. AdsConnect isn’t some miracle product and its not going to make your rich overnight.

AdsConnect Review

  • Product: AdsConnect
  • Type: Sales funnel creation software (cloud based)
  • Price: $67/yearly, $97/lifetime (plus upsells)
  • Rating: 7/10 (For the price I would say its pretty good. You can easily copy and edit sales pages to make them your own)

To start off this AdsConnect review I want to go over who this product is really for and who can benefit from it. Many promoters will try to make it seem like its a good idea for anyone to go out and buy, but like I said many people are just trying to sell, sell, sell.

Who Is AdsConnect For?

Ads connect is for online marketers that are looking to make things easier when it comes to creating sales funnels as well as relevant ads that are to be used to direct traffic to the sales funnels. It makes it simple to test out variations of different sales funnel pages along with ads.

Basically to put it blunt for you, AdsConnect allows you to copy other people’s sales pages, edit a few things to make them unique, and use them for yourself.

So pretty much AdsConnect is for any online marketer out there really. Because we all create some form of sales funnel in one way or another right?

And one more important thing to mention is that AdsConnect is for online marketers with either their own websites , or with access to edit client’s websites. This is not for social media marketers and other forms of online marketers without websites.

What AdsConnect Does

AdsConnect helps you out with 3 things: creating sales funnels, creating ads for those sales funnels, and analyze the data to see what is working and what isn’t.

Sales Funnel Creation

Well it doesn’t really help you “create” sales funnels. Rather, it helps you edit existing sales funnels. If there is a sales page that you know is working well and that you want to mimic, then you can do so with AdsConnect. You can take that existing sales page from another website, edit images, titles, sales buttons, etc., and put it on your own website.

So pretty much you can take all that hard work that has been done creating that existing sales page and edit a few things to make it your own, or unique to what you are trying to sell.

You can also make multiple variations of your edited sales page in matter of seconds to test out how small changes can effect your sales.

Ads Creation

When you have a sales page that you think is ready to go. Now you need to drive traffic to that page. And of course on of the most common ways is through advertising, whether it be through Facebook, or private website advertising. With the ads creation tool that AdsConnect features you can easily create relevant ads for your newly made sales page.

These are picture ads and in the ads creation tool there are pictures available for you to use or you may upload your own. You will be able to easily put in pictures, text, buttons, etc in your ad and create it in a matter of minutes. There are even pre-done ad templates that you can choose from if you aren’t sure what to do.


Of course after you create sales funnel and ad variations you need to know how well they are performing. AdsConnect makes it simple to see how they are performing so that you know whether to edit, delete, or keep what you are doing.

The Downsides To AdConnect

I know it may sound really good so far, but there are some downsides that I am going to go over so that you aren’t spending money on something that might disappoint you.

Liability Issues

On the sales page it does make mention that users should not download and use data from any site they are not authorized to use. So make sure you do edit the copied sales funnels enough to make them unique so that you can’t get in legal trouble.

Ads Creation Tool Is Nothing Special

The ads creation tool does make it easy, but its nothing special. There are plenty of other ad creation tools out there that are as good, if not better.

But if you are interested in buying AdsConnect you are probably buying it more for the sales funnel, because that is where the hard work lies.


Just like pretty much any product out there, they try to first sell you on the lowest version of the product and then try to upsell you on more expensive versions.

With AdConnect you pay $67 yearly or $97 for lifetime. But there are 3 other upsells ranging from $27 to $97.

Don’t Think You Are Going To Go Out & Make Sales Like Crazy

A good ad and sales funnel are only part of the equation required to make lots of sales. The other part that is essential to making sales is your target audience. If you are targeting the wrong group of people you won’t be getting anyone to click on your ads, and if you do you probably won’t be getting anyone to read through your sales page and actually buy something.

I know that from Facebook advertising in particular, audience selection is KEY. There are literally millions of audience combinations you can target on Facebook and it is not an easy task to decide on. You might get lucky and you might not. I know from experience that you can blow through $1000’s on FB ads with the wrong audience, but when you hit it right you can bring in even more money.

A good ad and sales page is great, but you need more than just that.

Is AdsConnect A Scam?

No its not. Its actually a pretty cool software in my opinion and I can definitely see the usefulness of it. It would have been a good purchase for me in particular when I was just starting out online marketing and I wasn’t any good with sales pages or anything like that. If I had it back then I could have copied professional sales pages and made them my own easily, instead of creating crappy sales pages like I did at the time.

So is it worth the money? Ultimately that is up to you to decide. I think its a good software that definitely has some benefits.

What Do You Think About This Review? Do You Have Anything You Can Add That Would Benefit Readers? Or Do You Have Any Comments? Questions? Leave Them Below In The Comment Section…

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