Home Jobs Now Scam – Lets Take a Look

By Kyle / January 19, 2016

Name: Home Jobs Now (home-jobs-now.com)homejobsnow1

Founder: Kelly Simmons

Price: $97

I know you want to know is Home Jobs Now a scam? and I we will get to that but first lets take a look at what exactly it its.

Quick Summary

Its business model makes sense and it works like Google adsense (supposedly). Home Jobs Now claims to be an add placement service. So what would happen is a business would have them place their ads online, and everytime someone clicks on the ads the business would pay Home Jobs Now for their ad placement service.

And of course you (the member) would be one of those who place the ads and getting paid every time one of your ads is clicked.

There are three steps you are supposed to take to be successful with Home Jobs Now. First you sign up and soon after you are assigned a unique tracking code. Then you utilize the provided supplies such as ad placement training and live support. And lastly you sign in everyday and see how much money you have made.

WOW, its so simple and seems legit right?? I mean the business model they are using is used by big companies like Google, so it must work right? Well….. Lets take a further look

Something Smells Like a Scam

As I was searching around online I came across this Home Jobs Now. I thought I had seen this same opportunity somewhere else before but couldn’t quite remember. Upon further research I found that this SAME “opportunity” was around before.

It went by the name Home Job Placement last, and before that it went by the name Home Job Source.







Strange isn’t it? Why all the domain changes?

Another strange thing about Home Jobs Now that I found was about its founder “Kelly Simmons”. The strange thing about her is that she has had more than one name in the past. Let me show you:kellysimmons

This is Kelly Simmons







This must be her identical twin Ellen Shepard.


So obviously there is something wrong here. Upon looking further I found this on Home Jobs Now’s disclaimer:disclaimer








So if this is such a “risk free” (as they say on the site) money making method, then why would they have a need to hide the real founder of this “wonderful” program. I mean, since its so great the only problem Kelly Simmons might face is getting too many thank you cards.

Why can all other successful and safe program founders show their face and let you get to know them but “Kelly Simmons” has to keep everything about her private as a safeguard.

Final Thoughts

Make what you want of this, but it is this kind of suspicious activity that smells like a major scam.

The program has changed names multiple times without any mention of it by the owners. Usually when you change your name you make a point to let others know the name used prior. But the owners of this program did not do this which makes me think they had something to hide.

Then the owner goes and hides her name as a “safeguard”. Like I said, why would you hide your name if it is a legit opportunity that people will be thankful for? Well I guess the reason is ITS NOT.


SCAM all the way


If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. If you have a review of Home Jobs Now I would love to hear it below. Thank you.




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