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Home Income Course Review – Its A Scam People.. I have proof!

By Kyle / September 29, 2016

home-income-course-reviewHome Income Course is NOT what it may seem. In this Home Income Course review I expose this scam for what it really is. If you are reading this before signing up, consider yourself lucky.

Home Income Course is a scam that is oddly similar to many other scams that are just about the exact same. And thats the first thing I want to bring to your attention in this review.

Home Income Course Review

  • Website: home-income-course.com
  • Creator: unknown
  • Price: $97
  • Rating: 1/10 (Horrible link spamming scam, will not work out)

There Are Other Sites Nearly Identical To Home Income Course

Ok, so here is a screenshot of the Home Income Course site. This is what you will see after you enter your email, name, and phone number and sign up…home-income-scam

Ok, now take a look at this. This screenshot is from 45minutepaydays.com, which is a KNOWN SCAM. It features the same image of the woman, and the same story…45mpd-special-letter-google-chrome-2016-09-29-12-08-45

And it doesn’t end there! There are probably like 10 more sites that are virtually the same that I have come across. These scammers seem to come out with new sites all the time.home-job-source-google-chrome-2016-09-29-12-13-43

Here is another site called home-job-source.com that once again is the same damn thing…

And besides these two sites that are the same, there are plenty more. I have actually reviewed several of the before such as Paydays at Home, Ultimate Home Profits, Home Jobs Now, and there are probably more that I can’t remember.

I could spend all day here finding other sites that are made by this same group of scammers, but I think this is enough.

This isn’t enough to say for sure if its a scam or not, but it definitely adds some suspicion to say the least.

Anyway… let me move on

They Use Fake News

That short news broadcast video that they show is more than likely fake. I have seen this a thousand times. Scammers act as if their product was featured on the news to try to gain credibility and trust from the user.

Unfortunately these are fake and lies nearly all of the time. In fact, this “fake news” problem has gotten so out of hand that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is currently pursuing a permanent ban on fake news.

So don’t trust what you see!

How They Say You Can Make Tons Of Money

If you read the sales page you will know that they speak about posting links and getting paid for it.

How does this work? Well what it is is affiliate marketing. Basically you will be posting links online and getting people to click on them. You could post the in forums, on social media, on your own website, or just about anywhere you want.

The links you will be posting are to direct people to buy a product and when they buy that product you get paid a commission in exchange. If you get a lot of people to click on your links you can potentially earn a lot of money.

But its not how it seems…

My Problem With This

They make it sound WAY TOO EASY. It is nothing like they claim. They act as if you can go out and start spamming links everywhere and get people to buy whatever products that you are promoting. It doesn’t work like that!

It takes training, time, dedication, and a lot more to be successful at this. Affiliate marketing is my main source of online income and I know that it is not something that you can just go out and do one day. It will take time.

And with the crap approach they are giving you, there is absolutely no way you will be successful. Their training WILL NOT WORK.

Final Thoughts – Home Income Is A SCAM!

It might not be a “complete scam” if you want to say it like that. Because after all, they do provide you will some training. But its crap training that will not work. And the way they try to sucker people into buying this programs with their misleading “its super easy” tactics makes it a scam.

You will absolutely NOT make money with this program. I mean, you may make some pocket change, but I doubt you will ever make the $97 back that you paid for this. Its such a waste of time you will quit and give up long before that, as you should.

Their whole approach, spamming links everywhere and expecting to make money is just not legitimate. And if you go around doing this your computer will probably end up on a bunch of blacklists and you will have problems in the future.

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