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Hailey Gates Scam – BEWARE of This Lady

Hailey Gates Scam

In this short post I want to address the Hailey Gates scam. Yes… The opportunity to make money online that she presents is a scam for the most part. While you can make money taking paid surveys online, what she tells you is incredibly misleading and will have you thinking that you are going to be making good money with these different survey panels she is referring you to, when the reality is much different.

If you’re possibly thinking about joining this opportunity I would strongly advise against it, at least until you read over this post and learn the truth of what is going on here.

The Opportunity She Presents You With

I’m sure there are a lot of women with the name “Hailey Gates” out there, but I am talking about the Hailey Gates associated with Survey Money Machines, which is a website that supposedly matches you up with incredible opportunities to make money taking surveys.

According to Hailey, there are big companies out there that want to know what people think about their products and are willing to pay you for your opinion. What Survey Money Machines does is matches you up with different survey panels so that you can make the most money possible. She claims that they are partnered with over 200 different panels and really makes this opportunity sounds amazing…

All you have to do is enter your name and email, then you will be provided with all these opportunities to take surveys. Sounds pretty good, right? WRONG… And I’ll go over why in a bit. But first, who is this Hailey Gates lady?

Who Is Haily Gates?

Well… Hailey Gates is supposedly the person behind this Survey Money Machines opportunity, but who is she really?

If you look around the website you will find several different pictures of her. However, they aren’t really of her. These are fake images and this woman’s name is definitely not “Hailey Gates”.

How do I know? I ran a reverse Google image search of the picture shown on the website and found that these are actually stock photos sold online. What this means is that the real person, or persons, behind this website purchased these images and are claiming that this woman’s name is Hailey Gates.

survey money machines Hailey Gates

So if the image is are not real, then is anything real? Now that I have shown you a proven lie, are there other lies to this opportunity?

The answer is yes. This entire opportunity is pretty much a big old lie and I will explain why.

The Truth About These Paid Surveys

All Survey Money Machines does is refers you to different survey sites that are out there so that you can take a bunch of surveys in the make money online. The point of signing up for multiple survey sites is that you will get more opportunities to take surveys in the last be able to make more money.

There is nothing great or amazing about the different survey sites that you are referred to. These include your typical “run-of-the-mill” survey sites such as…

The big downside to paid survey sites is that they pay extremely little. I can’t really give you a very good estimate of how much you will make on the survey sites, because there are eight different variables at play, but generally speaking I would say you will make between $0.50 and $2.00 per survey that you take, which generally takes around 10 to 25 minutes to complete.

Now I guess that really isn’t all too bad if you get a survey paying on the higher end every time, but this is rare and after you factor in all the wasted time from being disqualified in attempting surveys… They pay works out to be much less.

There was a time in the more early days of the Internet when paid survey sites would pay much better than they do nowadays. The reason for this is simple… Nowadays it is much easier for these different survey sites to get people to take surveys for cheap, so they have no need to offer more money as incentive. They simply do not pay much because they don’t have to.

Overall, paid surveys are an opportunity to earn a little extra pocket change… Nothing more than that. They definitely aren’t the incredible opportunity that “Hailey Gates” make them seem like.

What Is Really Going On Here

What might have at first seemed like a genuine attempts to help people make money online now starting to seem suspicious. If this “Hailey Gates” character is leading you to believe that this opportunity is better than it really is, then why? There must be a reason, right?

There is a reason in the reason is that she, or the real people behind this website, are getting paid to refer people to all of these different paid survey sites. You see, pretty much every paid survey sites out there has a referral program in place where they will pay members to refer new members to them. They don’t pay very much at all, but if you run a website like Survey Money Machines and refer people to multiple survey sites, it adds up.

So anyways… That is what is going on here. That is the reason they try to get you to sign up for so many paid survey sites because the more they get you to sign up for, the more money they make.

There are actually a lot of these types of websites out there that just funnel people into joining multiple paid survey websites. Take Surveys for Cash and Paid Surveys and More are to similar sites that come to mind.

Conclusion = Scam… For The Most Part

While Survey Money Machines might not be that bad of a scam, I still consider this place a scam. It is true that they refer you to legitimate paid survey sites were you really can make money online, although very little amounts money, but the opportunity is presented in a very misleading way, “Hailey Gates” is likely completely made up character, and so on.

Overall I would just not bother with this site at all. Avoid it if you haven’t already. If you do want to make money online taking surveys, then go for it. But just sign up for the different survey sites directly. Swagbucks and FusionCash would be my recommendations if any.

That said, paid surveys are not going to be great ways of making money online at all, as I mentioned. Sure, you can take them from wherever you want to and at any time of the day, but the money you will make is so little that most people would consider them a massive waste of time.

Something else that you may want to look into, which is a much better way to make money online, is how I do so. I make a living working for myself, and like taking paid surveys, I can work whenever I want and wherever I want. I’m not going to get into it all here, but you can learn more about how exactly I make money online, how it all works, and how beginners can get started doing the same by reading this post.

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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