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Greed-Rush Review – Is This Place Legit or Just Another Scam?

By Kyle / April 3, 2016
  • Greed Rush ReviewName: Greed Rush
  • Website: greed-rush.com
  • Rating: 1/10 (Impossible earnings, little information, most likely a Ponzi type scheme)

Greed Rush promises absolutely amazing returns on your investments, but can this possibly be legit, or is Greed Rush a scam? In this Greed Rush review I’ll be letting you know what you need to know before you go and invest with this website.

What is Greed Rush?

First, I’m going to go over what they claim to be.

Greed Rush is a high frequency trading (HFT) investment site. They invest and trade in the cryptocurrency (electronic currency: bitcoin, etc.) market.

This investment market could potentially be profitable if you know what you are doing because these currencies are constantly fluctuating. So if you can trade smart, and take advantage of these price fluctuations, you can indeed make fast money.

The potential for money is here, but there is one SERIOUS red flag that makes me believe that this is a sure scam. I’ll go over this a little later.

First let me go through a few of the basic for investing with this program.

Depositing Money

At Greed Rush they have different investment plans in which you can deposit your money. They all produce a fixed amount of profit off of your initial investment. The difference is the amount of time that you have to keep your money invested.

Here are the different plansgreed rush

And as you can see you can deposit anywhere from $10 to $50,000.

They have a profits calculator on the site in which you can use to calculate the fixed profits you will receive from your website.

How to Deposit Your Money

They only accept payments from Perfect Money. Perfect Money is a financial service that allows people to do instant money transfers. Its growing in popularity and is pretty trustworthy. However, all of these new upcoming “instant transfer” type money services come with some additional risk.

So you would have to go to perfectmoney.is to create an account and put money in that account.

One unfortunate thing about this is that you cannot open a Perfect Money account in all countries.

Referral System

Of course there is a referral system with Greed Rush in which you can make commissions off of people that you refer

The commission rate is 3% of your referrals deposit. Now 3% might not sound like much, but imagine if your referral deposited the maximum $50,000. You would make $1,500 off of that referral alone.

But I hope no one is going to be depositing this much money. Because like I said at the beginning, this place is more than likely a scam and I’ll be going over that right now.

Serious Red Flag – Steady Earnings

This is probably the biggest red flag that there is. And this alone pretty much proves 100% that this place is indeed a scam.

They promise you steady earnings if you invest with them. And I’ll show you this investment plan again. Look at the different plans… all produce fixed earnings.greed rush

But the problem is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to provide steady earnings with investments like this.

The market fluctuates without notice and goes by no fixed schedule. You never know the future prices of the cryptocurrencies. No matter how much experience an investor has, there is absolutely no way they can promise steady returns like this.

I don’t care how much experience these investors have. They are lying right here. This place is a lie, and a scam because of this alone.

What I Think Greed Rush Really Is

Its more than likely a Ponzi type scheme. So its just a big money transfer system. You deposit money and the people above you receive that money. And you receive money from the people that join after you and deposit money.

Only a small amount of people that are at the very top actually will make money here. Most people end up losing money. And its illegal, so stay away!

I actually reviewed a very similar “investment” website recently called PayGet (read my PayGet review Here) Its basically the same thing. There is a team of investors that is making quick and easy cash in the cryptocurrency market. This place also promises fixed profits and is more than likely a scam.

I’m actually wondering if these two scams are run by the same people, because their websites are suspiciously similar the way they are set up.

Final Thoughts About Greed Rush

The bottom line here is that their business model doesn’t make sense. Its impossible to provide fixed profits doing what they do.

And besides that, this place provides VERY LITTLE information about themselves. They say that they are a team of first-class IT specialists, yet their is no further information. Nothing, nada. You don’t know anything about these people.

My guess is that its a Ponzi scheme and this is by no means out of the question. There are plenty of illegal Ponzis online that people end up getting sucked into.

They can be hard to find cold hard proof on, and thats why a lot of them end up getting away with their illegal activities for so long.

My advice to you is to stay far far away from this place. You will more than likely lose your money. Its not a legitimate investment business.

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