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Giga-Rich Review – Its a SCAM

By Kyle / April 30, 2016
  • Giga-Rich reviewName: Giga Rich
  • Website: giga-rich.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (scam, scam, scam. Cannot work like they say)

If you are thinking about investing through Giga Rich, you might want to think again. In this Giga Rich review I’ll be going over why this place is absolutely a scam and you should stay away from it.

But first, what is Giga Rich?

Giga Rich is an online High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). They promise insanely high returns on your investments. giga rich returns

All you would have to do is simply invest some money in them, and you would get your high return in a matter of hours, which you could then cash out.

Sounds pretty good right (so far)? Well just keep reading…

How Giga Rich Invests Your Money

The fact is, they don’t tell you.

Usually HYIP scams like this try to make up some lie about how they invest in the “energy market” or the “electronic currency exchange market”, but at Giga Rich they don’t even bother trying to make something up.

All they say is that they use various investment strategies to diversify their business.

But it doesn’t even matter what they say about how they invest, because this place is a scam.

It Cannot Work Out Like They Lead You To Believe

It is not possible to promise fixed returns like they show from an investment. No matter what their investment strategies, the market is always fluctuating and changing. And this means that the potential returns are changing as well. So a fixed return is not something that can be legitimate.

And besides that, there is no way you are going to get crazy high returns like they promise. 250% after only 3 hours?? Are you joking? Why isn’t everyone investing in this?

What Is Giga Rich Really?

You have to be careful with HYIP places like this. There are a lot of scams out there and in particular the area of HYIP.

Giga Rich isn’t the only online investment place that promises insanely high fixed returns. There is PayGet, Join-Trade, Open Deposit, Greed-Rush, and these are just the ones that I have reviewed. There are plenty more out there.

Giga Rich and all these other places are more than likely Ponzi type schemes. They don’t actually invest your money in different markets. They are just a big system where money switches hands.

Here is how it works. New investors come into Giga Rich and invest their money. Their money, instead of actually being invested, goes to other Giga Rich members who had already invested and became a member of Giga Rich.

That is why they push you so much to refer others to these types of sites. Because bringing new investors to their sites is the only way they make money. They don’t actually profit from making real investments in the markets.

They Push You To Refer People

Of course they have their nice little affiliate program (they call it their partner program). In this case they only pay you 4%. But that can actually be a heck of a lot, because people can invest high amounts of money if they want.Giga-Rich affiliate program

And then they have an entire page that is devoted to giving people banners to promote Giga Rich.

They only have 7 tabs up on the main menu of their website, and “banners” is one of them. I mean gosh, I would like to get to know a little more about this place before I go promoting it everywhere.

Giga Rich is a SCAM, and You Should Stay Away

They tell you VERY little about themselves or how they do their business, and they promise impossibly high/fixed returns. This place has scam written all over them.

Its true that some people probably will make money from investment places like this that operate with a Ponzi scheme structure. But the overwhelming majority of people that invest in Ponzi schemes end up losing money. So its not worth the risk. And besides, these scams are illegal.

You would have to be crazy to invest in a place like this.It is no where even close to being legitimate.

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