Getting Paid To Drink Alcohol – Is bevRAGE a Scam?

By Kyle / October 27, 2016

bevRAGE reviewbevRAGE is the only cashback app that I know of where you get cashback exclusively on alcohol. And its pretty darn good in my opinion. In this bevRAGE review I’ll be going over what makes this free app (yes its free) awesome and how you can get paid to drink alcohol… well you don’t have to actually drink it, you just have to buy it. And most importantly I’ll be answering the age old question… Is bevRAGE a scam?

So let me get to this review.

bevRAGE Review

  • AppbevRAGE
  • App Type – Cashback On Alcohol
  • Price To Signup – Free (Get App at & enter referral code OFSS for a bonus)
  • Rating – 8/10 (Awesome way to make some extra money when buying alcohol, which you already do anyhow)

If you are familiar with Ibotta (my favorite cashback app), Ebates, or Checkout 51, then you know how the whole cashback app thing works. The process is really simple and its something that many people don’t take advantage of.

If you are an alcoholic, wine connoisseur, college partier, or just someone who buys alcohol for other people, then listen up because this app is a great choice for you.

Like I said, the process of getting paid for buying alcohol is simple and well worth the time spent.

How You Make Money With bevRAGE

Step 1: Download the Free App

Of course you have to download the app first, and you can do this at You must be 21 years old to do so. But all you have to do is check a box that says you are 21 or older, its not like you have to show them proof.

Note: When you are signing up, copy & paste my referral code OFSS and you will earn a $2 bonus after you redeem your first offer. You Can Sign Up Here

Once you have downloaded the app you will then have a gallery of offers on wines, beers, and liquors that you are able to get cashback on.

bevRage offersStep 2: Choose What Offers You Want

Like I said.. beer, wine, and liquor is all fair game. You will see offers for name brands as well as generic ones. And as you can see from some of the recent offers available on the right, they pay pretty well sometimes.. $5 off a Don Q Rum bottle and $3 off Captain Morgan 1.75L bottle.

And what makes bevRAGE nice is that they often have offers that don’t require a specific brand name. For example you can expect to see offers like $1 off ANY 6 pack of beer, $2 of ANY 12 pack of beer, and $3 off ANY 24 pack of beer.

Its nice when the offer only has general requirements like that because you have more purchasing options.

Anyways.. Scope out some offers that you are interested in and then its time for the next step of the process.

Step 3; Go To The Liquor Store

Now its time to buy the alcohol that you desire. I say “go to the liquor store” but in actuality you can get cashback on alcohol that you buy at bars and restaurants as well.

The good thing about bevRAGE is that the offers that they show you are localized, meaning that they specifically show you offers available in your area.

After making your purchase make sure you keep your receipt, because you will need it.

bevRAGEStep 4: Upload Your Receipt

Now its time to verify your purchases and for this you will need your receipt that shows proof.

bevRage’s app has a camera that makes uploading your receipt easy. Just line up the receipt and snap a picture and it will be automatically uploaded.

Your receipt will be verified by bevRAGE within 48 hours. And this is when YOU GET PAID!

Getting Paid

You can cash out your money via Paypal, or if you don’t have a Paypal account you can choose to get a check sent by mail. Unfortunately you only can choose to have a check sent by mail if you are an IOS user. Adroid users do not have this option right now, but from what I’ve read elsewhere this is going to change.

The cash out minimum is set at $20. So you have to wait until you reach that threshold in order to cash out. This shouldn’t be difficult if you consume alcohol regularly.

Referring Friends

Got buddies that drink? Well you can make some money off of them if you get them to sign up to bevRAGE. For each person you refer you can earn $2. But you will get this money only after they get their first rebate. The cool thing about referring friends is that its a win/win situation. You get $2 for them signing up through you and they also are rewarded $2 for signing up through you.

Once you have a bevRAGE account you will be given your own unique referral link and referral code. This is what you will use to refer others and get credit for it.

My referral code is OFSS so if you want to earn $2 then enter it when you are sign up (and thank you if you do!)

bevRAGE Complaints

One of the complaints that I have as well as some others I have seen isn’t bevRAGE’s fault, but its just a problem with the process in general.

And that is that you NEED and itemized receipt in order to get credit for your purchases and get your cashback. For some reason its not that uncommon for liquor stores to just give you a general receipt that shows the total. But what you need is to be able to see the specific items that you purchased in order to get cashback.

Its not a big deal, usually only the smaller liquor stores are the ones to do this. But its still a complaint that I have.

Advice For Using bevRAGE

Don’t wait on an offer. They don’t last forever. If you have plans on buying something on their offer wall then go do it asap. If you wait it might be gone by the time you end up going. They don’t take down their offers really fast, its not like you have to be in a race. But I’m just letting you know… they don’t last forever.

Is bevRAGE a Scam?

Absolutely not. It may sound too good to be true, but its completely real. Cashback apps have been around for a while now its just that bevRAGE is unique in the fact that it focuses purely on alcohol.

bevRAGE is partnered with some big players in the alcohol industry. They make money doing what they do, its not like they are just giving you money for the heck of it. Some of their partners include…bevRAGE partners

bevRAGE is an awesome opportunity for those who enjoy alcohol. You are going to buy the alcohol regardless, so why not get paid for doing so? And it only takes a minute to upload the receipt so its well worth the time you put into it.


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And thanks for reading. Leave your comments and questions below.
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