How I Make $15 a Week Doing My Normal Grocery Shopping and how YOU CAN TOO

Its like getting free money. You are going to go shopping regardless so why not get paid for it!!??

And I know its not much, but that $15 adds up!

Hi there, its me, Kyle. I'm the person writing this and the owner of Online Financial Success Story. I make my living online and although I already make a full-time income, I am constantly looking and testing out new methods to make money online.

What I'll be going over here I know you will love. Getting paid for shopping is something that anyone can do and that everyone should be taking advantage of. Its easy, its no hassle, you aren't going out of your way, its just all around awesome.

Is getting paid for your shopping right for you? If you answer yes to the following questions then YES it is for you!

  • Are you a human?
  • Do you buy groceries, cleaning products, personal hygiene products, wine & spirits, etc?
  • Do you like free money?

Then YES, it is for you! And you will love it.

Here's whats awesome
about it

  • Its FREE for anyone to do 
  • You just do your normal shopping
  • It takes less than 5 minutes per week
  • It puts money in your bank
  • And you get $10 FREE in your account if you get started today!

OK... So What The Heck Is It Already!? Get To The Point

Its CashBack Shopping With Ibotta & Its Freakin' Awesome!

The name Ibotta, pronounced I bought uh, is an awesome app where you can get cashback for your shopping. And don't worry if you don't have a smartphone. You don't need the app, you can also create an account on their website.

There are many different cashback apps out there, but Ibotta is my favorite by far. 

The cashback that they give you isn't amazing or anything. Its not like they pay you a lot more than other popular cashback apps like ebates, etc. But... I find that they make it easier for you to get the cashback rewards that you deserve for your hard work shopping. And thats what makes Ibotta the #1 cashback app in my book.

​I know that might not make much sense to you. What do I mean by "they make it easier to get cashback"? Well, I'll be going over that shortly.

Oh ya, and they are giving out a $10 bonus for new sign ups right now which I will also be talking more about so you know how you can get that bonus.​

How Ibotta Works & How You Get Paid For Shopping

This is how easy it is


Sign Up for Ibotta

Its Free

Of course the first step would be to sign up for Ibotta. This is free to do. You can download the Ibotta app for free if you have a smartphone or you can create an account on their website.

But don't sign up yet. I still need to go over how to get your FREE $10 when you sign up. 

ibotta free app

Choose Where You Are Going To Shop and What You Want To Buy

Its simple

Ibotta is partnered with over 750 big retailers. Once you open the Ibotta app, or sign in on their website, you can then select the store that you are planning on shopping at. You will then be given a list of items that are available for cashback rebates at that store.

Just to name a few of the many stores you can choose... Walmart, Target, Kroger, Rite Aid, Wallgreens, Famous Footwear, Khol's, Macy's, Vitamin World, GNC, and many others.

Unlock the cashback rebates that you want and you are ready to roll.

*Note: For many cashback rebates you can choose any brand. For example you can see the picture above shows a cashback rebate for ANY brand of 1 gallon white milk. Being able to choose any brand in situations like this makes getting cashback a lot easier and its one of the reasons that Ibotta is so great.


Go Shopping!

Just like you normally do

Now what you need to do is go shopping and by these products at your favorite stores

As you know I use Ibotta mainly for grocery shopping, just because that is the most common type of shopping I do. But its still just as awesome for buying clothing, supplements (I'm a fitness enthusiast and love to work out), and lots more.


Verify Your Purchases & GET PAID!

Getting paid is the whole point

Ok, so you just bought a bunch of stuff like you were going to do regardless, now its time to get some free money.

To do this you just have to open the Ibotta app and go to submit a receipt. This will open up the camera for you to take a picture of it.

After that you wait.... They usually verify your receipt within 24 hours and thats when you get paid!

Getting Paid Is Simple

Of course after you make the money through Ibotta you have to cash out. And with Ibotta its simple and as good as it gets. They offer tons of big name gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and on and on. But if you aren't a fan of gift cards you can get your money in regular old cash via PayPal, in which you can use for whatever you wish.

The cash out limit is $20. This means you have to have at least this amount in your Ibotta account before you can cash out. If you are like me you should have no problem reaching that threshold. And if you don't shop much, who cares!, it will just take you a little longer to see the money in your bank account. ​

What Makes Ibotta Better Than The Rest?

Ok, so now you know its a super easy process and all. I mean all you do is choose what products you want to redeem cashback for, buy the products just as you normally would, and upload the receipt through the Ibotta app or on their website.

But the big question is... What makes Ibotta better than the rest? ​There are other cashback apps out there, why not choose them instead?

The main reason that I choose to use Ibotta instead of others, and the reason that I rank Ibotta as the number 1 cashback app is because it tailors your list of cashback rebates just for you. This saves you time and effort.

For it to tailor your results you have to allow it to see your location. This way it knows what stores are nearby and more importantly, what items the store stocks that are available for cashback rebates.

Not all Walmarts carry the same products, and this goes for any store. With other apps I have used in the past it wouldn't be uncommon for me to go to the store to purchase something that has a cashback rebate only to find out that the store doesn't even sell it. With Ibotta you don't have this problem. 

Ibotta also seems to pay better than most apps. There really isn't much of a difference when it comes to the cashback amounts that you get with the different apps. Just a small difference at most. But anyway, Ibotta pays very well.

Get $10 FREE When You Sign Up!

Like I've been mentioning, right now you are able to receive a signup bonus of $10 free in your account.

In order receive this bonus you must enter the referral code heqkmpy when joining​. You can just copy and paste that code to make it easy.

This Is Only Available For A Limited Time

Why Not Join Ibotta & Get Cashback From Your Normal Shopping?

I don't know about you but I can't think of any good reason why someone wouldn't join Ibotta. Everyone shops right? And you are going to continue to hop whether you join or not.

The whole process of getting cashback is so simple. For me, I upload my receipts once per week because I go on a grocery shopping trip once per week. That is my main source of getting cashback. And that makes me the majority of the $15, give or take, average that I earn in free money with Ibotta each week.

​The amount of time that it takes to use Ibotta for me is never over 5 minutes. Its not like I've ever timed myself before, but I would guess it only takes me about 2-3 minutes to choose the cashback rebate items I plan on buying, and then another minute to upload the receipt later. That would make a 3-4 minute total. 

So if you think about it that way, I am making $15 in 3-4 minutes. Thats a darn good wage for the time I put in.​

I'm Not The Only One Who LOVES Ibotta

Check this out. On the Apple App Store, Ibotta has an average user rating of 4.5/5 and on Google Play it is rated a 4.4/5. That is a rare thing to see reviews this good. 

Thats with over 158,000 votes  on Google Play alone!​

And of all of those votes there are nearly 100,000 people that rate it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.​

Ibotta is no joke. They offer you free money for something you already do... whats not to love about it?

Start Making FREE MONEY Just By Shopping Like I Do! 

Get The Ibotta App

Remember to enter the referral code heqkmpy so that you will get $10 in your account as a FREE bonus. Limited Time Offer

And like I said, if you don't have a smartphone you don't need the app. You can just create an account online.

Do you have any questions about Ibotta? Ask me about them here.