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Gemini 2 Trading App Review – Do NOT Fall For Their Lies!

By Kyle / October 1, 2016

gemini-2-trading-app-reviewIf you have came across the Gemini 2 Trading App STOP what you are doing. Its NOT what they say it is and in this Gemini 2 Trading App review I’ll be exposing it for what it really is.

I know “Brandon Lewis”, the guy from the video, is a smooth talker and all, but you have to be careful with softwares like this. This guy is spewing pure lies from his mouth and is a nothing but a scammer. If you think you can make a quick and easy $12,000 + a day then you thought wrong.

Gemini 2 Trading App Review

  • Website: gemini2.co
  • Founder: Brandon Lewis
  • Price: Free, but you have to fund your account
  • Rating: 0.5/10 (Absolute scam, not to be trusted)

To figure out if an opportunity is legitimate its important to look at the people behind it right? So to start things off, I took a look into Brandon Lewis’ history,  and what I found is pretty much what I expected.

Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 scamBrandon Lewis, Who The F*%$ is Brandon Lewis?

There is absolutely no information on this guy. There is nothing I can find from his history of working for Google, as he claims. And there is just not much of anything on this guy.

He claims his company has been developing trading robots for the past several years, but why is there not anything about this online. If that were true there would be information about it everywhere.

I can’t find ANYTHING on this guy. And the only logical answer to this is that Brandon Lewis is a fake. This guy is an actor and the name is made up.

Gemini Holdings – Is This Place Even Real?

The name of Brandon Lewis’ company is Gemini Holdings, so he claims. The problem is that this place is more than likely fake.

If you search for Gemini Holdings on Google you will find a website called Gemhold.com, but that is it! And this place is NOT the place that Brandon Lewis claims he is the CEO of.

If you do some research on the REAL Gemini Holdings, you can find on Bloomberg.com that the real CEO is Mr. Thomas M. Certo, as you can see below…gemini-holdings

There is no Gemini Holdings company with a guy named Brandon Lewis as the CEO!

100% Win Rate Is Impossible!

As if this place doesn’t already show enough signs of being a scam to get you to stay away, this claim is absolutely impossible.

Brandon Lewis claims that his awesome robot has a 100% win rate. He says that it NEVER LOSES. But this is simply impossible and anyone that has been involved in binary options trading for a while would know this.

There are SO MANY VARIABLES that go into market price of assets. The market is way to dynamic to be able to predict accurately what the market will do in the coming minutes. It fluctuates like crazy in the binary options market and often gives you “false readings”, meaning that it may seem that the price will rise, but it will do the opposite.

There is NO robot or professional trader that can predict the market with 100% accuracy. Its just impossible by an extreme amount. I you are winning over 80% of the time then that is darn good, and thats a lot less than 100%.

This claim is just outrageous and this sale video is obviously targeting the unsuspecting newbie who would not know that this is impossible. (but its not your fault if you are a newbie, everyone has to learn sometime)

Everything Is Fake

Everything you see in the video can be easily fabricated. The bank account photos, the trade results, everything. Its not all that difficult to use some cheap software to fabricate those.

And as far as the Lamborghini goes, its a rental. Do I have proof of this? No, but I have seen these scams a thousand times and they are all pretty much the same.

The reason this guy is able to to make a lot of money to rent out a lamborghini and everything is because he is getting rich off of scamming people with this very Gemini 2 Trading App scam, and probably other scams he has been a part of in the past.

How Gemini 2 Scams You

You might be wondering how they can scam you if the software is being given to you for free. And the answer is simple.

In order for you to start trading you first have to fund your account. And the minimum investment amount is $250.

Good luck ever seeing that money back.

Final Thoughts – The Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!

Look, this software is an absolute scam. Its not a maybe, or a possibly, its a DEFINITELY. There is no doubt about it.

The CEO of Gemini Holdings isn’t Brandon Lewis as far as I can find out, there is no information on Brandon Lewis, there is no history of Gemini Holdings ever developing binary robots, and the 100% win claim that they make is IMPOSSIBLE.

It seems that there are scams like this one coming out just about everyday. Its ridiculous and the reason they keep coming out is because they are making a lot of money scamming unsuspecting people. BTW if you have come across Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, or Methodox 2.0, they are scams just like this one. They are binary robot scams that I have recently come across and written reviews about.

Anyway, as far as I see, everything points to Gemini 2 being a complete scam. Save your money and stay away from this.

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