Freelance Marketing Secrets Review – Is It Just Another Scam?

By Kyle / June 8, 2017

I’ve been getting some questions recently about a free PDF created by Keala Kanae called Freelance Marketing Secrets so I finally decided to look into it. If you are wondering if its a scam or not then you are going to want to read this short review.

Although the PDF itself is free, there are definitely some things that you should know about what it is and what its purpose is and all. Its not what it may seem to be.

Freelance Marketing SecretsFreelance Marketing Secrets Review

One of the first things I like to do when I review a product is to look at the person or people behind it, and in this case it is Keala Kanae.

There really isn’t all that much information on this guy. If you Google his name mostly what you will find is information on AWOL Academy and Project AWOL, which are two names that are the same program. This is his most successful program and its an online marketing training program in which he co-founded.

Keala Kanae claims to have one heck of an amazing success story. He claims to have been a coffee shop worker making minimum wage and really struggling. And now of course he is a millionaire that makes money online.

There is no doubt this guy is successful and has made a lot of money online because his AWOL Academy is being promoted pretty heavily at this point. But there is no proof I have seen to back up his claims.

But anyway, I’ll take him at his word for it because there also isn’t proof that he lying.

What Is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

This is a free PDF that Keala put together that gives you a brief overview of how he makes money online.

It starts out like most “make money online” programs that you see. He talks about all the vacations he goes on, shows massive income statements, and even shows a picture of him laying in a pile of checks.

But in the real content of the pdf he goes over the 3 steps he uses to make money online. These are…

  1. Find an Audience
  2. Find a Product to Promote
  3. Create a Sales Funnel

So what he is saying you should do here is this….

First you want to find an audience that is hungry for information. Find an audience that has a problem that needs to be solved or something like that. The example given is people looking to lose weight…. the weight loss niche.

Next you need to find a product to promote to them that can solve their problem or help them in some way. To do this you will need to sign up with an affiliate network that has products you can promote. The example he gives in the PDF is Clickbank which is a digital marketplace where you can promote ebooks and things of that nature. There are a lot of weight loss ebooks on Clickbank that people have written that you could potentially promote.

Then you are going to want to create a sales funnel to promote that product. This is nothing more than a series of steps that you put a website visitor through to try to get them to buy it. First you will have an advertisement, then you will have a squeeze page to get them to enter their email address, then you will have the sales page. The reason for getting visitors to enter their emails first is so that you can keep promoting to them over and over if they don’t buy the first time.

My Thoughts On This

These steps are nothing special and pretty much what just about what every online marketer uses.

Affiliate marketing is the business model that he is talking about here, where you promote other people’s products and make commissions. Its a great business model and is actually how I make a living online.

So Yes, these are good steps to follow, but they are nothing special. They are something you could have easily figured out on your own or by searching Google.

Basically this PDF tells you what you need to do but gives you no information on how to actually do it, which is the hard part. And this brings me to my next point.

What Freelance Marketing Secrets REALLY Is

Really, this free pdf is just an easy way to get people’s email so that Keala can promote his real products to you. Just like the steps I just went over, Keala is using them on you with this free pdf.

Inside the pdf there are about a million promotions for this Online “Master Class”. This is just a pre-recorded webinar that he made to promote his AWOL Academy program. AWOL Academy, of course is the solution that you need to make money online.

So basically the Freelance Marketing Secrets pdf and everything is just leading up to getting you to buy into AWOL Academy, which I definitely do not recommend you do.

AWOL Academy, Why I Don’t Recommend It

I have already written a full review of AWOL Academy if you want to read about it. But I’ll give you a brief overview of it and why I don’t recommend it.

It is an online training program in affiliate marketing. There are 6 different levels of the program and they range in price from $99 – $9,997. They provide training, a website, and done-for-you resources such as sales pages, lead pages, etc, for you to make money online via affiliate marketing.

The program is centered around getting you to go out and promote AWOL Academy to other people. The kicker here is that in order to promote it you will first have to buy it. Meaning that if you want to promote the level that costs $9,997 you will first have to buy in at that level.

If you buy into AWOL at $99 you will be coaxed into purchasing a higher level training for more money. This beginner training is just the beginning of things and will somewhat “leave you hanging” and you will feel the need to buy more.

Another problem I have with this program is its method of traffic generation. What it teaches is how to use paid advertising to promote products. This means you are going to need even more money to get started. Paid advertising is a tricky game and you can blow through cash very fast if you are not good. I just don’t recommend this for beginners.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Ok, so lets recap here… Freelance Marketing Secrets is just a free pdf that is designed to attract people into a sales funnel that will ultimately try to get them to buy into AWOL Academy. And AWOL Academy is an extremely high ticketed (high priced) affiliate marketing training program that is focused on getting members to go out and promote AWOL to other people.

Overall, I just really don’t think this is a good idea to get into, especially for beginners. If you are an experienced online marketer then you know what you are getting yourself into and you might be able to turn some profit with this. But for all the newbies out there, this just isn’t a good choice. There is a lot of money involved and the risk is much higher than it needs to be.

What I recommend for people looking to get a start in affiliate marketing is to take a look at  Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is similar to AWOL Academy because they also are an online business platform that provides training, tools, support, and other resources for people to make money online in affiliate marketing.

What makes them a better choice, in my opinion, is that they provide a lot more training, they are less expensive and teach you ways to get free traffic rather than being mostly focused on paid advertising. They also have a great online community where you can communicate and share information with other members.

It is a great place for beginners to start out and it is where I started out. I wrote a review on Wealthy Affiliate that you can read by clicking the link below…

–> You can learn more here

Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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