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Will Freedom Cash System Scam You? – You Bet It Will

By Kyle / August 10, 2017

If you came across this work from home opportunity called Freedom Cash System (aka Freedom Cash Systems) you best take a second and read over what I have to say. This program is full of trickery and deceptive scam tactics that are used to suck people into buying it when they don’t know what there are getting themselves into. The marketing tactics used here are very unethical to say the least.

If you are wondering if Freedom Cash System is a scam then good for you. Your instincts were right on the money because this place is a scam without a doubt. You can actually make some money with the program but the amount that you can make is very misleading.

Freedom Cash System Review

  • Creator: Karen Evans (fake name)
  • Price: $97
  • Recommended?: Not at all; more on this

Freedom Cash System is an online work from home program that claims you can make easy money posting links from home for big companies. While you an actually make money doing this…. much of what they tell you is very misleading.

The first thing that I want to go over in this review are the lies and misleading information that they throw in your fact to get you to buy into this.

Lies and Deception

News Broadcast – Misleading

When you enter your name and email you are taken to the sales page where there is a news broadcast that plays at the top of the page. This broadcast talks about how people are working from home and the opportunity that is out there. While this is a real broadcast it is somewhat misleading. This actually has nothing at all to do with Freedom Cash System.

Limited Openings

There several different times where they make you think that there are a limited number of openings and that you need to sign up right away. This is completely false. You can leave the site and come back in a week and will see the same thing.

$500 Just For Using The System

Sounds pretty incredible that you can make $500 just for signing up and using the system right? Sounds like a win/win situation? The problem here is that there is a catch and no one will ever get that $500. This is extremely misleading and a ridiculous claim.

The Amount You Will Make Posting Links

They give examples in the sales page and tell you that you can expect to earn $15 for each link you post. This is a complete lie because you don’t know how much a link will make you. I am very familiar with this business model and you never know for sure. Some links will make you nothing while others literally could make you thousands of dollars. It varies a lot and saying that each one can make you $15 is extremely misleading.

How You Make Money

“Link Posting” as they call it, is actually called Affiliate Marketing. This is when you promote products for companies online.

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple,…. just about every big store has an affiliate program that anyone can sign up for. You then get your own unique links that you can post to refer people to the online stores. When someone clicks your link, goes to the store, and buys the product, you get a commission.

This is actually how I make a living online, that is why I said I am very familiar with this. Its a great business model because you only have to promote products. You don’t have to deal with the selling and all of the headache that comes with that.

Its good and all but this program just isn’t going to work.

Why This Program Won’t Make You Money

Whenever a program claims it is the key to making tons of easy money from home… usually it is the opposite. Usually it is a scam that will only make you poorer.

This program is more than likely going to do exactly this. While the business model that it tells you about is great, this program doesn’t provide the necessary tools for you to make good money. You might make a little but not much more than likely.

The reason is that what you get is horrible. You will get a cookie cutter website that has been given to everyone else who bought this program. Also the training you will get will basically teach you how to spam links everywhere, which is not an effective method.

If you want to make money here you don’t just go around posting links left and right. That is not how it works. If you do this people will not trust your links, they will not click on them, and ultimately you will not earn any money…. or very little if anything.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

I definitely do not recommend Freedom Cash System to anyone. This is a scam that is filled with extremely misleading information. People that buy into it will think they are getting into this amazing opportunity but will be very disappointed soon enough.

When a program sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This is a good rule of thumb to follow and in this case it is true. You just cannot trust anything this program says because of all the lies it tells you. I have reviewed near identical programs to this in the past, Complete Profit Code for example, and they are all the same….. fake, phony programs that leave people disappointed.

But like I said, the business model that they talk about in this program is legit and you can make money promoting products for companies from home. This is how I make a living and I really like doing this.

So if you are still interested in doing this I would suggest a program called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a training program that teaches you affiliate marketing. It provides both training and tools to get started. It is where I started out and now I am making a living off of this stuff, so its pretty darn good and is definitely my top recommendation.

You can read a full review I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate here

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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