Free Traffic Tornado Scam – Here Is My Review Of It

By Kyle / April 18, 2016
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  • Rating: 1.5/10 (Not worth any money; provides very little information that is useful)

In this article I’ll be reviewing this Free Traffic Tornado scam. And yes I say its a scam because I see very little value in what you are paying for here. But you will get some value, so its not a complete scam. I guess it could better be labeled a “terrible product” instead of a “scam”.

Anyway, let me get to the review.

First Of, What The Heck Is Free Traffic Tornado?

Well, its a training program designed to teach you a bunch of different methods to get traffic. And as you may know, traffic is THE KEY to making money online. If you have traffic, you have opportunity to make money off that traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you have nothing.

Free Traffic Tornado is claimed to be great for ecommerce, affiliate marketing, CPA offers, and really anything that has to do with making money online.

What Free Traffic Tornado Includes

Free Traffic Tornado starts off with a video that teaches you how the whole “funnel” thing works. Which is when you funnel your traffic to buy a product, or to sign up for a mailing list, or to visit another site, or just anything you want them to do.

After you learn the initial process of how the whole thing works, there are a bunch of videos on different traffic methods which include..

  • Free WSOs
    • This is for if you launch an product on Warrior Plus. It will go over getting targeted traffic to your WSO.
  • Forum Traffic
    • Goes over how you can use different online forums to get traffic
  • Solo Ads
    • These are paid ads in which you would buy clicks from someone elses list. There is a short video that goes over how to do this.
  • Facebook
    • Brief overview of how to get targeted website traffic by using Facebook, which is one of the best social media sites for doing so.
  • Blogs and Blog Commenting
    • Shows you how to get traffic through commenting on other sites.
  • Youtube
    • Youtube is a great way to get traffic. Here you will be given an overview of the method.
  • Google Hangout
    • Will go over how to get people to watch your live stream on Google hangout, which can be effective.
  • Google +
    • Very short overview of using Google + to get free traffic.
  • Web 2.0’s
    • Here you learn about using sites like Tumblr, Blogger, etc. to get traffic.
  • Instagram
    • Learn about how you can get traffic by just posting photos on Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
    • Pinterest is simple and can be very effective at getting free traffic. Here there is a short video about it.
  • Affiliates
    • Goes over how you can use affiliates to get you traffic
  • Back End Bonus Spots
    • Teaches you about “bonus spots”, which are commonly used on download pages. They are just a little image enticing you to buy whatever it is.
  • Final Thoughts
    • Just a little conclusion on what was covered.

Wow, thats a lot of different videos. So it must be a pretty good product right? Ehhhh.. not really

You Won’t Learn Much

There are a lot of videos but they are all very brief and just give a basic overview of the different methods. Most of them were shorter than 10 minutes long, which means there is no time to really get into things.

So basically Free Traffic Tornado is more of a place where you can learn about what methods you can use to get traffic. But you can’t really learn much about how to use them.

Who Free Traffic Tornado is for

This product would definitely be better suited for beginners. But still, I don’t recommend that anyone buy it. Its just not worth it. There is not much to gain from the videos.

If you are a beginner and were thinking about buying this product, don’t bother. I’ve just listed what all of the videos are about above. So just Google each of those methods to learn more for free. You will learn far more from searching around Google for free than you will with Free Traffic Tornado.

Its kind of for advanced internet marketers as well

I know I just said its better for beginners. But there are traffic techniques that are gone over, such as WSO’s, Affiliates, and Back End Bonus Spots, that are very advanced in my opinion.

But again, these videos are very brief and you won’t learn much. Its not worth it.

Free Traffic Tornado Tricks You

I hate when places trick you into buying something, and that is exactly what Free Traffic Tornado does.

First off, on the homepage they act like there is a “secret” traffic method which they are going to release information of to you.Free Traffic Tornado Scam

But in reality, its not one traffic method. Its a bunch and pretty much everyone already knows about most of them. And none of them are even close to being secrets.

And why would this product be called “Free” Traffic Tornado? There is nothing free about it. That is nothing more than a ploy to get people’s attention and get them to buy the product.

The product is not free, and many of the traffic methods that are taught are not free. So I don’t see any legitimate reason to put the word “free” in this product’s name.

How Much Does Free Traffic Tornado Cost

Right now the price is currently only $8.25.Free Traffic Tornado price

But as you can see above, it says there are only 2 more available at this price. After those two are sold the price will go up.

But who knows if thats true. I’ve seen plenty of products that claim you have to hurry and buy it now for the discounted price, but then the price never actually goes up.

Its probably just a method used to get you to hurry up and buy it.

Final Thoughts on Free Traffic Tornado

They use some trickery when trying to get you to buy this product, which I do not salute. And the product pretty much sucks in my opinion. There is not really any good information that will help anyone become successful.

Each traffic method is explained very briefly and without real detail and because of this I just don’t think its worth the money.

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