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Ford System Trading Software Scam – This Will NOT Make You Money Trading Bitcoin

Ford System ScamThe Ford System, which was supposedly created by a man named Bryden Ford, claims to be one heck of an incredible opportunity. In the video presentation for this automated trading software they claim that anyone can make $1500 within their first day of using it, and continue to make this kind of money each and every day. But I am guessing since you are reading my review that you are suspicious of these bold claims… Am I right?

Well it is good that you are suspicious, because this system is a complete scam and you will not make any money with… All you do is lose money. In this short review I will be going over why the system is a scam and proving to you that it is all fake and designed to lure people in with the hopes and dreams of making easy money online.

Ford System Review

When I first came across the system there were warning signs all over the place that caught my attention. It has all the makings of your typical automated cryptocurrency trading software scam. Of course it is super easy and anyone can use it, you don’t need to know a thing about anything, it uses some magical proprietary software, it makes you a massive $1500 per day…… Pretty much everything I see about the system screams the word “scam”.

Some of the red flags that caught my attention which I’m talking about include the following.

Major Red Flags

#1 – Proprietary Software That Works Like Magic

Of course this system runs on some proprietary software that can somehow magically read the bitcoin market and make extremely profitable trades for you. All of the automated trading software scams out there claim to run on some secret software with some secret algorithm. This is very common and because there is no proof of this software actually working, it leads me to believe this is a scam.

#2 – Impossible Profits

To start out all you have to invest is $250. And since they claim that this can make you $1500 in the first 24 hours that means this software is going to make you 600% in profits.

But this is far from being realistic. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency out there and has a massive market with many buyers and sellers. Although the price of bitcoin is volatile, it is nowhere near volatile enough for you to make 600% in 24 hours… Not even close.

I day trade cryptocurrencies as a hobby and this is an absolutely ridiculous claim.

#3 – Fake Creator

This Bryden Ford was supposedly an economics professor at Harvard University, where he supposedly gained the knowledge and insight to be able to create such an amazing trading system such as Ford System.

However, none of this is true at all. I ran a reverse Google image search of this guy’s picture and found that this photo is used all over the place on the Internet. This means that it is more than likely a stock photo that anyone can buy and use as they please. It is very common for scammers who create scam systems to use fake images like this to keep their real identities hidden.

Ford System Byron Ford

#4 – Fake News

Something else worth mentioning is that this system has never been on the news. At the top of the sales page they claim to have been on Forbes, CNN, and other big media outlets. However this is all a lie and can easily be disproved. All you have to do to find out that this is a lie is go to any of the websites that it claims to have been featured on, such as Forbes.com, and search for “Ford System”. If you do this you will not find anything related to the system.

This is just a ploy to try to come off as more credible and to gain your trust.

How They Will Scam You

How they are going to scam you will be like this:

You are able to join and use the software for free (which is actually another major red flag by the way), but of course you are going to have to make your initial deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 which you will be referred to some broker to deposit it. This broker is going to be some unregulated broker and this is where you lose your money.

Scam systems like this work with these unregulated brokers to scam people together. When the scammers behind the system refer investors to the brokers, they earn commissions on the investments made.

One thing that you should know is that any cryptocurrency trading software that refers you to a broker is probably a scam. Why is this? Because when trading cryptocurrency there is no need for a broker. Any legitimate cryptocurrency trading software should be able to integrate with various cryptocurrency exchanges directly, meaning that you should be able to use the software and have it make trades directly.

Every single crypto trading software out there that I have seen refer people to a broker has turned out to be a scam… Cryptologic, Crypto Edge System, you name it. There just is no need for brokers for this kind of trading and it makes absolutely no sense.

Summary of Everything & Conclusion – SCAM

Okay so let’s think about this… The Ford System claims to run on some proprietary software that there is no proof of, it claims to make impossible profits that any experienced cryptocurrency trader can tell you are absolutely impossible, the creator of the system hides behind a fake image and name, they claim to be featured on the news which is another lie, and they refer you to a broker which is another major red flag and something that adds a lot of confidence to my assumption that this system is all a scam.

Everything about the system points to it being a scam. There is nothing about it that proves its legitimacy or makes it seem real in any way. Invest if you would like to but I sure as heck am not going to do that. And if you already invested but want to get your money back I suggest trying to do that as soon as possible. It is probably going to be a hassle, and there is a really good chance you will not be able to get your money back, but you can try.

Since you are looking to make money online you might also want to take a look at my guide to making money online here. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or automated trading, but I figure it’s something you might be interested in and it’s definitely something that I recommend to people looking to make money online legitimately.

As always… Leave any of your questions and comments below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


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