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Is The Foap App a Scam? My Review of Foap

By Kyle / April 1, 2017

If you are looking to sell pictures that you take all the time, then you might be interested in the Foap App. This app brings something new to the table. It gives regular smartphone users a way to earn cash for taking pictures with their phones.

Unlike your normal stock photo sites, like ShutterStock, Adobe Stock, etc. where it seems that professional photographers rule and it is impossible for a regular person to make any money, the Foap App makes it possible, well at least more possible.

The Foap App does make it easier for the non-professional to make money off of photos. But still…is the Foap App worth it? Does the time you put into it pay off, or is the Foap App a scam that tricks people into doing all the work so that the company can make all the money?

In this review I’m going to be answering everything you need to know about this app if you are interested in it. I’ll be going over how it all works, how much money you can expect to make, some complaints, and whether I think its worth it or not.

Foap App ReviewThe Foap App Review

  • Name: Foap
  • Website: foap.com
  • App Type: Stock Photo App
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end

Before I get into how this app actually works. I think its important to touch upon the world of stock photography. So here is a very brief overview of what you are looking to get into.

Stock Photography Overview

Stock photography is nothing more than a collection of images for sale.

People are in the need for images whether it be for their websites, ads, presentation.. anything. And they are willing to pay money for good images.

These people can buy images that meet their needs at stock photo libraries like ShutterStock, Adobe Stock, and of course….. Foap!

So it works like this. People need images. You take images and upload them on stock photo libraries. People buy these images. You get paid.

How Foap Works

1) Get The Foap App

The app is available for Apple and Android devices. You can download the Foap App at iTunes or Google Play.

Once you have the app you can create an account. This is simple and all you need is an email address or a Facebook account to do so.

2) Create Your Profile

In order to become eligible to sell photos on Foap you will first have to fill out your profile. You will just have to enter your name, birth date, and some other personal information.

You will also be asked to enter your payment information. But don’t worry. This is so that you can get paid for the photos you sell, not so that you pay for anything. This app is completely free.

3) Upload Your Photo(s)

Uploading is simple. You will see an button inside the app that you can click to upload your photos. So find the one(s) you want to upload and do it. Its as simple as that.

Once you upload the photos you will have to name them and write a short description about the photo, such as what its about, the story behind it, etc.

You will also be able to add tags to your photo. People often skimp out on this and that is a big mistake.  Add as many tags as you can think of. This way people searching for photos will be able to find yours easier.

And the last thing you need to do here is have it licensed. All you do is answer a couple questions and Foap will assign a license for you.

4) Get Paid!

This is the whole point of it all… getting paid.

Your photos are now available in the Foap marketplace and are able to be bought by anyone. If you are new to Foap, which I’m assuming you are, then you will need to promote your photos if you want people to buy them.

When you become a seasoned member and have good ratings you don’t have to worry about this as much.

How Much Money Will You Make?

You will make $5 for every photo that you sell. The transaction is all done through Foap and you don’t have to worry about doing anything else.

Each photo costs $10 for the buyer and you keep half of that while Foap keeps the other half.

Its hard to say how much you will make. You might now make anything and you might make a lot. Its all about your photo and whether or not you can get them in front of the eyes of an audience that wants them.

An photo could make you $0, or an photo could make you $100. Each photo is able to me sold an unlimited number of times. So if you do get a photo that is performing well you could make some good money.

Another Way To Earn Money

Foap holds what they call Foap Missions. And these are contests that are held when a company needs a photo. So maybe a company is creating an advertisement, or maybe they need a picture for their website, etc… it doesn’t matter.

These companies will hold contests for people to submit a photo of a certain kind and the requirements will be laid out for you.

The company will pick the winners of the contests and their photos will earn them $100+ generally.

How Do You Get Paid?

Foap pays via PayPal which I like. They pay you at the end of each month and that money will pretty much instantly be available in your account.

For those of you who don’t know, setting up a PayPal account is free of charge for what you will be using it for.

Promoting Your Photos

As I mentioned earlier. If you are just starting out you are going to need to promote your photos to get seen. You can do this on any social media but what I want to talk about is the Foap Community.

The Foap app has a community aspect to it. Members can share their photos, get followers, receive ratings from other members, and so on.

When you start out obviously you aren’t going to have any ratings or followers. What you need to do is become active in the community. Some sales will eventually start to come in if you have good photos and this will lead to ratings and followers.

Using the Foap community to promote your photos is a must.

Final Thoughts… Is It Worth Your Time?

Well for those of you wondering is Foap a scam or not, the answer is absolutely not. Its a pretty cool app and it definitely makes it easier for your average Joe non-professional photographer to make some money online with photos they take.

If you are someone who loves to take pictures and think you take some good quality interesting pictures, then give Foap a try. And don’t think that you have to take amazing landscape natures scene photos to make money. There are photos of ANY kind that get sold on Foap.

Another Suggestion:

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