Is Finish Line Network a Scam? – Pretty Much.. In My Opinion

Finish Line Network Scam

Finish Line Network is promoted as a way to earn massive commissions online with an easily duplicatable system, but is it is really as great as people are saying it is? Is this network the amazing income opportunity that it is described as being? Should you be jumping on this opportunity immediately or is Finish Line Network a scam that you should be avoiding?

Before I get into this review I want to make it well known that I am not promoting this network… Which means that this review is going to be unbiased and from a levelheaded approach.

I’ll tell you right now… This is NOT the incredible opportunity that people are promoting as. There are some serious downsides to this that I will be going over in my review here. In this review I’ll cover the following:

  • The basics of the network
  • The 4 product lines
  • The compensation plan
  • How it all works in a nutshell
  • The cost & whether or not it is overpriced
  • Why it is MUCH Harder than it seems
  • Possible pyramid scheme?
  • Final thoughts… I’ll pass

Finish Line Network Review

Right now Finish Line Network is in its prelaunch phase and is said to be (by the people promoting it) the biggest prelaunch of 2018.

The reason this network is so hyped up is because it provides people with a “done for you” system to making money online. The system is already in place and set up. What you do is buy in and then promote it to other people, earning commissions when you get other people to buy in as well.

Right off the bat there are some serious red flags with this business model. Everyone promoting it only talks about making money with it by promoting it to others, rather than the underlying value of the products you are actually promoting. What are you really getting into here? Is this all just some massive recruitment pyramid scheme? Well… Many people would argue that it is and when I talk about the compensation plan you will see that it pretty much is one.

The 4 Product Lines

There are four product lines that Finish Line Network has in place. These include Silver, Gold, ePOD, and the high ticket live events.

1) Silver

With the Silver product package you access to the lead management platform. One of the things you get is a sales conversion app which helps you bring in leads and drive sales, which ultimately makes you commissions.

This product package cost $47 a month and from that $47, $25 is paid out in commissions. From this $25 that is paid out commissions, five dollars goes to the Bonus Pool and the other $20 is split between the seller and their sponsor.

2) Gold

The Gold product package can be bought in a monthly or three year subscription. The monthly subscription costs $130 a month and $65 is paid out in commissions, whereas the three year subscription costs $2997 and $1250 is paid out commissions. The commissions are split between the seller and their sponsor, just as with the Silver package.

With this product package one of the things you will get access to is monthly virtual live events with strategic speakers and influencers. You also get access to online marketing training modules, so that you can of course go out and promote the system more.

3) Email Profits on Demand (ePOD)

ePOD it’s all about email marketing. With this product you will get access to tools and training so that you can hopefully run successful email marketing campaigns and drive in sales.

The product costs $1997 and pays out $1000 in commissions, which of course is split between the seller and their sponsor.

4) High Ticket Live Events

Digital Domination is there high ticket live event. This cost $997 and pays out $400 in commissions which get split in two, as always. At these events you get to hear from top digital marketers and hopefully learn advanced marketing tactics/tricks.

Compensation Plan

They call their compensation plan they “profit maximizer compensation plan”, and this is what is all about. The entire focus of this network is on the compensation plan. Whenever you hear people talking about the products, they always talk about the money you can make reselling the products… Not really so much the actual products.

The entire goal is to promote the system. You buy in and then you go out and get others to buy in. You will be provided with training for getting traffic, using their app to promote, promoting on Facebook, etc.

But anyways… Onto the compensation plan…

Direct Commissions

Direct commissions are paid weekly and come from the products that you sell directly or that people you recruited into the network sell directly.

For each product that is sold, the commissions are split into two, with you (the seller) earning some of the commissions and the sponsor (the person that recruited you and) earning some of the commissions.

When you first start out the commissions will be split 50/50, but you will be able to work your way up 80/20, thus earning 80% of the commissions after making enough sales.

Bonus Pool 

There it is a lot of talk about this Bonus Pool and that is because a lot of the money ends up there. 20% of every sale goes into this bonus pool, which is a heck of a lot. Everytime you or anyone else sells a product, money from that sale goes to this pool.

The way you earn money back from this bonus pool is by earning shares. You earn shares from selling the different products in the more shares you have the more pieces of the pie you get. There is no real number I can give for how much you earn from this bonus pool because it depends on the total company sales as well as the number of shares that have been given out.


There our different ranks within the network. Everyone will start out as a Rising Star and the goal is to work your way up to a 4 Star ranking, which will allow you to earn more from the compensation plan. The benefits you get at each rank and the requirements to get to that rank are listed as follows:

  • Rising Star
      • This is where you start out
      • Split commissions 50/50 with sponsor
      • Earn 60% of every share you earned in bonus pool
  • 1 Star
      • Need to sell 6 Silver Packages
      • Earn 70% of every share you earned in bonus pool
  • 2 Star
      • Need to sell 6 Gold Packages
      • Earn 80% of every share you earned in bonus pool
  • 3 Star
      • Need to sell 6 digital products
      • Earn 90% of every share you earned in bonus pool
  • 4 Star
      • When you sell 6 event tickets
      • Earn 100% of every share you earned in bonus pool
      • Get additional 4 star-only bonus commission from the % the 1, 2 & 3 star members don’t earn
  • On 7th sale you start to earn 80/20 split on commissions

How It All Works In a Nutshell

So you will start out as a Rising Star and the goal is to move up the ranks, which you will have to do in order. The further you move up the ranks, the more you earn from the bonus pool and the higher commission’s you earn per sale.

One of the big catches to this compensation plan is that you can only earn from what you already own. What I mean by this is that you can only earn commissions from a sale on the Gold subscription if you already own the Gold subscription. So if you buy in at the cheapest level, the Silver subscription, and then go recruit someone in who buys the Gold subscription, you will not earn commissions from that sale.

This is how they get people to keep purchasing their products… Even if you don’t want to. It pretty much forces people to do so if they want any chance of making good money with this. If you watched any of the video presentations for this network then I’m sure you heard them pushing you to go “all in” and purchase every single product so that you can earn as much commissions as possible.

The compensation plan is set up so that there is a massive difference in commission potential depending on what products you have personally purchased. In the one video presentation I watched they went over to identical scenarios, but in the one you would’ve earned $3100 and in the other you would have been the earned $40, all because in the one you went “all in” and earn commissions from everything. But I am sure this is an extreme example just to try to get people to buy in as much as possible.

The Cost

The cost of getting involved in this of course depends on how much you want to go in. As you saw above, your potential earnings are directly related to the amount you spend initially. The more you buy in, the more you can make.

Oh and by the way, if you are not qualified to receive any sales then those sales will just get past up to the next person qualified above you in your up-line


There is no question about it… These products were severely overpriced… Massively overpriced… Astronomically overpriced.

I don’t see how anyone can argue this fact. They could be sold for much less, but the product prices are jacked-up to extreme amounts just so that affiliates of the system can make large commissions promoting them and suckering in other people to buy them.

It Is MUCH Harder Than It Seems

I know that everyone makes this seem like the greatest opportunity ever, but they are promoting the system… Of course they are going to make it seem that way. They are trying to earn those big commissions that the system pushes you to try to earn.

But how hard is this system really? I mean… After all, the products are already in place in the compensation plan is all set up. All you have to do is go out and promote it… Referring people in and earning commissions. Sounds easy, right?

Well.. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and have seen dozens of these types of high-ticket mlm systems before. The bottom line is that they never work out as great as they claim to… Most people end up failing and losing money. I can give you tons of examples of this, such as Digital Altitude’s Aspire & MOBE (both of which were shut down by the FTC for being scams by the way), Legendary Marketer, The Super Affiliate Network and so on.

The Downside To MLM’s

This business model is what you call a MLM, or multilevel marketing business model. MLM’s have a pyramid -like structure where there are multiple levels and commissions are passed up to the top of the pyramid. When you make a sale, some of those commissions get past up to your sponsor and maybe more depending on who is qualified or not.

The big downside to these business models is that those higher up on the totem pole (the pyramid) stand the best chance of earning the most. What you normally see with MLM’s is a very uneven income distribution, where a very small percentage of people earn the large majority of the money and the overwhelming majority of people earn very little or lose money.

Pyramid Scheme?

I also want to touch on whether or not this is a pyramid scheme because I know a lot of people are going to be asking this. I have reviewed many online pyramid schemes and to be honest this thing could be getting in some trouble in the future I think. The reason is because all of the emphasis is placed on buying into the system and then reselling the products to make money. There is no one buying into this for the products themselves… Or at least not as far as I see.

The difference between pyramid schemes and legitimate MLM’s is that legitimate MLM sell products to the general public, whereas pyramid schemes just recruit people in and force them to purchase products, which is what this place is doing.

Final Thoughts – I’ll Pass

Some people love these types of systems and go out and promote the heck out of them, but what you really doing here? People buy into the system to make money and then they are just provided with tools and training to promote the system to other people, making money this way.

Not only do I think this is somewhat unethical, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the FTC step in eventually and set this thing straight, or maybe shut it down.

Overall this is definitely not something I personally recommend or something I will get involved with. If you want to make money with it you have to be willing to spend a ton of money and making money is going to be much more difficult than it seems.

If you are on the search for a much more affordable and legitimate way to make money online, I would suggest taking a look at this program. I am suggesting this because I joined back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online, and I now make a living working online… Which goes to show that it works.

I’m not going to go into detail here, but you can click the link below to learn more…

==> Recommended Program

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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