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Financial Freedom Formula Scam – Not Trustworthy

By Kyle / August 21, 2016
  • Financial Freedom Formula reviewProduct: Financial Freedom Formula
  • Website: www.financialfreedomformula.co
  • Creator: “James”
  • Price: $197
  • Rating: 2/10 (Can make you some money, but not like they say. Also, not very trustworthy)


The Financial Freedom Formula promises big dreams  but it is not a trustworthy program. They tell you you can “surpass your current income in as little as 30 days”, but that’s just not going to happen. I would stay away from this program and in this Financial Freedom Formula review I’ll be going over why.

First Of All, What Is Financial Freedom Formula?

Summary of Financial Freedom Formula

Financial Freedom Formula is a training guide for making money online with James’ (the creator) proven system. Basically what the program does is help you find what you are good at. Once you have found a skill that you are good at and that is in demand, you then find companies & people on freelance websites that you can do quick little jobs for and make money.

They also have training on outsourcing your jobs/gigs, so that you can build up a team of workers beneath you and make money off of them while you do nothing basically.

The whole business model that they train you on here is completely  legit, there is no doubt about it. You can definitely make money like this.

But my main problem isn’t really what they train you on in this program. My problem is “who” trains you. The creator of this program they call James, but there is pretty much no information on him at all. And I found something interesting while doing some research.

Who Is This Guy “James”??

I’ll tell you who he is NOT, and that’s the guy they show in the picture! This is the picture that they show you of “James” on www.financialfreedomformula.co and it didn’t take much research to find out that this guy is definitely not James.Financial Freedom Formula developer

What I did was took a screenshot of this picture of James and then uploaded it to Google and did an image search of that picture. And sure enough, this was a stock photo. You can go to ShutterStock.com and buy this picture. Its a model, not James! Take a look below

james financial freedom formula

If you want this picture you can just type in “man using laptop on beach” and its on the first page.

I Don’t Like How This Looks

For me, transparency is key when it comes to buying things. Especially online, when you can actually hold and touch a physical product, you need to know where the product comes from. You need to know who stands behind the product and you need to know if you can trust him/her.

With Financial Freedom Formula you obviously cannot trust the guy behind it all. He says his name is James but that’s probably a lie just like his picture.

Is The Training Any Good?

Not really. Its very basic and vague. Not much in the way of detail, which means you will likely have to figure out a lot for yourself.

The training consists of 5 webinar videos.

  1. The first one will help you determine what you want to do, your passion or interest. And one that is in high demand.
  2. The second webinar is about finding people/companies that are looking for your skills and that will hire you for gigs/jobs.
  3. This video they teach you how to write an online resume in which you will submit to a few freelance sites so that people can see your skills and hire you.
  4. This is about what to do and say when a company contacts you to do a job for them. Nothing special here.
  5. The last webinar is about scaling your business and finding other freelancers to work beneath you.

And that’s the core of what you will learn.

Can You Really Make As Much As James Tells You

He says that with this formula you will be able to “surpass your current income in as little as 30 days”. Now thats pretty crazy sounding to me. Its one heck of a statement to make because he has no idea how much money you make to begin with!

But anyway, I don’t think this amazing formula will work anything like he tries to lead you to believe. The only way you are going to be able to make a lot of money this way is if you have a good sized team working beneath you. And I don’t see how you can learn all that you need to learn and begin to find all of these gigs online and then begin to outsource and build up a team beneath you in just 30 days.

It just sounds all ridiculous and pretty complicated in reality. I think James might just be pulling your tail.

Should You Buy The Financial Freedom Formula?

Nope, I wouldn’t. Even if James was a trustworthy guy I still wouldn’t buy it just because its nothing special and doesn’t provide all that much information. I mean, you can easily figure everything that is taught here out by Googling some stuff and watching Youtube videos.

But James isn’t a trustworthy guy so this makes it a DEFINITE NO for me.

Is it a scam? It depends on your definition of scam, but I would say it is to some degree. Can it make you money? Yes. But still, I don’t see it making anything close to what they make it seem.

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