Fast Earners Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Fast Earners Club claims to be a way to make fast money online, hence the name “Fast Earners Club”. But is it really? Is it really this incredible program like they tell you it is? Or is this a scam that is just going to leave you disappointed at the end of the day and with less money?

Unfortunately this is what you could call a scam. Now I wouldn’t call it a complete scam, because you can make money with it, but I would still call it a scam because of how misleading and deceptive the information provided is. The creators of this program lure people in with claims of being able to make easy and fast money online, which of course is what everyone wants.

What Is Fast Earners Club? In a Nutshell…

In a nutshell the Fast Earners Club consist of several different PDF training documents that teach you how to make money via e-commerce. I know this is very different from what the video presentation makes you believe. After watching the video presentation I’m sure you’re probably thinking that this is some “done for you” type thing that has already set up a system you can use. However it is far from this.

Fast Earners Club is literally just a bunch of PDF documents that go over how to make money with e-commerce.

There is a separate training document that is available for download which includes training videos on affiliate programs, blogging, SEO, and other things, but this is different from what the main focus of this program is about. And besides it’s nothing special at all. The videos provide okay information but are short and nothing worth paying for.

What You Get

You will get four different training documents including the core document on e-commerce as a whole, and then three other training documents on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify…

  • Core: eCommerce
  • Method 1: eBay
  • Method 2: Amazon
  • Method 3: Shopify

So to make money with this you will be reading through the training and implementing what you learn.… Not the easiest way to go about things.

Misleading Claims

Can Make Money “Fast”

At several different points in the video presentation they make it seem that you will be making money very fast with this system, which isn’t true at all.

The one lady that was in a video testimonial was talking about how she made $100 in around three hours of using this system. And then after that the spokesperson, who never said her name by the way, claims that they timed a member named Holly to see how fast she could make money and that she made over $50 in just 23 minutes.

This is all a load of BS. There is absolutely no way that someone with no experience in this is going to be able to go through the training, set up their own e-commerce business, and generate sales this fast.

They advertise this opportunity as being a great thing if you need money today. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Can Do This If You Know What 1+1=

And of course they make the system sound like the easiest thing ever. At one point in the video presentation they tell you if you know what 1 + 1 equals then you will be able to make money with this. I understand this is probably somewhat of a joke but is still very stupid to say. It is misleading because it makes things sound much easier than they are. A five-year-old can tell you what one plus one equals but there’s no way they will be able to make money with this.

The spokeswoman tells you that this is a simple two-step system.…

  1. Login to the members area
  2. Download the information provided and follow the “done-for-you signals”

At this, once again, is very misleading. Step one is to log into the members area and step two is to download the information and follow the “done for you signals”. The reason this is so misleading is because step two includes like a thousand steps inside it. Going through the training and implementing everything should not be considered one step. That is absolutely ridiculous the stated this way.

It “Does’t Involve Generating Web Traffic”?

They mentioned multiple times in the video presentation that this does not involve getting any web traffic. While this makes absolutely no sense at all. The training is focused around e-commerce business, which obviously is going to need web traffic.

With e-commerce you are selling products online. So how can you expect to sell products without generating traffic in one way or another first?

Take Shopify for example.… You can have the most beautiful Shopify store around with some of the greatest products out there but if you are not able to drive traffic to your store then no one is going to buy the products and you will not make a penny. I used to have a drop-shipping business where I had my own Shopify stores so I know this from experience but you really don’t need any experience to be able to understand this.

Traffic is the lifeblood of online business and you will always need it no matter if you’re doing e-commerce, affiliate marketing, MLM, etc.

Final Thoughts – Avoid

You should pretty much try to avoid any sort of program that lures you in by deceptive means. When you see programs being marketed like this you know that the creators are only out for their own good. They are just trying to make as much money as possible by getting others to buy in, which is why they are making the opportunity sound much better than it really is.

The Fast Earners Club is nothing that you are in money fast with. Even if you were to purchase a top-notch e-commerce training program that provided you with personal coaching, video tutorials, and a lot of hand-holding, you still would not be making money in under an hour like they claim this program can help you do.

Is the information provided in this program bad? I wouldn’t say it is. But I would say that it is not worth paying for. If you are looking to get involved in e-commerce you can easily find plenty of information on YouTube and Google for free, or you can purchase a more reputable and legitimate e-commerce training program. The Wealth Network is one that is better I would say, but it is also somewhat “scammy” and misleading.

Something else you may want to look into is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is in affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to make money promoting other people’s products online and earning commissions. This is where I got started making money online back in 2015 and I currently make a living doing this now. I find this is a good way for beginners to get started because it is much easier promoting products that already exist rather than selling your own.

Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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