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Fast Cash From Home Scam – Beware!

By Kyle / April 14, 2016
  • fast cash from home scamName: Fast Cash From Home
  • Website: fast-cash-from-home.co
  • Rating: Unavailable (Did not actually purchase this product so I can’t rate it; Its is a probable scam as I will go over) 

If you are looking to make money through this website you are in the wrong place. Its not what it seems. So let me break down this Fast Cash From Home scam so that you have a better idea of what they are really about and you can make your own decision on them from there.

But before I get started I want to tell you how I came across this site on a fake news site, which is very scam-like.

How I Came Across Fast Cash From Home

Before even going to fast-cash-from-home.co I was on a fake news site called cnnfinancenews.com. This place is acting like they are part of the CNN news network but have absolutely no relation to them. There are a bunch of fake posts, one of which talks about how Kelly Richards makes $8,000 per month working from home.

And from this post they direct you over to the side of the page to sign up for an account at “Social Media Profit System”. fast cash from home scam

Buy when you click on the link it doesn’t take you to Social Media Profit System (which btw is also a scam) it takes you to Fast Cash From Home instead.

Having a link on a fake news site that directs you to the wrong place, that sure does seem like some scam activity. But its not enough to say for sure that its a scam yet, so I had to look into this place a little more.

What Fast Cash From Home Claims

Just like every scam out there. They claim you can make a ton of money with no experience and in a very short amount of time.

They have checks and bank accounts posted to show all the “proof” of the money you can easily make. And its pretty ridiculous. Fast Cash From Home is a scam

Its definitely possible to make this kind of money online, but it just sounds too easy and unrealistic on this site.

Fast Cash From Home claims they are

  • Not an MLM of pyramid scheme
  • Not a bogus data entry scam
  • Not an envelope stuffing rip-off
  • Not a rebate processing scam

But something is up with this place, thats for sure.

They Don’t Tell You Anything About How They Help You Make Money

This is one thing that is VERY suspicious. Any legitimate business that is trying to sell you on a product is going to give you all sorts of good information on why you should buy their product. But here at fast-cash-from-home.co, they don’t tell you a thing.

All they tell you is that you can start making easy money. They don’t tell you ANYTHING about what you are going to get into. This is a problem and this does not seem trustworthy.

Some Other Red Flags I Came Across

A Timer That Doesn’t Do Anything

It seems like just about every scam out there has a timer that tells you that you have to purchase before it runs out, or else the product will go away or something of that nature.

The timer at Fast Cash From Home started at 5 minutes and told me that if I didn’t sign up my spot might be taken by someone else.

fast cash from home timer

So I let this timer run out, and what happened? Absolutely nothing. I could still click to buy the product and it would take me to the payment page.

They Lie About The Domain Age

If you go to the bottom of fast-cash-from-home.co you will see that they claim their domain has been around since 2010, as the copyright implies.Fast Cash From Home domain age

But if you perform a whois search on this domain this is not true. It was just registered in 2015.Fast-cash-from-home.co Whois Lookup

This is just one of many tricks that Fast Cash From Home uses to try to show credibility. Because if a site has been operating for a long time there is a sense of trust that goes with that. But this place just lies about it to gain people’s trust.

And this is just one of many little ploys that they use to come off as trustworthy.

Costs More Than They Initially Say

This is a huge red flag. They claim you are getting the product for 95% off at only $4.97. And they make it seem like its a one time payment or something. But then when you click to buy the product you are directed to a payment page, and here you will see a different story.

Secure Order Form - Google Chrome 2016-04-14 13.43.00

This is what you will see in small print at the top. Its not just $4.97. Thats just for a 3 day trial.

If you don’t cancel after 3 days you are charged $77. And then $57 per month after that.

Is Fast Cash From Home A SCAM?

As far as I see they are indeed. But I have not actually bought the product that they claim to sell, and I don’t intend to.

If anyone has actually tried this product I would love to hear from them in the comment section below. As for me, its just not worth trying. Too much risk for something that does not seem credible at all.

Remember, the fake news site I was on had a link to this place. And the link was misnamed (for a different scam). That alone should scare you away from buying this place’s product.

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