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EZ Cash World Review – Is this real?

By Kyle / February 15, 2016

Name – EZ Cash WorldEZ-Cash-World-Scam

Website – ezcashworld.com

Price – $34

My Rating – 10/100 (find out why below)

At the first sight of ezcashworld.com I smelled a strong sent of scam, but you can’t be too sure at first. So I looked into it further.

EZ Cash World claims to be an easy way to make thousands of dollars in just a couple of days. They have paypal account screenshots of money just pouring in totaling near $2,000 for just 2 days of “work”. But is this real? Is it legit or just another scam. Luckily I have some first hand experience in this type of program so I have some good advice for you.

Whats included with EZ Cash Membershipez-cash-world-package

  • online products for you to sell
  • pre-made websites that promote these products
  • video tutorials
  • member’s only area

How it works

What EZ Cash World provides you with is online products to sell and websites to sell them on. When you pay the $34 to become a member you get access to a bunch of products such as ebooks, video courses, weight loss programs, etc. All of which are can be purchased and downloaded. You can choose from any of their products and claim the legal ownership of these products. Then you can rename them, keep them the same, whatever you want. But the goal is to sell them.

And that is where the website comes into play. They will also set you up with an already made website in which people can purchase that product. They will even set you up with professional marketers to promote your website.

The membership also includes tutorial videos for making the most of your money earning potential as well as excess to the members area.

So you literally only have to choose a product that you would like to sell and you will receive a website and people that will promote your website. You can then sit back, watch a couple tutorials, and just watch your bank account grow!

Sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well lets think about this. The products that you can choose from to buy the rights to are the same ones that are available to EVERYONE. So there could already be thousands of people selling that same product which would mean they would receive the same website to sell it on.

Since the websites that they give you are already pre-constructed they are probably all virtually the same (because there is no way you are going to be able to buy a good website for $34) Since all of the websites are identical, with different domain names of course, this throws out your chance of ever ranking in search engines.

Duplicate content will absolutely destroy your chance of ranking high in searches and this means no search traffic for you. And search traffic accounts for the majority of traffic online.

Why would they even want to offer this to the public?

If it is really only $34 and you can make thousands of dollars a day from it,  WHY WOULD THEY OFFER THIS TO EVERYONE? Are they just really nice people or something? They could just continue to buy more websites and sell the products themselves and make billions.

It just doesn’t make sense. And making sense REALLY matters. Most scams don’t.

Personal experience on this type of program

Way back when, when I was just starting out online I almost got scammed out of around $300 with a scam just like this one. If you have read my story then you know about this.

I was offered a deluxe package for “only” around $300 in which I would receive a website and the website would have products to sell on it. All I would have to do is is pay. Then I could sit back and have the professional marketing team that they would provide me with bring traffic in.

It was literally the SAME type of program only it was a lot more expensive. I almost fell victim to this program but decided to research more first. What I found was that their phone number traced back to a UPS store in Las Vegas. And that was the last thing I needed to really convince me it was NOT a legit program.

Even if it does work

I never actually paid for the program I was offered so I don’t know if I would have ever actually received my website or not. Or if I would have received professional marketing assistance. But I’m guessing I wouldn’t have.

At EZ Cash World you may or may not receive what they say you will. I don’t know because there is no way in hell I’m paying for a membership.

But even if you do receive everything it certainly isn’t going to make you $2000 in a couple days. You probably won’t see a penny.

If you do get help from marketers to promote your product you can bet that they are NOT professionals, as they claim they are. Because there is no way that $35 is enough for a professional to promote products on a website in a way that actually brings in traffic. If they do end up promoting its probably something as simple and ineffective as sending a couple tweets.

I REALLY think its a bad idea to pay for this program. Its claims are a complete scam and there is absolutely no way that they are realistic. This program is just one of many that are trying to suck people in with the dreams of making it rich with very little effort. Its a fantasy. Even if the program does provide you with what they say they will there is no way you will make thousands in just a couple days.

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