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Evergreen Profits Scam System – 7 Reasons Its a Scam

Evergreen Profits Scam

Evergreen Profits claims to be some awesome new system for making easy money online. It claims to be able to give you the edge up so that you can make tons of money in the stock market, currency market, and cryptocurrency market. But is what they tell you really the truth? Or is Evergreen Profits just another scam that is going to rip you off and leave you with less money than when you started?

Well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately this is just another scam that will not work out. In this review I will be going over six reasons that this is a scam you need to avoid.

Evergreen Profits Review

When you land on the Evergreen Profits website you are presented with a video presentation that begins talking about how big companies like Facebook and Google have an advantage over other people in the markets because of their access to information. For a normal person it is impossible to process all of the information that is out there. It’s not like the old days where you could just read a newspaper and be provided with just about everything you need to make decisions in the stock market. Nowadays there are thousands of different sources of information out there that you have to try to sift through.

What Evergreen Profits claims to do is sift through all of this information for you to make things easy. Information is key and they claim that this “gives you the edge”.

They claim that Evergreen Profits is a toll that has been developed from years of trading experience. What it does is automates the gathering of all relevant information and this information is then sent to their team of professional analysts. This team of analysts is then uses this relevant information to predict the future of the stock market, currency market, and cryptocurrency market to make good investments/trades.

Now if this were really all true it would be great. This really would give you a big advantage like they tell you.… But unfortunately it’s all a lie. This is nothing more than a scam that was created to suck the money out of people’s bank accounts and provide them with nothing, just like Ford System Trading and Cryptologic. Below I will be going over six reasons that caught my eye which are major red flags and point to this being the nasty scam that it is…

6 Reasons Its a Scam

# 1: Ridiculous Income Claims

First off they make absolutely ludicrous income claims. If you go down below the video presentation to the FAQ section you will see that they claim that the “average minimal profit” is $1500 per day. This is quite an insane statement to make because if this system really is what it says it is then the amount of profit you make would be dependent on the amount you invest, which I imagine would vary greatly depending on the person.

$1500 is one heck of a lot. Just think about it… Even if you invested $1000 into this system you would still have to earn 150% in profit per day… Absolutely crazy.

#2: Requires No Time

And of course this requires no work on your part. You only have to work about 15 minutes a day to make these trades. Yet another major red flag and a sign of a scam. Scams always try to come off as being super easy and requiring no work, which is what everyone is looking for.

#3: Limited Number of Licenses

And you can’t forget a little “false scarcity”. They claim that there are a limited number of licenses available for this system and that you have to get in now. Just about every scam out there uses this trick to try to get people to buy and as fast as possible so that they do not take the extra time to do a little research and come across reviews like mine here. Luckily you did not fall for it.

#4: Fake Testimonials

If you go down below the video presentation you will also find testimonials from people who are supposedly members and are making tons of money with this system. Unfortunately these are all fake. I took the liberty of running a reverse Google image search of one of the images from the testimonials and found that this image is used all over the place online on many different websites.

The reason for this is likely because this image is a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online.

#5: Free to Use

100% free to use!!! YAYY… Of course you will have to deposit money into your account before you can start trading but the system itself is said to be completely free.

Always be suspicious of systems/programs that claim to be free to use. How does this even make sense? How can they possibly be giving away this system for free? It costs them money to put it together so this just makes no sense. On top of that they claim to have a professional team of analysts working behind the scenes and these people need paid somehow right?

This just makes no sense at all.

#6: They Refer You to Some Strange Broker

To deposit your money they will refer you to some strange and little-known broker that is unregulated. This is what scam systems like this always do. Scam systems like this make money via commissions by referring people to brokers like this.

On top of this, referring users to a broker doesn’t make much sense at all when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.… Actually it makes no sense. When it comes to trading cryptocurrency there is no need for a broker at all. Anyone can create accounts on various cryptocurrency exchanges and easily trade themselves. This is one of the signs of a cryptocurrency scam that I went over and my one article warning about these types of scams.

#7: Absolutely No Proof of What Is Going On

And you can’t forget the fact that they offer zero proof of any of what they say being true. They can say all the great stuff that they want to about their incredible system but without any proof how are we supposed to believe and trust what they’re saying? Anyone could make up claims like this without being able to back them up.

There is no proof that the system works like they tell you it does and there is absolutely no information on the creators/people behind it all. Very shady and a major red flag.

Conclusion on Evergreen Profits – Scam

Evergreen Profits seems to be your pretty typical trading system scam that makes claims of being able to strike it rich with pretty much zero work. As a rule of thumb you should always avoid programs/systems that seem too good to be true. Or at least do your homework and really look into them before jumping in.

As for Evergreen Profits there is absolutely nothing that I see that convinces me this is legitimate in any way. After doing my research and digging around I am even more convinced now that it is a scam than before.

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