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Escape The Race Review – Its A SCAM!!

By Kyle / June 18, 2016
  • Escape The Race ReviewProgram: Escape The Race
  • Creator: Matt Taylor
  • Price: program is free, but you have to make initial investment
  • Rating: 0/10 (Its a pretty obvious scam; They flat out lie to you)

Escapetherace.co is a big fat scam. Do not fall for it. In this Escape The Race review I’ll be going over why its a scam. And there is no doubt it is.

Escape The Race was created by Matt Taylor (the guy in the video). He claims to have researched endlessly how Warren Buffet, Phillip Fisher, Jeremy Siegel, and other big time investors make all their money predicting the stock market.

Matt’s goal was to find this “secret” trait that the average investor is missing and that the big time investors have.

And guess what???!!!!??!??? He found it!!

And now hes going to share it with you for free!

What a bunch of crap.

How Escape The Race Makes You Money (this is what they tell you)

This guy claims he hired a team that has worked closely with him, and they have developed software that uses the most advanced indicators that are taught in the top business schools around the world.

And with these indicators they are able to predict the future rises and falls in the market with ease.

And guess what??? He is going to let you use this software for free!!! So you can make trades like the big time Wallstreet investors and get rich as heck.

But don’t get excited….. Because its all a lie.

It Won’t Work Like They Say

Everyone knows there are indicators that “indicate” what the market might do next, but there is no guarantee. There is no way to predict the markets moves with certainty.

And this guy says that top trading professionals like Warren Buffet and other big time guys use these indicators… Well thats a lie.

Warren Buffet isn’t much interested in the little fluctuations in the market. He analyzes specific companies in great detail before he invests in them. There are plenty of times were he held onto stocks when they were decreasing in value, because he knew that the companies worth would lead to them rising again, and thus him making money.

He has a totally different approach to investing and it sure as hell has nothing to do with what Matt Taylor is talking about.

Matt Taylor Is A Liar

On the escapetherace.co website you will see a bunch of different well known news companies posted around. For example Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN Money, and so on.

escapetherace.co scam

They try to make this program seem more legitimate by acting as if it were so good that it is in the news.

But there is one problem…. ITS NOT!

Thats right. Its not in the news at all. This is all a lie. Go to any of these news sites and try looking it up. I have searched for “Escape The Race”, “Matt Taylor”, and “Choose To Be Rich” and have gotten no results for any of these.

This is nothing more than a lie to try to make this programs seem like its credible.

And there are other lies with this program as well, but I don’t feel that its necessary to talk about all of them.

How This Scam Makes Money

You might be wondering how this can be a scam since the program is free. Well yes it is free, but guess what?? You still have to make an initial investment for them to begin trading with.

And good luck ever seeing that money again.

There are a lot of programs out there that are just like this. They are free to join but you have to make an initial investment.

Final Thoughts…

Escape The Race is a scam without a doubt.

This Matt Taylor guy is a crook. And I actually am pretty sure I have seen him before with another scam, but I can’t prove that. I have tried to figure out where I’ve seen him but there are so many scams I have came across I couldn’t find anything.

Even if there was this magical software that analyzed the perfect indicators for the markets movements, do you really think they would be giving it away to the public for free??? Ya right!

If you have already invested in this program then there is no hope for you. You will likely never see that money again. If you haven’t then good for you. You are lucky.

I hope I helped save some people’s money with this review. Thanks for reading.


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