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Entrepreneur Jobs Club Review – Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity?

By Kyle / August 12, 2017

Entrepreneur Jobs Club claims to be an amazing program that can help you make money online. But should you trust what they tell you? Or is this possibly another scam that is just going to rip you off and leave you with no chance of making money online?

In this Entrepreneur Jobs Club review I’ll be going over the truth of the matter at hand. And I can tell you for sure that you are going to want to hear what I have to say because this program is filled with very misleading information along with lies. People that buy into this are going to have high expectations and will end up being sorely discouraged.

Entrepreneur Jobs ClubEntrepreneur Jobs Club Review

  • Program Name: Entrepreneur Jobs Club
  • Creator: Mick Moore (this is what they tell you)
  • Price: $97
  • Recommended?: Not at all; more on this


Entrepreneur Jobs Club is an online money making program that provides training, some tools, and a pre-made website so that you can make money in what they call “link posting”.

While there is some truth behind what they tell you about this program, much of it is incredibly misleading. The bottom line here is that people that buy this program will not make the money that they claim. In fact, I would be willing to bet that most people won’t make any money.

Same Program, New Name

This Link Posting program has actually been around for a while but keeps getting “re-hashed” under new names. One of the most recent ones was a program called Xtreme Home Paycheck, which I also reviewed. It was the same darn thing with the exception of the name and logo change.

You can see below how these two programs look side by side…

And besides this one there are others such as Total Income Answer, Home Wealth Remedy, and others that I have reviewed which are identical.

How Can You Trust This Place With So Many Lies?

I think it is important for me to point out all of the lies that the people behind this program tell you. It is absolutely filled with lies and deceiving information just to try to get people to buy into it. Some of the lies that I came across include…

#1 – Fake News

There are probably a lot of ways that you could have gotten referred to this program. One of them is by fake news sites like this one. This news site is completely fake and talks about a mom making all kinds of money online. These sites even state at the top that “this website is a paid affiliate and is not associated with any newspaper publication or online news source.”

Also you can disregard the news logos on top of the Entrepreneur Jobs Club sales page. These news sites have nothing at all to do with this program and do not endorse it. 

Above the logos they say “work from home opportunities have been featured on:” and then they show all the news station logos. Well of course there have been work at home opportunities on the news. But this has nothing to do with Entrepreneur Jobs Club and there sure as heck is no news station out there that endorses this.

#2 Limited Positions

Another lie that they tell you is that there are limited positions open. This is just a trick to get you to buy into this as soon as possible but it is not true. You could leave this page and come back to it in a couple of months and it would be telling you the same thing.

#3 – Mick Moore Isn’t Real

Of course there are people with the name Mick Moore… but what I’m talking about here is that the Mick Moore that is supposedly the creator of Entrepreneur Jobs Club does not exist. This is a made up person that was created to help relate to people looking to make money online.

Here is a picture of “Mick Moore” along with her story….

And here is the same picture and story… just the name here is Karen Evans. This is from Total Income Answer, which is one of the older names that this identical program was marketed under…Total Income Answer Karen Evans

The Problem With This Program

It is actually possible to make money “link posting”. But the problem here is that you just aren’t going to if you follow this program.

The actual name for “link posting” as they refer to it as, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote products for companies online. All the big companies like Amazon, Apple, etc have affiliate programs that anyone can join.

Once you are an affiliate you get your own unique links that you can post and when someone clicks on those links and buys the product that you are promoting you get paid a commission. This is a legitimate business model and is actually how I make a living online, so I am very familiar with it.

Much of what they tell you about this is very misleading and untrue. They make it seem like it is extremely easy and all you do is go around posing links and making money. The reality is that it isn’t quite this simple. If it were then everyone would be doing it.

The Reality Of This

You can forget all about how they told you that it only takes 1-2 minutes to post a link and that each link will make you $15 on average. This holds no truth whatsoever. It is impossible to predict with any accuracy how much a link will make you. It all depends on the amount of people that click the link and that buy the product you were promoting.

A link could make you thousands of dollars but it also could make you zero. It just depends on a lot of variables.

A Better Choice

As you know I sure as heck will not recommend anyone buy the Entrepreneur Jobs Club program. It is filled with lies and will not work. If you do buy it you will get training, tools, and a website. But the training will basically be on how to spam links everywhere which is an extremely ineffective method and will not make you money. On top of that the website you get will be the same as everyone else who bought the program. It will be cheap and not worth it.

But as I said, affiliate marketing (aka link posting), is a legitimate way to make money online. And if you are interested in making money doing this then I would suggest you read this post I wrote on what it is, how it works, and the best way for beginners can get started.

==> You can read it here

Don’t let Entrepreneur Jobs Club ruin your opinion of affiliate marketing. Its a good way to make money online and I really enjoy it.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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