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Energy Money Fund Review – Yep, It’s a Scam

By Kyle / May 9, 2016
  • energy money fund reviewName: Energy Money Fund
  • Website: energymoneyfund.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (Scam; Little information; Impossible returns promised; likely a Ponzi)

For those of you looking to invest in Energy Money Fund stop right now! This place is a scam and in this Energy Money Fund review I’ll be going over why.

First off, what is Energy Money Fund?

Energy Money Fund Overview

Energy Money Fund is a HYIP, or a High Yield Investment Program. This means they promise very high returns on investments in very short periods of time. On their website (energymoneyfund.com) they have different investment plans, all of which offer ridiculous returns. energymoneyfund.com scam

So of course you should be wondering, how do they make you so much money?

Great question. And I’ll get into this a little later. But first, you need to be cautious with HYIP programs like this.

HYIP Programs – Be Careful!

Right off the bat you have to be very cautious. When it comes to making a lot of money in short periods of time, like HYIP’s say you can, there are thousands of scams out there.

I’ve reviewed plenty of scams just like Energy Money Fund, including PayGet, Greed-Rush, Open Deposit, and this list goes on a while.

They all promise these outrageous returns. But is this really possible. How are they making all of this money from investing?

How The Heck Does Energy Money Fund Make You Money?

Well, they don’t even tell you. I would guess that they are trying to make it seem like they are investing in the energy market due to their name, but they don’t tell you a thing about what they do.

All they tell you is that they are a United Kingdom based group of professional financial administrators with years of experience in the forex trading and the global financial market.

Other than that, you don’t know what they do. But it doesn’t really matter what they say. Because the investment returns that they promise are not possible.

Their Promised Returns Are Impossible

It doesn’t really matter what they are investing in (if they even are investing your money). No matter if its the energy market, or any other market, there are not fixed returns that you can expect.

The market fluctuates without warning and its unpredictable. No one, no matter how good the investor, can make promises on the returns you will get.

Its simply impossible, and this alone should be enough to get you to stay far far away from this investment site.

How I Think They Make Money

They are more than likely a Ponzi type scheme. This is common with HYIP’s.

In a Ponzi, new investors come in and invest their money. Their money, instead of actually being invested, goes to other members who had already invested.

That is why they push you so much to refer others to these types of sites. Because bringing new investors to their sites is the only way they make money. They don’t actually profit from making real investments in the markets.

Note: You will see the referral section right on Energy Money Fund’s homepage. It takes up a good bit of space. Do you really thing a legitimate investment business would dedicate so much of their site to referrals?

Energy Money Fund is a SCAM

Its not worth your time and money folks. Its true that in a Ponzi scheme like this you are able to make some money. But statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people that get into Ponzi’s end up losing money. Thats the way it works.

And believe me when I say its a scam. A real investment company would at least talk about what they are all about and how they invest your money. This place doesn’t tell you a thing.

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