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Edward Robinson Scam Alert – Don’t Trust The Orion Code

By Kyle / October 21, 2016

Orion Code ReviewEdward Robinson promises you easy money with the Orion Code, but its nothing more than a scam. He is a scam artist and is doing nothing more than trying to trick unsuspecting individuals into buying into this piece of crap system.

In this review of Orion Code I will prove to you that the whole system is a scam and that you CANNOT TRUST this guy Edward Robinson.

I hope you haven’t invested in this yet because if you did you won’t be seeing that money ever again.

The Orion Code by Edward Robinson Review

  • orion-code-make-100000-google-chrome-2016-10-21-07-50-18Website: theorioncode.com
  • Founder: Edward Robinson (fake name)
  • Price: Free, but you have to make initial deposit
  • Rating: 1/10 (Sure scam. Impossible to work like they say)

They tell you exactly what you want to hear. That the Orion Code is a completely automated system that will make you thousands of dollars per day all while you relax and do whatever you want. They tell you that its a proven system that is reputable. They tell you that it never loses a trade.

But everything they are telling you is a lie.

The Orion code is a scam, and I’m positive of that. In this review I’ll be going over a few things that prove it to be one. So hold tight and keep reading.

First I’ll go over a few lies that they tell you to try to butter you up for the purchase, and then I’ll go over why it is IMPOSSIBLE that this software works.

First off, the Orion Code’s website, theorioncode.com, is not a secure website and it is unsafe, although they say otherwise.

TheOrionCode.com is Unsafe and Insecure

If you notice at the bottom of their website they display a bunch of security and trust seals to try to make their visitors feel safe. The problem here is that these are completely fake and its not that difficult to prove.

Orion Code is a scam

As you can see there is  GeoTrust seal as well as a SSL.com seal to the right of it. Both GeoTrust and SSL.com provide website security when it comes to financial transactions. If you see these seals on a website it means that they have an extra layer of security to keep your payment information safe from being stolen.

The problem here is that these aren’t real seals. All they are is images, and anyone can put up a logo of GeoTrust and SSL.com on their site. If they were real these seals would be clickable. You could click them and a little window would pop-up displaying information about the website and showing you that these security seals are valid by GeoTrust and SSL.com. But nothing happens when you click them.

Another way to prove that these seals are fake and that this website is not secure is by typing in https:// before the domain name instead of http://

While http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. If you can type in https:// before the domain this means that there is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that adds security. This is very important and any legitimate online business that accepts personal information will have this.

The problem here is that when you type HTTPS://theorioncode.com you quickly find that it is not safe and you will see this message…Orion Code Unsafe

Edward Robinson… Who The F*$% is Edward Robinson?

Edward Robinson scamI’ll tell you who he is… a fake and fabricated name created by the group of scammers that put out this Orion Code scam.

One of the first things that Edward Robinson tells you in the video is that he has been featured on Forbes. This isn’t difficult to disprove at all. Just search Edward Robinson on Forbes.com and you won’t get any related results. This guy is completely fake.

And besides Forbes you can’t find him in any other popular financial magazines.

The Orion Code Has Been Featured In Magazines!!???

Orion Code lieWell, thats what Mr Edward Robinson tells you around 10 minutes into the video.

The problem here is that this also is not true. He doesn’t mention what magazines specifically he has been featured in. All he says is “many financial and technology magazines”.

But if you search for results for Orion Code on The Economist, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wired, Discover Magazine, or others you won’t find anything related to this Orion Code trading software.

This guy just likes to tell you that it has been featured all over to try to make it seem more credible.

100% Win Rate!!!?? This Is IMPOSSIBLE!

The claim that Edward makes about this software never losing, winning 100% of the time is such a lie its not even funny. Any binary options trader with even the slightest experience should know this. But the problem here is that these scammers are marketing this Orion Code scam to complete newbies, you possibly being one of them.

They credit Orion Codes 100% win rate to its ability to place bets faster than anyone else on the market. They claim it scrapes the market and identifies people or institution trades and beats them to it.

This makes absolutely no sense at all that simply beating someone to the trade would result in a 100% win rate. They don’t say anything about how the software identifies “winning” trades. All they tell you is that it scrapes the market for trades. That means that there are going to be a lot of losing trades that it beats people to as well.

If it were to win 100% of the time this would mean that all of the trades that it is beating people to are winning trades. But how does it identify winning trades?? They don’t say anything about it. All they says is that it scrapes the market, which would mean it finds lots of winning and losing trades.

Winning 100% of the time based on what they tell you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And besides what they say, there is no way you are going to win every time with any sort of automated software. There are so many variables that influence the market price there is no way a software can incorporated all variables into their algorithm. Even unpredictable circumstances like natural disasters have huge effects on market prices.

The Orion Code by Edward Robinson, Scam Without A Doubt

Ok, so they lie to you on the website about being secure, when really the website connection is not private and hackers could easily steal your information. Then they lie about Edward Robinson who does not exist and cannot be found in any magazine like he claims. Then they lie about the Orion Code being featured in magazines which I have failed to find true. And to top it off the way that they say this software makes money doesn’t make any sense and is IMPOSSIBLE to be true.

The fact of the matter is that there are new binary options trading robot scams coming out weekly and these guys are making all of their money by scamming unsuspecting individuals. Beware of Quantum Code, SnapCash Binary, Quantum Cash Machine, Instant Cash Club, Gemini 2 Trading App, and probably many more recent scams. These are all ones that are still very active and that you may come across.

Just be safe and stay away from all of them.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you ?

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