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Drexel Code Scam – Wait Until You Read This

By Kyle / April 11, 2016

Drexel Code scam

  • Name: Drexel Code
  • Owner: Corey Drexel
  • Website: drexelcode.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (Blatant scam; Ridiculous and impossible claims)

If you are thinking about investing through Drexel Code, think again. Let me break down this Drexel Code scam for you and show you why it is most definitely NOT legitimate and is indeed a big old scam.

This scam starts out like a lot of others. It begins with a video of a proud customer who was going through hard times. He talks about 07, 08, 09 and the housing bubble, the DOW dropping, the banks failing. Then he goes on about how he lost his job.

And then comes the big moment… “50 million dollars last year”! Without a single loss. Thats what the Drexel Code Inc brought in last year.

They provided this software to a group of 50 beta testers and got insane results. I’m talking these beta testers were claiming that they were making 100’s of thousands of dollars in a single month. One woman claims she made over $300,000 in the first 30 days.

This scam is far from conservative. 100’s of thousands of dollars a month individually? Are you kidding me? This is absolutely insane and looks like a scam from first sight, but you can’t judge it right away. So It looked into it more and its not what they tell you.

What Is The Drexel Code?

Oh no… It another automated trading software.

Corey Drexel, the CEO, “supposedly” put together an elite team of coders and engineers to develop an automated trading software. And wouldn’t you know it, they did and its the best and most accurate software the world has ever seen (sarcasm).

These coders and engineers, which he calls the “Brew Crew”, have developed a system that automates the trading process and has a 100% win rate. Thats right, they say it has never lost a trade in over 3 years.drexel code is a scam

When you never lose a trade its easy to make it rich. You just pour all your money into it and make more in return. You don’t have anything to lose, right?

And guess what its FREE! Well free to sign up anyhow, but is not really free. I’ll get more into this shortly.

But lets get to the reality of things, because this 100% win rate sounds a little suspicious.

Can This Automated Trading Software Really Work?

There is automated trading software out there and it does work. But does it win 100% of the time. HELL NO!

This is absolutely impossible and a very ridiculous claim. Anyone who knows anything about trading will pick up on this scam right away.

Why it cannot work

This automated software trades binary options. To put this simply, this is when you “bet” on the price of assets, whether it be stocks, gold, or any form of asset. There is a specified time limit, and you “bet” on whether the asset will go up in price, or go down in price. If you are right, you win the bet and win money.

Binary options trades are very short usually and you can profit very fast IF YOU ARE GOOD. Professionals in this field spend hours upon hours researching the market for any information that may help them predict price changes.

There is no way automated software can predict the market’s fluctuations with 100% accuracy. There are SO many variables that can influence the prices of different assets and its is impossible for a computer or even the experienced traders on earth to do this with such a win percentage.

The binary options market is a tough business to make money in. It is very difficult to predict in such short periods of time.

This Is A Common Scam

These automated binary options trading softwares have become a very common scam.

I think its an easy scam to pull of because of how the whole binary options trading thing works. Binary options trading is 100% legitimate and can be very lucrative in a very short amount of time. You literally can “get rich quick” with binary options trading.

So these scammers design a get rich quick scam around binary options trading. The claim they developed some secret algorithm that accurately predicts every little movement in the market.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of similar scams like Zero Risk Trading, Simple Profits System, Quick Cash System, PopBizOp, and Fast Cash Biz. But Drexel Code is the most blatant scam out of them all. From what I remember its the only one that promises a 100% win rate.

Drexel Code Isn’t Really Free Like They Say

Sure its free to sign up. But how do you think you make money with this software?

Of course you are going to have to make an initial deposit to get started. And the minimum is $250.

So say goodbye to $250 because you won’t be seeing that money again.

Drexel Code is a SCAM! No Doubt

Look, it just can’t work out like they say. No one and no software can predict the market with 100% accuracy. And this would be particularly difficult to do in the quick changing field of binary options trading. Its a lie! It cannot be legitimate.

corey drexel scammerAlso, did anyone notice how fake the whole “brew crew” thing was? When Corey Drexel was going through the office introducing the crew to you it was one of the most noticeably scripted parts. It was like a high school play or something. Terrible job.

But on a serious note, stay away from this software! Its a scam and I am more sure of it nearly every other binary options trading scam out there. This one is blatant and ridiculous.

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