Dollar Dig Review – Scam or Legit?

If you want to earn cashback on online purchases then Dollar Dig is one of the options out there that you have. But is this place any good? Or is it going to be a waste of your time when there are better options available?

If you know me then you know that I love to make extra money online every chance I get just for the fun of it. I have looked into Dollar Dig along with several cashback sites recently in an attempt to find the best one. In this short Dollar Dig review I’ll be going over how this place works, how much you can earn in cashback, an whether or not I think it is worth your time.

Dollar DigDollar Dig Review

  • Website:
  • Type: Cashback site
  • Cost: Free to join
  • Legit?: Yes


Dollar Dig is what you call a cashback site, aka a rebate site. Anyone can join this site for free and get money back for online purchases that they make.

The way it works is like this: Dollar Dig gets paid to advertise websites. When they refer a buyer to a website, lets say for example, Nike will pay them a percentage of that sale price as a reward for making the referral. And then Dollar Dig will give you a percentage back as a cashback reward for using their platform.

Right now Dollar Dig offers cashback on 3,000+ online stores.

Similar Cashback Sites Include: Mr Rebates, Giving Assistant, and TopCashBack.

How You Make Cashback

The process is extremely simple. After joining Dollar Dig for free you will be able to search for stores that you want to shop at. You can browse through different categories of stores you are looking for or you can just type in the search bar to find the store you have in mind.

Once you find a store that you want to shop at you can look at the amount of cashback they are offering and at the conditions of the offer. For example, below I clicked on Nike and you can see that they are offering 3.5% cashback but this is not valid with the Jordan sub-brand.

If you like what you see you will then have to click the “Go to Store & Earn Cashback” button that you can see above here. This will take you directly to that store to shop around. And after that everything is back to normal. You just go about your online shopping as you normally would.

There are “cookies” in your web browser that will track your purchase and relay the information back to Dollar Dig, which will then give you credit for it.

Getting Paid

Getting your cashback approved can take up to 90 days. This is probably because Dollar Dig is waiting for the store you made a purchase at to credit them with money first before they hand it over to you.

After getting $25 in your account you are then eligible to cash out. You can request your money to be cashed out via a check (US only), PayPal cash, Dwolla, or even by Amazon gift card.

How Much Can You Make?

The bigger online stores that you can shop at generally pay out anywhere from 1 – 6% cashback. There are other stores that offer much higher amounts but usually those are lesser known stores that you aren’t likely to shop at anyhow.

This amount of cashback is decent but there are other cashback sites that offer more, for example TopCashBack.


One of the top complaints you are always going to come across when researching cashback sites like this comes from problems with the “cookies”. If you remember me mentioning earlier I said there are what is called cookies in your web browser that track your purchase. These sometimes can get messed up and lose track of your purchase.

Dollar Dig suggests that everyone that uses their site clears their browsers’ cookies beforehand. This is not absolutely necessary but will give you a better chance of everything running smoothly and you getting your cashback.

Other complaints that I have come across include…

High Cash Out Amount

The minimum $25 cash out amount is pretty high compared to other places. This might take a while to reach. TopCashBack is also a lot better when it comes to this because they have no minimum cash out amount.

Long Wait

As I mentioned above it can take up to 90 days before you are credited with your cashback. Usually this doesn’t take nearly this long but it can. There is nothing you can really do here because Dollar Dig has to wait for the online store to pay them first I assume.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Dollar Dig is definitely no scam. So if you were questioning the legitimacy of this place you can rest assured that this place is legit. They do pay.

What I really like about this place is how easy they make the process. You can easily find a store through their site that you want to shop at and click the link they provide. Then you just go about the rest as normal. There is no hassle here and you get paid for what you were probably going to buy regardless. Whats not to like here?

Overall its a good cashback site for online shopping but I would still take TopCashBack over this place. It just seems that they offer bigger percentages and I like the no minimum payout threshold that they have.

Another thing you might be interested in is iBotta, which is an in-store cashback grocery app. They pay cashback mostly on grocery type items for in-store purchases and are my favorite app for this kind of buying.

And if earning cashback isn’t really what you are looking for and you are in the need of making more money then check out how I make a living online here. A lot of people seem to be interested in doing what I do online because of the freedom to work around your schedule that comes with the job.

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