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Does Walmart Savings Catcher Work? – My Review

By Kyle / March 27, 2017
does Walmart Savings Catcher Work

If you are looking to save even more money on Walmart’s already low prices, you should consider the Walmart Savings Catcher. The Savings Catcher is a feature inside the Walmart app where you can save additional money that you otherwise would not save if you don’t use it.

In this review I’ll be answering questions like.. does Walmart Savings Catcher work? How much can you save? What are the downsides, complaints, etc?? So read over this if you are interested in this app and you will be able to make a better decision on whether or not its worth giving a try or not.

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walmart savings catcherWalmart Savings Catcher Review

If you know me, then you know I love to save money in any form possible. So giving this app a try was a no-brainer. And all in all, I’m glad I did. I’m frequently shop at Walmart, I love to save, and this is easy to use.

How The App Works

I call it a cashback app because you will literally get cashback on purchases, but its not your ordinary cashback app. Most cashback apps will offer you money to buy certain products in an effort to promote brand and product awareness (ex: Receipt Hog, Mr. Rebates, iBotta, Ebates, etc). But Savings Catcher instead will price match the items you bought with competitor prices. And if it finds that an item you bought can be bought cheaper somewhere else, it will match that price.

Using the Savings Catcher feature is simple and this is how it works.

1) You Go Shopping

This is nothing out of the ordinary. You just go shopping at Walmart like you always do, buy whatever you want to buy, and hope and pray that you can get some extra savings from what you just bought.

There is a downside with the rules of how you can shop with this app and still get savings. I’ll go over this shortly in the complaints section.

2) Scan Your Reciept

After shopping make sure you save your receipt because you are going to need it.

In order to verify your purchase you are going to have to scan the bar-code of your receipt. There is a scanning feature in the app which makes this easy. And if your receipt is wrinkled or ripped and won’t scan, no problem, you can just type in the receipt number (TC#).

3) Sit Back & Get Paid

Now its Walmart’s time to do the work.

Whats going to happen now is the app is going to check prices of the items that you just bought as they are currently marked in stores around your area. If it finds a lower price on an eligible item that you purchased, it is going to reimburse you the difference.

For example: You buy a 20lb bag of Jasmine rice at Walmart for $17. But the Savings Catcher finds that your local Target is offering this same 20lb bag for just $13. You then get paid $4 for Walmart failure to have the lower price.

I will say however that the scenario I just made up is unlikely to happen. I always buy my rice at Walmart 🙂

Eligible Items For Cashback

One disappointing thing about Walmart Savings Catcher is that you can’t “catch” savings off of every item that you buy in Walmart.

Only common household items are eligible for cashback generally. This includes your food items, household cleaning items, personal care items, etc.

So don’t expect to go buy a TV at Walmart and save a couple hundred bucks because another place is having a sale on that same TV. Its not going to happen

Getting Paid

As you can imagine, Walmart wants to pay you, but they want to pay you so that you come back and shop more at Walmart. So what they do is give you options to get paid so that you have to use your money at Walmart.

You can choose to get your money put on a Walmart eGift card and you can choose to have it put on a BlueBird (by American Express) Card. Either way, you can only use it at Walmart.

Some people may see this as a downside, but it doesn’t bother me. If they would give me plain cash I would just use it at Walmart anyhow, because that’s where I do 99% of my shopping.

The Downsides… Walmart Savings Catcher Complaints

Only Can Shop In-Store

I mentioned this earlier. The only way you can use Savings Catcher is if you shop in an actual Walmart store. Online purchases do not count.

Only Can Spend At Walmart

As I just said above, you only can spend the money you get back at Walmart. I don’t think too many people mind this however.

Customer Service Not Any Good

I have seen many complaints about the Walmart Savings Catcher customer service being horrible. But honestly, I have used many cashback apps and I would strongly argue with this complaint.

I would say that their customer service is much better than most. They have an online help portal where you can chat with Walmart customer service reps and they even provide a contact number so you can talk to them on the phone.

You can visit Walmart’s Help Portal here

Walmart Savings Catcher Not Working

As with anything in life, there are going to be problems. There have been times where the app would not accept receipt numbers and the scanner would not work. But technical issues like this are just going to happen.

All you really can do in such as case is wait.

From my experience I would not worry much about this. Walmart seems to get issues resolved very fast.

Looking for a Walmart Savings Catcher Hack?

Why wouldn’t you be? Who wouldn’t want to use a hack to make some extra money with this app?

Unfortunately there aren’t any hacks that I know of, so I can’t help you here. And YES, I have looked into this.

This is just one of those apps that are unhackable. I just don’t see how you could trick the system and get extra money with it.

Final Thoughts & My Rating


Overall I really like the Savings Catcher feature inside the Walmart app. Its a great idea, its easy to use, its free, and you can make money.

The only reason I give it a 8/10 instead of higher is because you won’t make much money. Lets be honest here, Walmart seems to always have the lowest prices, so its not like this app is going to be giving you money back on many purchases.

With that said, I still think its worth considering for all the hardcore Walmart shoppers out there.

And if you want to save money shopping at other stores you should check out my review of iBotta. Is also a free cashback app, but it allows you to get cashback at many different stores, including Walmart. It also gives you $10 free just for opening your free account which is awesome.

What do you think about Walmart Savings Catcher? Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section…

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