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Digital Millionaire System, Scam or Legit? What You Should Know

By Kyle / June 2, 2017

The Digital Millionaire System (DMS) is claimed to be a ridiculously easy way to make money online… But can you really trust what you hear? Or is Digital Millionaire System a scam that is going to leave you poorer than you were and with less money than you started with?

One thing is for sure.. There is a heck of a lot of misleading information out there on this system and you have to be weary of what you hear. Even on the official sales page at digitalmillionairesystem.com the information provided is very misleading.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with DMS. This review is going to be as unbiased as it gets and will give you the cold hard truth of the matter.

Digital Millionaire SystemDigital Millionaire System Review

  • Name: Digital Millionaire System (DMS)
  • Website: digitalmillionairesystem.com
  • Creator: Shaqir
  • Price: $1 for 7 day trial, then $48 + lots of upsells
  • Recommended?: No, More on this

There are some pretty ridiculous claims made that seem very unrealistic. Shaqir talks all about his million dollar penthouse, driving his Ferrari, taking vacations at 5 star resorts. He shows you his commissions account where he has generated over $100,000 in just a month. And…. of course this is all because of a “done-for-you” system that he will be giving you access to today.

How generous right?

I’m guessing you are suspicious of this program and rightly so. The fact of the matter is that while you can make good money with this system, its not likely that you will.

What You Are Buying Into

The program that you are buying into isn’t called Digital Millionaire System. DMS is just a cover for a different program called MOBE. Digital Millionaire System is nothing more than a website that was set up by Shaqir to funnel you into MOBE.

And MOBE is an online business platform that provides training, tools, and done-for-you resources for individuals to have their own online business and make money online.


How You Make Money With MOBE

If you buy into MOBE you will be pushed to make money by promoting MOBE to other people, just as Shaqir is doing with Digital Millionaire System.

You see, Shaqir is an affiliate of MOBE, and each time someone signs up through him, including you, he gets paid a commission. Those big commission checks that he talks about earning that can be up to over $10,000 come from people like you that he gets to sign up for MOBE.

What You Will Get

MOBE has a lot of different products. But the one that you are buying into through Shaqir’s DMS website is the 21 step system called MTTB, or My Top Tier Business.

This program MTTB consists of 21 steps that you are supposed to do in 21 days. These steps will get you ready to go out and promote MOBE to other people.

The “done-for-you” features that I was talking about are lead pages and sales funnels that are specifically designed to get you to promote MOBE. This entire program is designed to get you to go out and promote, promote, promote.

How You Make $10,000 Commissions

It is actually possible to make massive commissions with this program although I wouldn’t count on it.

So how do you? How does Shaqir make these commissions? You do so by selling MOBE of course.

You see, the MTTB program that Shaqir is getting you to buy into for $49 ($1 trial + $48) is just the beginning of it all. You will spend a lot more likely.

You will then be pushed to buy MOBE’s other products which can get very expensive and cost in the thousands of dollars, with some very expensive products costing over $20,000. And that is how you get the massive commissions, by getting people to buy these products.

People aren’t going to buy these right away. You have to get them in the door first with a cheaper product like the $49 MTTB. Then once inside you will start to upsell them on the more expensive ones and tell them how they need them to make money.

This is what Shaqir is trying to do to you and what he does to others to make money and this is what you are going to be trying to do.

 The Downsides

You Need Money

MOBE uses a Licensing Rights type deal here. What I mean is that in order to sell their products you first have to buy them. So if you want to make big commissions by selling their more expensive products you will have to buy them first.

This of course means that you need some serious cash.

Its Not Easy

The fact of the matter is that although Shaqir acts as if this is super easy…. it IS NOT. The majority of people fail in this business model and it is only those at the top that are able to recruit lots of people into the program that stand a chance of making good money.

Over half of MOBE’s active affiliates make much less than what is liveable according to their 2015 income disclosure.

How You REALLY Make Money

As I said, if you want to make good money you are going to have to be able to recruit people into MOBE like crazy.

This is because you will be able to make money off of the efforts of these recruits.

MOBE has as 2 level mlm structure. This means that you make money from getting people to buy MOBE products directly, and you get money from those people getting other people to buy MOBE products.

So if you can get a lot of recruits you can earn commission from what they are doing. But this is all about numbers. The elites are the ones at the very top of MOBE that have thousands of recruits beneath them in which they are earning money from.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Although you can make money with MOBE I won’t be recommending it. It is just too shady of a business because all you are doing is saying…. hey, come sign up with MOBE and you can make money by getting others to sign up with MOBE. Its just kind of scammy.

There are better ways to make money online legitimately and ways that aren’t going to cost you so much.

If you are interested in making money online but are on a budget then what I would suggest to you is to take a look at how I make money online.

I make a living working online for myself and I enjoy what I do. It is similar to MOBE in some ways, just you don’t have to trick people into buying into the same scammy program and its affordable. I wrote a post (link below) on what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same.

–> You can read about it here

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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