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Countdown to Profits Scam – Read My Review Before Its Too Late!

By Kyle / August 5, 2016

Countdown To Profits scam

  • Name: Countdown to Profits
  • Website: countdowntoprofits.com
  • Creator: Richard Paul
  • Price: $97 (+ upsells)
  • Rating: 1/10 (Pretty obvious scam in my opinion. The only reason I gave it a 1 is because I haven’t purchased it to do a complete review, and my reason for that is because its an obvious scam)

I really hope you are taking the time to do a little extra research on Countdown to Profits before you make a move. Because if you have already spent money, chances are you just wasted that money.

This program is absolutely a scam and in this Countdown to Profits review I’ll be pointing out a few things that tell me why it is. There are about 100 red flags that scream SCAM all over their site. I have not spent any money on Countdown to Profits and don’t plan to. You might ask, then how do I know its a scam? Well let me just say that this is one of those sites were I’m like 99.9% sure its a scam. I have seen a lot of systems that have proven to be scams and this fits right in with those.

There are several very clear red-flags that are raised with this system. The first being that they boast of you being able to make absolutely ridiculous amounts of money with very little time.

Flag 1 – Insane Earnings

The role of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. And in this case, it definitely is.

Richard claims you can become a millionaire by working only 4 hours a week. And I’m sure you can doing some things. But I’m also sure you won’t be with this system.

The reality of this is that if it were actually as good as he says, people would be catching on and it would be spreading like wildfire. But its not, and thats because its a scam.

Earning potential is always the first thing that scams try to suck you in with. Everyone wants to make boatloads of money. But thats just not easy to do.

And to warm you up even more for the program they are trying to sell you they flash a bunch of luxuries in your face. Sports cars, mansions, vacations,…. these are used to get you daydreaming and excited. They want you to get so excited that you somewhat lose sense of rationality and buy this ridiculous program they are selling.

Flag 2 – They Contradict Themselves

If you have watched the video that they force you to watch before any action is taken, then you will probably agree that they really try to hype up this money making system. I mean, pretty much all they do is boast of all the money you will be making and all on autopilot.

There is no doubt that claims to how much money you can make are made, or at the very least implied. Yet if you go to their Earnings Disclaimer page (located at the bottom of the homepage) you will read what I took a screenshot of below.

They claim they have not made, implied, or guaranteed any claims. But its pretty obvious they have.

countdown to profitsEarnings Disclaimer

I mean is it just me, or does does guaranteeing $500 profit count as a guaranteed income?? It sure as heck does. And thats what they state at the top of the homepage “$500 profit guaranteed”Countdown To Profits review

I don’t know about you, but seeing an obvious contradiction like this really steers me away from this system they are promoting.

Flag 3 – Theres Just No Information On The Program!!!!

This is the major red flag. If the other 2 didn’t turn you away from what they are trying to sell, surely this one will.

They don’t tell you anything about the product. I mean, they tell you some things, but its all VERY vague and there is nothing of substance.

Basically they tell you there is some software you have to install, then the system will run and make money for you on autopilot. They also say that you will be hooked up with a personal mentor that will guide you every step of the way.

But thats it! You don’t know anything really! And they want you to buy into it!!??

Just think about it. When have you ever seen something legitimate being sold without any real description of what it actually is??

Final Thoughts On Countdown To Profits

There is no doubt in my mind that it is a scam. They might sell you some stupid system that is supposed to make you money, but there is no way it will work like they say it will.

But I’m really not sure what they sell you, because like I’ve said, I didn’t buy this product and I sure as heck am not going to.

If you actually think about it, you would have to be crazy to buy into this system. They obviously contradict themselves and there is just about no information on the product they are trying to sell you. And the earning claims they make are ridiculous by all means.

Just take a minute to think it all over. I hope you haven’t already bought into this scam.

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