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Copy Profit Success Global Review – Is CPS Global a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Copy Profit Success Global Review

Copy Profit Success Global, or CPS Global, is a new online money making opportunity that is becoming heavily marketed. I’m guessing that you came across some sort of promotional material for it and that is why you are looking into it now. So is Copy Profit Success Global a scam? Or is this really the amazing Forex trading platform that it claims to be?

It is no wonder that you are asking the question of whether or not it is a scam. There are plenty of different Forex trading scams out there and it can be difficult to differentiate which are legit and which are not at times. It is also a bit concerning when you see all these big-time network marketers like Joel Santiago, Joe Ortis, Chris Campbell, Mack Mills, Greg Perdriel (promoted the infamous Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme), etc. promoting this opportunity because they have a history of being involved in many other network marketing opportunities… Which makes you wonder if they actually believe in it or if they just like the looks of the compensation plan and are promoting it just to make money doing so.

I actually came across Copy Profit Success Global after seeing a video by Chris Campbell, which I’m sure many other people out there came across as well. In the video he was talking about how amazing this new Forex trading platform is, how it’s not just about the compensation plan and that the product is really worth buying, etc. 

Copy Profit Success Global Review


CPS Global is a Forex trading platform that provides education, trading alerts, and live walk-throughs by expert traders. It’s all about Forex trading in the goal is to create traders that go out there and actually make money in the market, which is something most people don’t do.

The CEO and cofounder are Joel Santiago and Joe Ortis, whom I mentioned earlier because they are both veterans in the network marketing space. Both of these guys were involved in Volishon, which is a bit concerning because this network marketing company disappeared due to its focus on recruitment of affiliates rather than product sales to the general public. Basically it was turning more into a pyramid scheme than a legitimate MLM opportunity.

CPS Global is very similar to iMarketsLive if you are familiar with this place. This is another forex educational platform that has a mlm opportunity built into it.

What is MLM? You probably already know but MLM stands for multilevel marketing and basically what this means is that there are multiple levels within the compensation plan and that you can promote CPS Global and earn commissions from those recruits, and the recruits that they bring in, and the recruits that they bring in, etc. I’ll go moreover this MLM compensation plan in a bit, but first I want to go over the actual products that are provided with this opportunity.

What You Get

CPS University

This consists of the forex educational content. Here they have trading videos so that you can learn how to trade for the first time or even more advanced videos. They have everything for traders ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

CPS Pro Signals

You will be able to get alerted when pros of this system make trades. This way you will be able to literally copy their trades if you wish to. Of course if everyone out there copies the same trade then the potential profits of it will diminish greatly, but nonetheless you do have the option of copying trades with these alerts.

CPS Live Webinars

Live trading webinars are offered at least 5 days a week. In these webinars you will get to see the pros trade in real-time. You will also be able to hopefully learn a few tips/tricks watching these.

Access to this will cost $145/mo…. yes I know… pretty expensive.

Compensation Plan

And of course besides actually earning money in forex trading, they also have a potentially very lucrative compensation plan set up that you can earn money with. This is all about recruiting others into the business.

You will be able to earn $25 for every other member you recruit in.

The pyramid-like part of it, or the mlm part, is the 3 x 9 matrix. With this matrix structure you get paid $3 for each active member under you. Directly underneath you there will be 3 positions and underneath each of those people there will be 3 positions…

But of course there is a lot more to it than just this. There are 14 ranks in which there are bonuses given out for achieving, a bonus pool once you move high up on the totem pole, and more.

The Ranks

  1. CPS Distributor – Sign up as an affiliate
  2. CPS Generator – Recruit in 3 other affiliates
  3. CPS Builder – Build a downline of 12 affiliates
  4. Associate – Build a downline of 40 affiliates
  5. Junior – Build a downline of 100 affiliates, 3 of which must be personally recruited CPS Generators
  6. Senior – Build a downline of 250 affiliates, 2 of which must be personally recruited Associates
  7. Director – Build a downline of 50 affiliates, 2 of which must be personally recruited Juniors
  8. Executive – And you get the point…. its all about recruiting in more people to move up the ranks.
  9. Chairman
  10. President
  11. Crown
  12. Elite 1
  13. Elite 2
  14. Shareholder

So in order to move up the ranks you have to recruit in more people. Its all about recruitment. But what is the point of moving up the ranks in the first place? Of course you will be earning a lot more money as you move up because you will have a much larger downline, but is there any other incentive?… Yes there is…

As you move up the ranks you will earn Rank Achievement Bonuses, which include things like an iWatch, Macbook, paid for vacations, and more, and you will also get access to the Global Bonus Pool once you reach the rank of Executive. The Global Bonus pool is basically a pool of company revenues and you will be able to earn 1-3% of this, or at least this is what I understand it to be.

Pyramid Scheme?

The question is whether or not this opportunity is being promoted more for the compensation plan or for the products themselves. Whenever a mlm opportunity like this more focused on recruitment than on product sales to the general public, this is when it starts crossing the line and going into the pyramid scheme side of things.

There really isn’t much for me to go off of when answering this question. It is not like I have statistics to provide or anything but I can say that it looks a bit concerning without a doubt. Many of the big time network marketers promoting this opportunity seem to jump from one opportunity to the next. As long as the compensation plan looks good they are in.

And just think about it for a second…. why does a forex trading educational platform need an insane compensation plan like this?

Here is a post on pyramid schemes vs mlm’s that I wrote if you would like to learn more about the difference.

Think Before Joining….

If you are going to join for the products themselves then go for it. But if you are thinking about joining to make money with the business opportunity then think it over.

What many people don’t realize is that mlm compensation plans like this make it more difficult to make money for the majority of people. Their pyramid-like structures funnel potential earnings for those at the bottom up to those at the top. This makes it more difficult for the people at the bottom to make money and better for those at the top. And of course since there are always many more people at the bottom, this means that most of the people will find it more difficult.

Its all about recruitment. If you want to make good money you need to recruit and build up your downline.

Final Thoughts

Copy Profit Success Global isn’t a scam but you have to be careful before getting involved. Many of the people promoting the opportunity have probably never even used the products. This is common with mlm’s like this because of how lucrative their compensation plans can be, which lead to many people joining for that alone.

This company is still so new so it will be interesting to see how it ends up in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed my review and be sure to leave any questions or comments you have below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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