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Chris Farrell or Wealthy Affiliate, Which is Better?

By Kyle / February 21, 2016

Wealthy-Affiliate-vs-Chris-Farrell-MembershipThese are 2 of the best online business training sites on the internet so you need to know which you should join, Chris Farrell Membership or Wealthy Affiliate? If you want my answer now, it is that Wealthy Affiliate is better. But there are 3 main reasons for this including the price, the training provided, and the help within the community.

So let me get into it by first going over the prices of the two programs

How much do they cost?

To sign up to Chris Farrell Membership its going to cost you $4.95 for the first week and then $37 thereafter. Not bad but its still not free.

At Wealthy Affiliate you start out with 7 days FREE of their Premium Membership. Then if you decide to pay for the Premium membership its $39 each month after.

But… You DON’T have to buy their Premium Membership. You can stay a Starter Member for life. And that includes training courses, 2 free websites with web hosting, training classrooms, video walk-throughs, a personal blog, and more. Thats all free. Of course Premium Membership has more benefits, but still the free Starter Membership has a heck of a lot.

Any Upsells?

This is important and Wealthy Affiliate beats out Chris Farrell Membership here by far.

When you sign up for the Chris Farrell Membership you are led to believe that the $37 per month that you are paying includes everything you need. And then it hits you. The Mentor Me program that is originally $1 is bumped up to $997. So you start to depend on the program and realize how good it is, but then have to pay an astronomical amount to keep using it (it is good though).

I don’t think there is a customer out there that likes upsells. They make you feel like you have been taken advantage of and are just a way to shake some money out of you.

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate there are NO UPSELLS. Everything is right up front. You pay for the Premium membership and you get access to everything on the website. If you choose not to pay then you get the free Starter Membership and get access to a lot but not all. There are no sneaky tricks here and you know exactly what you are getting.

Both Chris Farrell Membership and Wealthy Affiliate are cheap to start out so you can get a feel for both of them before spending a lot. But Wealthy Affiliate definitely wins when it comes down to price, because its FREE! to start.

Sign Up at Wealthy Affiliate Here for Free

Which program has more training material?

The wealth of material provided at Wealthy Affiliate gives Chris Farrell Membership no chance.

Chris Farrell Membership Training

Chris Farrell Membership does give you VERY GOOD material though. There is training on creating a website, article marketing, using social media, SEO, making Youtube videos, email marketing, and some more.

When you just get your membership you have access to 21 days of daily video training lessons and these come with written guides of what to do. These video lessons are easy to follow and a great way for you to get started with things.

The training here gives you the basics of what you need to know. Its is very good for someone who is new to the whole online business thing and needs to know how to get everything started. But it lacks in the more advanced training.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate training is great for beginners as well but there is also a lot more advanced training here as well.

The core of the training offered is in the courses. There are 5 courses which include getting started, creating your website, monetizing your website, using social media the right way, and achieving maximum success with content creation. Each of these courses has 10 lessons in it and these are very easy to follow. They go step by step and many of them have video lessons. So thats 50 lessons right there.

And besides the courses there are 13 different classrooms dedicated to a different aspect of online business. Here you can find tutorials, FAQ, training videos and more. Just to give you an idea of what you are looking at, there are literally over 1000 tutorials.

And then one of my favorites, Wealthy Affiliate has Live training seminars every Friday. Jay, the training chief runs this and it covers a different topic every week. You can communicate live with him as he goes through different processes. And he knows just about everything there is to know about online business and affiliate marketing.

With both programs you will be provided with good information, but Wealthy Affiliate just has so much more training and information than Chris Farrell Membership.

The Communities

The community is a huge part of what makes Wealthy Affiliate so great. There are 10s of thousands of members, many of which run full time online businesses, and many of which are just starting out.

There are countless times when I have received help from community members on all sorts of different things. Most will happily help out.

Although the training courses are the core of Wealthy Affiliate, the community might be just as important. There are always new techniques being discovered for better marketing and with a large community theres a good chance its going to be shared in the forum. You get kept up to date with everything and aren’t left in the dark.

Chris Farrell Membership also has a community forum and its helpful, but lacks in some areas. Its not very appealing or as well organized, which leads to people using it less.

It also has less content and activity. This is mostly due to Chris Farrell Membership having a much smaller community than Wealthy Affiliate.

Chris Farrell Membership VS Wealthy Affiliate

Once again, they are both very good and credible programs. Both programs’ owners are active in the community and very successful at what they do. They both have a lot of good information and are great for beginners.

But Wealthy Affiliate has more information and training overall, and its free to start, so you can test it out before you decide to buy or not (remember you can use it for free forever too).

If you are interested in either program you can click the links below to sign up.

==> Click Here to Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate

==> Click Here to Sign Up to Chris Farrell Membership

Learn more about WA Here

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