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Cheap Traffic for Website – Don’t even bother with it, it doesn’t work

By Kyle / March 11, 2016

website-trafficBuying traffic to your website is becoming increasingly popular. But you don’t just want to go out there and buy anything. Buying cheap traffic for your website isn’t going to help at all. An I know this from experience.

I’m guessing that you want traffic to your website because you are trying to monetize that traffic somehow, maybe by adsense, maybe affiliate marketing, and so on.

Well cheap traffic isn’t going to do you any good. And I’ll go over how cheap is too cheap as well as my experience with buying cheap traffic.

What is considered cheap traffic?

There is no fine line for what is considered cheap traffic and what isn’t. It depends on the provider and other things. But I can give you some advice.

REAL, targeted, human traffic is going to cost you. If it seems like its too good of a deal, then it probably is.

If you are going to get 10,000 visitors for like $50, thats not going to be any good. Even 1,000 visitors for $50 isn’t going to be any good.

Traffic sites will lie to you about the traffic they offer

A lot of these sites you can go to to buy traffic are scams. They lie right to your face. If they tell you you are getting real human traffic, don’t believe it just because they say so. Look into the company more and get a better knowing of what they do.

There ARE good traffic companies out there, but unfortunately I would say that the overwhelming majority of them are scams.

My experience buying cheap traffic

I was stupid to ever think that this could be legitimate. But I found the website dorotraffic.com, which still operates, and they persuaded me to buy their traffic because it just seemed like a great deal.

I bought 5,000 visitors for only $30doro-traffic

I had bought it for one of my niche websites that was getting about 20 visitors a day. My site was already bringing in some sales, so I know that it had the capability to convert traffic. I just needed more traffic.

And the traffic came in within the next week. I think it fell a few hundred short and I got only about 4,700, but that wasn’t what I was disappointed about.

The result of the increased traffic

I was disappointed because THE TRAFFIC WAS FAKE.There is absolutely no way that this traffic was real.

After the 5,000 visitors came and went, guess what I was left with? ZERO change. My sales were at the same rate as they had been for months and thats with just about 20 visitors a day.

There is no way that 5,000 real, human, targeted visitors would not make any difference in my sales. It just wouldn’t happen.

The only explanation is that they WERE NOT REAL. And as you could see above, the package I had bought at Doro Traffic clearly states that I would receive real human targeted traffic.

My advice to you

You just have to be careful. When it comes to SEO websites out there like the ones that give you traffic, there are a lot of scams. Use your best judgement. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If it isn’t making sense to you, then it probably doesn’t make sense.

The best way to get traffic to your website is the good old fashion method of ranking high in searches. Its free and brings in unlimited traffic. If you want to learn what you should be doing to rank high in searches then read another article I have here

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