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Get The Discovery – Scam or Can You Really Make $1,000’s Per Day?

By Kyle / August 6, 2018

Get The Discovery (at is a website that promotes some opportunity to make money online, that is supposedly incredible and super easy. In fact… The spokesperson says that it is so easy an 8 year-old girl made 490,600 with it in one year. But is this really all true? Or is this just another scam that is […]


Is Secret Income Club a Scam – Yep… It’s a Scam & I’ll Show You Why

By Kyle / July 30, 2018

Secret Income Club is a nasty little scam that is going around and causing people to lose money. It claims to be an amazing opportunity for making money online, but is the opposite… Is a great opportunity for losing money online in reality. If you are thinking about possibly signing up or buying into this you are seriously […]


What Is Amazon Cash Websites? – Scam Exposed or Good Opportunity?

By Kyle / July 13, 2018

Amazon Cash Websites it is some new scam that is going around the Internet and is getting a lot of people. It is becoming very popular and since you are reading this I am guessing you came across it, maybe by seeing an advertisement forward online, getting an email about it, or even getting a phone […]


Is Postcards to Wealth a Scam? – I Would Avoid This Place

By Kyle / July 4, 2018

The Postcards to Wealth system claims to be a very easy way for you to start receiving $98 payments over and over again into your bank account, but is it really? It’s not like I haven’t heard incredible claims like this before that have actually turned out to lead people into scams. So is this the real […]


Is The Ecom Formula a Scam? – What You Should Know!

By Kyle / June 20, 2018

People claim that they are making thousands of dollars a day with The Ecom Formula, but is this really true? Or is it possible that The Ecom Formula is a scam that is going to be a waste of your time? These are both important questions that need to be answered before buying into something like this. It can be […]


Secured Web Orders Scam – You Do NOT Want To Buy This!

By Kyle / June 4, 2018

There is a new scam going around called Secured Web Orders.  The ridiculous sales pitch for this scam claims that you can make up to $379 per day while only dedicating 60 minutes a day to it. But the truth is that you more than likely won’t make anything, or very very little money if that. I wish I […]


What Is My 7 Figure Nest Egg? – Scam or Legit? [Review]

By Kyle / June 1, 2018

My 7 Figure Nest Egg by Jill Veverka it is presented as a great opportunity to make money online while only working a couple of hours per day. But is this program really as amazing as it seems? What is the catch to it all?… After all there always seems to be some sort of catch. What […]


Evergreen Profits Scam System – 7 Reasons Its a Scam

By Kyle / May 4, 2018

Evergreen Profits claims to be some awesome new system for making easy money online. It claims to be able to give you the edge up so that you can make tons of money in the stock market, currency market, and cryptocurrency market. But is what they tell you really the truth? Or is Evergreen Profits just another scam that […]

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