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Is Clickbank University Worth It? Here is my review

By Kyle / March 2, 2016

Clickbank University Owners: Justin Atlan, Matt Hulett, & Adam, Horwitz Website: Price: $47/month + upsells (which I’ll go over) Rating: 7.5/10 (quality training in product creation, but lacks affiliate marketing training. Also a lack of support) Clickbank University is an online business platform designed to help people get started in the world of online marketing. It provides […]


Is the Chris Farrell Membership a Scam? Here’s my review

By Kyle / March 1, 2016

Chris Farrell Membership Owner: Chris Farrell Website: Price: $4.95 (for the first week), $37 per month thereafter + upsells (which I’ll go over) Rating: 7/10 (Great for beginners, but lacks more advanced training. Also a lack of community support.) The Chris Farrell Membership is one of many online affiliate marketing training platforms that teaches […]


Sports Profit System, Scam or legit way to earn money?

By Kyle / February 26, 2016

Product – Sports Profit System Website – Price – $48.95 – $998.95 (depends on membership) Rank – 8.5/10 (gives you a better chance of winning) Sports Profit System is a website in which you can pay for expert sports betting suggestions and analyses. In this review I’ll be going over whether Sports Profit System is worth […]


Learn How to Link Academy, Legit or just another scam?

By Kyle / February 25, 2016

Product – Learn How To Link Academy Website – Price – Lowest discount = $77.95 Verdict – SCAM! In this review I’ll be going over why I did NOT buy this program because I am nearly certain it is a scam. There are red flags all over when you go to the site. Here are the […]


Michael S Brown Affiliate Marketing – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / February 23, 2016

Michael S Brown offers a step by step affiliate marketing program called Niche Blitzkrieg. Its definitely legit and I know because I’ve tried it. In this review I’ll be going over the basics of it and whether or not I would suggest that you try it out. Just because its legit DOESN’T mean its worth trying. Let […]


Review of Quick Cash System – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / February 22, 2016

In this review of Quick Cash System I’ll be going over what exactly it is and whether or not it can be trusted. I must admit, when I first arrived on Quick Cash System’s homepage there were red flags everywhere. A video that flashes a luxurious lifestyle, a secret that is being given away, and […]


PopBizOp Review – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / January 27, 2016

When I first came across my instinctive scam sensor was in the red. The first page I came to had a video that boasted of all the money you can make, and it is all no risk. The man in the video even went as far as login in to his bank accounts and showing […]

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