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Userlytics Tester Jobs – Scam or Easy Money Testing Websites/Apps?

By Kyle / December 14, 2018

Are these Userlytics tester jobs really as good as they seem? Can you really get paid $5 – $20 or more just for looking over a website or mobile app and testing it out? Is it really this simple?Or… Worst-case scenario… Could this all be one big scam that is just going to be a […]


Is a Scam or Way to Make $60 a Test?

By Kyle / December 14, 2018

Is it really true that you can make money online with UserTesting just by reviewing websites, apps or even games? Can you really make up to $60 per test? Is this opportunity really as good as it seems from the outside? And of course… The ultimate question… Is it possible that is a scam? Well first […]


Ubertesters Review – Scam or Easy Money Testing Apps?

By Kyle / December 13, 2018

Is Ubertesters worth applying for? Do they really pay for testing out apps or is this all a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you that No this is not a scam. It is a bit sad that we even have […]


20 Awesome Usability Testing Jobs for Easy Money Online

By Kyle / December 12, 2018

Looking for usability testing jobs? Well here’s a list of 20 good ones for you to look through!Do you like the sounds of making money on your own schedule, whenever you feel like it… Just by providing feedback on websites and mobile apps? Well then this might be for you.Usability testing jobs are an incredibly […]


Is Product Testing USA a Scam? – What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 31, 2018

Product Testing USA gives away expensive problems such as iPhones, tablets, watches, as well as gift cards to restaurants, exchange for your review. But what’s the catch? They can just give devices that cost hundreds of dollars like this and stay in business… Can they? To be honest, it sounds way too good to be true and you may be wondering […]


Is Product Testing UK a Scam? – What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 30, 2018

Product Testing UK claims to give away products in return for your review. But the reason everyone is wondering if Product Testing UK is a scam or not is because of the value of the products they claim to give away. They aren’t just giving away sample sized laundry detergent and cleaning products…. they claims to give away […]


Is DOSH.Cash a Scam? – Real Review of The DOSH App

By Kyle / January 18, 2018

The DOSH app is a cashback app that a lot of people are promoting online. With the many scams and worthless programs that exist online you may be hesitant to join and wonder if its even legit or is a scam that is just going to rip you off in one way or another? […]


Is Level Rewards a Scam or a Good Money Making Opportunity?

By Kyle / October 3, 2017

I came across this program called Level Rewards the other day and knew I had to take a look into it. This place claims that you can earn up to $25 per person that you refer to them and they have no sign up fees, membership costs etc. But can this really be true? Or is […]


Is a Scam? My Review of this Cashback Program

By Kyle / September 5, 2017

Ebates is a cashback program that anyone can join and earn money back on normal shopping that they do. But is this place any good and is it worth your time? Or is a scam that is going to just leave you frustrated at the end of the day? I know there are a lot […]

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