CashCrate Review, Scam or Legit?

CashCrate is a website in which you can receive money for completing offers, taking cashcratesurveys, shopping online, watching videos, referring other people, and a lot more. It claims to be a great way to earn extra cash online, but is it legitimate? In this CashCrate review I’ll be going over how this whole thing works, whether its a scam or not, and if its worth your time. Just to let you know there are some good things and also some bad things about it.

First off, how the heck does CashCrate work?

Its simple really. Large companies spend billions each year on market research. They need to know what exactly consumers want so that they can increase sales. They pay websites like to do the research for them. And they do so by giving out offers, surveys, etc. in order to get regular people’s opinions on products services, and anything related to bettering business.

And of course you, being the CashCrate member, gets paid a small amount for giving your opinion on things.

How much money can be made?

CashCrate is an OK Get Paid To (GPT) website. They offer a lot of ways to earn and because of this you can earn a lot more than most other sites of this kind.

I’m going to start off with the surveys and the money that can be made in this category.


There are currently 11 daily surveys (this number varies) that you can take and the profit if you complete all of them is $8.79. If you take these short daily surveys all year that sums up to $3,208.35 a year. And thats just for the daily surveys.

Heres a Better Way to Earn Money Online

There are always other surveys offered and these ones vary greatly with the time required and the cash reward. Right now on my CashCrate account here are a couple surveys and as you can see they tend to vary A LOT. There is one survey right now in which I can make $1.60 for only 7 minutes of my time. Then there is one where I can only make $0.50 for 35 minutes! (ripoff)cashcratesurveys

So besides the daily surveys there is definitely more money to be made.

Now lets take a look at the offers tab


The offers are a little different from the surveys. Here you can earn some initial money for performing various tasks such as downloading an app, downloading software, or even taking surveys (again), and other ways. Besides the initial money that you earn you will also be entered in a contest to receive something free, such as a gift card, a sample of some kind of product, a cash prize, etc.

Its a tough call to say how much you could earn in this category because there are some good offers, yet it is like gambling because you have a VERY small chance of winning the big prizes. Just take a look below at the offers I have right now to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.cashcrateoffers

Next there is the Videos & More tab

Videos & More

There is a TON of ways to earn here and this includes cashcratemore

I’m not going to go through all of these offers but I will say there are some nice offers. Take a look at this one below that I’ll complete for sure. All I have to do is print of a coupon for Famous Footwear (15% off) and I get 15 cents in my CashCrate account. This will take me a total of maybe 20 seconds and I’ll get a coupon and 50 cents. Its not much money but I also get a coupon! In which I will use and save money.

How much to cash out?

You can cash out after you get your balance up to $20 which is less than most other sites. Not only is this less but I also think its not all that hard to reach this amount. So all in all, cashing out is easier and faster at than a lot of others.

What I DON’T like about CashCrate

Ok, so at this point you probably think that I like CashCrate because everything I have said up until now has been good. Well you are actually wrong.

First off, CashCrate is SPAMMY

Do NOT enter your real email address or phone number ever. Create a new email and enter that. Your email will be absolutely flooded with spam. And your phone will be ringing like crazy with a bunch of annoying sales calls. Just make sure you don’t enter the real stuff.

I don’t know why its so spammy but its like they sold your information or something. Heres a few reviews from that agree with thiscashcratespam

Next, you WON’T QUALIFY as much as you want

This is a common problem with all survey sites. You spend a bunch of time answering questions only to find that you don’t qualify to take the rest of the survey and you don’t get any reward. A page will come up saying “You are not what we are looking for” or “you do not qualify” or just something of that nature. This is a complete waste of time and really pisses me off.

This is probably the most common complaint that I have come across and its probably my biggest complaint as well. Here is what some members are saying about it on (a few of MANY like comments)cashcratespam

Other than that CashCrate is ok. I mean the cash outs seem to be pretty trustworthy. If you have the money to cash out you will get paid. The trouble is getting to that amount.

Do I recommend CashCrate?

No I do not. You probably will earn just about nothing. Its not worth it. Besides if you are looking for a paid survey/offer site I would suggest Swagbucks instead. I just think its a little better, but not much.

Online paid surveys just aren’t what they used to be. There used to be a time when online surveys could make you some nice extra money. Nowadays its just not the case.

If you want a better way to earn money online in your spare time I suggest you check out my number one recommendation. Where you can actually make GOOD money, not just change.

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