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Cashback Research – Scam or Legit? Here Is My Review

  • Cashback Research scamName: Cashback Research
  • Website: cashbackresearch.com
  • Rating: 5/10 (Decent survey site that does pay out; but overall low rewards)

Cashback Research is one of many paid survey sites online. But is it any good compared to others? In this Cashback Research review I’ll be going over what you need to know so that you can make a better decision before signing up.

In my opinion, if something doesn’t provide enough value for your time and/or money, then you can consider it a scam. And Cashback Research does indeed provide you money. They are a legitimate company that has been around for years.

But the real question is “how much money?” Do they compensate you well enough for your time? This is the main question I’ll be answering as I do this review of Cashback Research.

How You Make Money With Cashback Research

Just like pretty much every other survey site out there, you get paid by completing surveys and offers. Most of the surveys are hosted by 3rd party survey sites, which by the way I think is really annoying because then you are redirected to another site that you have to sign up for.

Some of the many 3rd party surveys that they host come from Ipsos Panel, Swagbucks, Epoll, Inbox Dollars, Survey Club, Vindale Research, MySurvey, and the list goes on.

If you sign up for 12 of the 3rd party survey panels you get $10, which is a nice bonus.

How much do you make taking surveys?

The first group of surveys that you should complete are the profile surveys. There are 10 of these and you get $0.25 per survey, so that adds up to $2.50. You should definitely complete these before doing others because this way the survey panels can better match you with appropriate surveys. This lessens the chance of you being disqualified from surveys and wasting your time.

The rest of the surveys that are available to you vary greatly in the amount you can make. Like I said, these are mostly 3rd party survey panel surveys, so they all vary at least a little bit. But one thing is for sure, none of them will pay you an exceptional amount of money for your time.

The pay is minimal. And just to give you a general amount, you can expect to earn anywhere from $1 to $2 per 30 minute survey. And of course you can expect less money for a shorter survey and more money for a longer one. But thats a general amount, there will be outliers that you will earn less and ones that you will earn more. But again, you won’t find any that are going to pay you much.

How much can you make completing offers?

The amount you can make in offers varies even more than the surveys. This is because the offers are totally different and you never know what to expect.

Just to give you an idea of what you can expect take a look at the offers that are available to me right now.Cashback Research offers

Look at that. The first offer I have is for $13. That sounds great doesn’t it? But really its not.

Its a migraine study in which you have to have to go to clinic for the last part of the study. Thats ridiculous that you actually have to drive somewhere to complete this.

Now like I said, the offers vary greatly, so you won’t find many that are the exact same. But they do all seem to really suck. They seem good but there is almost always a catch to them that makes them not worth it.

Saving Money With Coupons

This is probably the most valuable thing that this site offers in my opinion. They offer a ton of coupons for various goods. They are pretty decent savings and there is no catch, they’re free!

I’m going to buy a lot of the goods anyhow, so why not save a few bucks by using one of their coupons?

Here is a screenshot of some coupons available to me nowCash Back Research coupons

How To Get Paid

You can cash out with Paypal after you reach the minimum cash out amount of $30. This is actually pretty difficult to get to which you will find out. It will take you some time so don’t expect to be cashing out every day or anything like that.

Pros VS Cons


  • Free to join
  • Simple surveys, not complicated
  • Coupons for things you probably are going to buy anyhow


  • Surveys don’t pay much
  • Offers either don’t pay much or require too much time and effort
  • Won’t qualify for many surveys and will waste time
  • Takes some effort to reach the cash out minimum of $30
  • Overall can be frustrating

Is Cashback Research a Scam? Is It Worth Your Time?

Its not a scam. They do pay out and the company has been around for many years with a decent reputation. But I really don’t think they are worth your time for the most part. The only reason I would recommend someone to join this site is to get the coupons for household goods.

But overall I think its a waste of time. You are only going to be making pocket change here. This seems to be the general theme among all paid survey sites these days. They just aren’t as good as they used to be and this is because the companies are able to get peoples opinions for cheaper. If people would refuse to take their surveys they would be forced to pay a little more to give people some incentive to join. But for some reason that I cannot understand people are spending their time on these types of sites.

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