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Cash With Matt Scam – Yep, its a scam!

By Kyle / August 28, 2016
  • cash with matt scamName: Cash With Matt
  • Website: cashwithmatt.com
  • Creator: Matt Lloyd
  • Price: $37 + tons of upsells
  • Rating: 2/10 (Pretty much a pyramid scheme, lots of upsells and scam-like activity)

The guy in the video isn’t promoting his own program. He is promoting a program that him and his team have made a lot of money with, so he says. He claims that him and his small team have made over $1 million in commissions in just the last 4 months. The creator of this program is an Australian guy named Matt (or course). And the guy in the video along with his team, partner with Matt in this Cash With Matt program, or should I say Cash With Matt scam.

Of course this guy Matt, found some secret system for making money online that only he knew about. Then.. the guy in the video was able to track Matt down and “grill him” on how he was making all this money. Matt of course shared this secret information and now the guy in the video along with his team are making millions with this easy to use system.

If you decide to sign up and pay the price of extremely discounted price of just $37, the guy tells you that you will get your own success coach that shows you exactly how they are earning 6 to 7 figure incomes a year, an entire team of sales agents that do the hard work of selling for you, and you get access to all the other tools that are needed.

What is this Cash With Matt program really?

If you entered your name and email and continued on to the second video, you will be shown some testimonials from customers who are raving about how great this amazing opportunity is. And with some of these testimonials you will see that the programs is called MOBE, aka My Online Business Empire.

My Online Business Empire is a total scam that has been around for several years, and honestly I don’t know how its still around and surviving.

The creator of MOBE is named Matt Lloyd, and this is the Matt that the guy in the video has been referring to the whole time.

MOBE Is A Massive SCAM!

I’m really not going to get into this scam too much because there are tons of reviews online that you can read for more details. But I’ll give you the gist of it all.

MOBE is a an MLM (multi-level marketing) scam.

When you buy the 21 step product of Matt’s for $37, you then get the “rights” to sell that same product to other people. And within Matt’s 21 steps the main focus is going to be on exactly that, building your own online business that is focused on selling this same product to other people.

So the main thing they are teaching you is to recruit others to buy this product from you. When you go out and sell the MOBE product you are essentially recruiting others that are going to be taught to go out and do the same thing you did, sell to other people.

And as your recruits make money, you will receive percentages of the money that they make. So if you have a lot of recruits underneath you, you can make money by doing nothing.

The reason this type of scheme is called Multi-level marketing is because of the different levels that are created by recruiting others. To give you a visual, this is what the system looks like (its almost identical to a pyramid scheme).

Its Basically A Pyramid Scheme

MLM programs are identical in structure to pyramid schemes, but they differ on one very important thing. And that is the actual value of the product they provide.

Legitimate MLM programs are more focused on the actual product that is being sold, while pyramid schemes are focused on recruiting others and don’t really care about the crap product they are trying to get people to buy. A straight up pyramid scheme will not even sell products, it will be solely focused on recruiting others.

MOBE does kind of offer a product, but the products main focus is on reselling the product to others and recruiting them to resell it. So… you could say its still an MLM opportunity, but its very damn close to being considered a pyramid scheme.

You can read more about the difference of MLM’s & Pyramid Schemes here.

MOBE Is A Scam In Other Ways


If you buy Matt’s 21 step system for $37 you are only able to resell that same product. But there are plenty of other more expensive products that MOBE has to offer, costing thousands of dollars.

Just to give you an idea of what all there is in MOBE, some of the products include:

  • The Vault – $99 per month
  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97 per month
  • Email Marketing Empire – $194
  • The OPT Formula – $194
  • Funded Proposal – $194
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291

All of the MOBE products listed above will earn you 90% commissions when you sell them. And that is ONLY SOME of them.

Then, getting to the more pricey products, these ones will earn you 50% commissions:

  • 10,000 Leads In 100 Days – $1,997
  • Online Income Revolution – $997
  • The 90 Day Challenge – $997

And more!

Can You Make As Much Money As They Say?

First of all, let me make this perfectly clear.. What the guy in the video told you about this being some secret that Matt had found is a LIE. There is no secret about what he is doing to make money. Its nothing more than MLM marketing that leans very close to the pyramid scheme side of things.

Its not a business that I would say is legitimate, because I don’t see it being that way. I see it as selling crap products with the main goal of getting others to sell it underneath you.

But can you make money?

Sure you can make money, there is no doubt about it. But its NOT EASY! The only way you are going to be able to get people to buy into these overpriced products is if you sell them on the idea of being able to make a lot of money by recruiting others. So you are pretty much going to have to sell them on the pyramid scheme part of it, rather than the actual products.

There Are TONS Of Complaints

If you still want to go ahead and purchase this Cash With Matt bullcrap, don’t just yet. Do some Google searching for more reviews to convince you against it. They aren’t that hard to find.

If you go to Ripoff Report you can find a handful of negative reviews on MOBE and Matt. I took a screenshot below so you can see some of them…MOBE scam

Final Thoughts on Cash With Matt


Do yourself a favor and exit off of that cashwithmatt.com page immediately. Its not a legitimate business opportunity at all. Its a pyramid scheme that sells some horrible products to disguise themselves as a legitimate MLM opportunity.

Matt and MOBE also rip plenty of people off. If you search around Google for complaints you can find plenty of people getting charged WAY more than they were led to believe they would be charged. Just about everything about Cash With Matt and MOBE is a scam.

If You Have A Review On Cash With Matt or MOBE, or any question/thoughts.. Leave Them In The Comment Section Below. 

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