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Cash for Apps Review – Can You Really Make Money Downloading Apps?

By Kyle / July 11, 2017

Cash for Apps claims to be an easy way to earn money on your mobile device. But can you trust what they say or is this just another scam in one way or another?

I recently did a little investigating to see if this app lives up to the hype. If you know me then you know I like to test and try out new ways to make some extra cash on the side just for the heck of it. After looking into Cash for Apps I can say that there are some important things that you should know before you get started so that you know what you are getting yourself into. And in this Cash for Apps review I’ll be going over exactly this.

Cash for AppsCash for Apps Review


Ok, so basically Cash for Apps is an app that you can get where you can download other apps through it and make money doing so.

I know it sounds like a very strange and suspicious way of making money but this actually isn’t as weird as you may think. There are other apps, like AppMan and FeaturePoints, that are basically the same thing.

The reason Cash for Apps pays you to download other apps is because app developers and companies pay them to promote their apps to get exposure. Cash for Apps then provides a little monetary incentive for people to download them.

Its a win/win for everyone basically. The app developers and companies get people to try their app out and hopefully gain popularity, and you get paid a small amount of money for downloading the app.

How It Works

1) Download The App

The first step is to download the app. This is free and can be downloaded at Google Play or at the Apple Store.

I would hold off on this however until you have read this whole review.

2) Register

When you first open up the app you will have to register your account. This is really easy and doesn’t take long at all. All you have to do is enter your email and make a password for your account.

3) Download Apps

Inside the app you will see a list of apps that are available to be downloaded for points. These range from game type apps, to paid survey apps, to social media apps, to antivirus apps, and more. All of the apps that are offered are free to download and use.

Beside each app you will see a number. That number is that amount of points you will be awarded if you download the app and meet the requirements.

Here is an example of what you will see…

4) Receive Points

Once you download the app you will have to open it up for a certain amount of time. I am not sure how long this is but its no more than a minute or 2. After that you will receive your points and you can then delete the app if you wish to.

5) Redeem Your Points

There are a wide range of gift card options available that you can redeem your points for.

The Rewards

You can redeem your points for gift cards for Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, CVS, Google Play, Xbox, and a bunch more.

As far as I know you are going to need at least 1,500 points in your account before you can cash out. This is because $5 gift cards are the lowest you can cash out for and 300 points = $1, so you are going to need 1,500 points to = $5 to get these gift cards.

There are also higher value gift cards available as you can see below…

You can also cash out for PayPal cash which is my personal preference because then you can use the money for anything you want.

How Much Can You Make?

The answer is VERY LITTLE. Cash for Apps is just a fun little way to earn some easy cash on the side but by no means will you make a lot.

You can expect to generally earn anywhere from 50 – 500 points per app download but this will vary greatly.

And one of the big problems is that there aren’t always a bunch of offers available. Its not like you can just download app after app day and night and just keep earning money. It is common to run out of offers and then you can’t really do anything.

Another way you can make money with this app is by referring other people to download it. You will get 90 points when your referrals download their first app. So this means you will be getting around 25 cents per referral.


Scam Offers

Cash for Apps needs to do a better job at only allowing legitimate app offers for download within their app. I have read over several complaints saying that some app offers are scams and when you click to download them you will be redirected to either another app, or a spam page to get you to enter your personal information.

I’m not exactly sure how Cash for Apps works completely and I don’t know how they decide what offers get posted within their app but they need to do a better job at making sure these are legit.

Lack of Opportunity

As I mentioned, there just isn’t the opportunity to make a lot of money with this. The amount of apps available for download is limited.

Tech Problems

As with any app, there are going to be technical problems. Most of these are from people having trouble logging into the app.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Cash for Apps is a decent app and is definitely not a scam, but its not all that great either. It is an easy and fun way to earn a little side money but that’s about it. Don’t expect to make much.

There are some areas for improvement with this app… mainly I think they really need to do a better job making sure their offers are legitimate.

All in all its an OK opportunity and I recommend it for people that are looking for an extra buck every once in a while and wouldn’t mind downloading a bunch of apps to do so.

But honestly, I’m going to pass on it. There are better ways to make money online with your spare time and my time is worth more than what I would make with Cash for Apps.

I make a living working online for myself and I sure as heck am not going around downloading apps like crazy. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…

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