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Capital Gold Trust Review – Stay Away! Its A SCAM

By Kyle / June 19, 2016

capital gold trust review

  • Name: Capital Gold Trust
  • Website: capitalgoldtrust.com
  • Rating: 1/10 (Just another HYIP scam; most likely a Ponzi; do not trust this place and don’t invest)

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Capital Gold Trust is a HYIP (high yield investment program), and you guessed it… Its a scam. In this Capital Gold Trust review I’ll be going over what it REALLY is, which isn’t what they say it is.

But before I get into what it actually is I’ll do a brief overview of it.

Overview of Capital Gold Trust

Like I said above, its a HYIP. They promise you extremely high and fixed returns on your investment. And the more you invest, the higher return percentage you get.

Here are the different investment plans they offer along with the return percentages..capitalgoldtrust.com scam


The more you invest and the longer you leave it invested, the more you are rewarded.

But how can they possibly promise such high returns? I mean, just look at those numbers. A 225% profit in just 3 days with the one plan!

Can this be real? To answer that you have to look at how Capital Gold Trust invests your money.

How Does Capital Gold Trust Invest Your Money?


They don’t tell you much of anything. The only information I can find is that they invest in the Stock Market and Forex trading. You can find that information on the “About Us” page.

But thats all they say. They don’t tell you what type of stocks they are investing in, nothing like that.

Other than that, you don’t know anything. And they expect you to invest in them after one short section about them that didn’t even go into any good detail?? Is this a joke?? Well, ya it is actually.

Its an obvious scam. Any real investment company is going to give you all the information they can to prove their legitimacy. And they are going to back up what they say with facts.

This place just tells you some general stuff. But who cares what this place says, because the returns they are promising you are a lie.

The Profits Are Fixed, Which Is Impossible

It doesn’t really matter what they are investing in (if they even are investing your money). No matter if its the crude oil market, the energy market, or any other market, you cannot expect fixed returns.

The market fluctuates without warning and its unpredictable. No one, no matter how good the investor, can make promises on the returns you will get.

Its simply impossible, and this alone should be enough to get you to stay far far away from this investment site.

But in actuality I highly doubt they are actually investing your money, which brings me to my next point that will answer the question…

What Is Capital Gold Trust REALLY?

Its more than likely some type of pyramid scheme. Probably a Ponzi.

There is no real value in this site. They don’t invest your money to make money. Instead they just take newcomers’ investment money and distribute it to members that have already invested.

That is why they try to get you to refer people so much with sites like this. Because thats the only way they make money. Its just a big money exchange for nothing of value.

HYIP sites like this are very common. They promise fixed high returns and don’t say much of anything about what they actually do. Its a bunch of crap.

I’ve reviewed plenty of these type of sites and they are all the same. I wonder how many of them are created by the same group of scammers. Because a lot of them have the same layout and everything.

Just to name a few of the similar HYIP sites like this that I have reviewed, there are PayGet, Open Deposit, Greed Rush, Join Trade, Giga Rich, Oil Cash, PokeMoney, and so on.

Can You Make Any Money With Capital Gold Trust?

Ya you can, IF you get lucky. Statistically speaking, most people involved in a Ponzi type scheme like this will LOSE money. But there are still those that do make money.

Its not worth the chance trying though.

Capital Gold Trust Is A Big Fat SCAM

Pretty much everything about this site has “scam” written on it.

No information about the investments they make, high returns, and the returns are fixed.

Think about this, how can they promise fixed returns? The markets are always fluctuating and they are impossible to predict. Not even the best professional could promise you fixed returns on investment like they do.

What they promise you is impossible and not legitimate. Stay away from this place and you will be doing yourself a favor.

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