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Cami White Scam – Check out what I found, the whole things a scam

By Kyle / October 23, 2016

Cami White is the name behind a number of work at home scams. You might have come across her name from programs like Financially Healthy, Excel Cash Flow, Daily Web Biz and many other scams. But it doesn’t really matter where you came across her at because regardless this Cami White scam is exactly that… a scam!

In this short review I’ll be showing you a few things that show how fake this lady really is. The name is nothing more than a fabrication made by scammers online.

Cami White ScamWho Is Cami White?

Every picture that I’ve seen of her is the same. All of the work at home scams all show this image of her…

There might be a couple of changes to the picture depending on where you came across it, such as a different logo on the lady’s computer screen or something like that. As you can see the image on here computer here says “Daily Web Biz”, which I mentioned is one of the scams that she is in.

But anyway, the point I want to make here is that this picture is as fake as can be.

How do I know its fake?? Well after screenshotting the image and doing a reverse image search on Google, I was able to find that this image is actually a stock image. As you can see below its available for purchase on ShutterStock. This means that anyone can buy this online and use it for whatever they wish.beautiful-young-smiling-woman-with-laptop-on-the-sofa-indoors-high-angle-view-stock-photo-51827662-_-shutterstock-google-chrome-2016-10-20-06-53-35

Why Is There No Information On This Lady?

There are 3 different websites that I know of where Cami White is promoting a scam (which I’ll get into shortly), yet there is no information on this woman. If she was really making $379 a day like she claims and running 3 different websites then why would there be no information out there about her?

On every site she says the same thing… about living paycheck to paycheck, having a 6 year old daughter, getting divorced,  and finding this awesome way to make $379 per day doing just about nothing. This is the only information about her anywhere online.

Wouldn’t you think a well accomplished lady like this that is very involved in the online world would at least have a Facebook account or something like that?? I sure think so.

But even if Cami White having a fake picture and having no information about her at all doesn’t deter you from this scam, what I will explain to you next sure will.

The Scam That Cami White Promotes Will NOT Make You Money

Of course if you are interested in a work at home opportunity you are interested in making money. And since this scam will not make you money like they say then this should mean that it would make no sense to buy into it.

I’ll tell you why its not going to make you money like they say, but first off let me go over what she tells you exactly. All of her scams are the same. They all are link posting scams and she talks all about the easy money you can make posting links everywhere.

How You Make Money

She tells you that companies are desperate for independent people to post links from home. And this is true. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Apple, you name it, they will pay you to do this. Its called affiliate marketing and you can get paid to promote products on their websites via links. Each time someone clicks on your link and purchases the product you get paid a commission.

But what she tells you is a flat out lie. Here is what she says…home-wealth-solutions-the-top-rated-work-from-home-program-google-chrome-2016-10-23-17-31-37

Making $15 for every link you post????!! How?

That makes no sense. The amount you get paid comes from the amount of sales you help make. You don’t actually get any money at all for simply posting a link. The money only comes when someone clicks that link and buys whatever product it was that you were promoting.

You could potentially earn a lot more than $15 off of one link, but you could also earn nothing. By the way Cami White talks about it, pretty much saying that all you have to do is go around posting links everywhere, you won’t make a penny. No one likes spammers and no one will click your link if you can’t convince them to do so.

It is NOT a walk in the part to be successful with affiliate marketing. This is my main form of online income and I know for a fact that what Cami is telling you is an absolute lie. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

It Doesn’t Even Make Sense

The scams that she promotes claim to set you up with a free website, and this is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t mean much.

Having a website is pretty much a must to be even close to successful with affiliate marketing. But she leaves out one very important thing that you will need….TRAFFIC.

How will you get people to your website? Advertising? No you don’t want to pay money. Google Search?? That is the most difficult thing about my online businesses. Social Media??? Unless you have a twitter account with a couple hundred thousand followers than this isn’t going to work out.

The point is that getting traffic to your site is extremely difficult. And Cami White doesn’t even mention it when it is by far the hardest thing you are going to have to do. Without traffic you have no visitors, you have no one clicking your links, and you get paid nothing.

The Terrible Cami White Scam.. Final Thoughts

Ok so Cami White’s picture is a stock photo that anyone can buy, there is absolutely no information about her anywhere online other that what is said by her picture, and the way they tell you that you can make money makes no sense at all.

The truth is that the people behind these programs know damn well that no one is going to be making anywhere even close to $379 a day. They just don’t care. They tell people that they have found this awesome easy way to make a ton of money online, which is exactly what everyone wants to hear, and then they steal your money.

If you want to know how I make a full-time income affiliate marketing then you should read my Wealthy Affiliate review here. Its an online training program that gets you started the RIGHT way in affiliate marketing. Not all of this Cami White link posting B.S.

If you have any comments or questions related to this article leave them below in the comment section…
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