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Build a Website for Free Online

This is something that a lot of people don’t know about. You can actually build a website for free online. Many people go to GoDaddy or NameCheap and purchase a domain which is about $10 a year, and then they have to purchase website hosting which is another $10 a month. Its not too bad but that adds up to $130 a year total.

Free is what everyone wants and this is possible using Site Rubix.

Site Rubixsiterubix

You are able to create 2 free websites through Site Rubix. You may be thinking that if they are free then they must not be very high quality. This is where you are wrong. Site Rubix is powered by WordPress. The 2 free WordPress websites you are able to create are fully functional.

WordPress is the most widely used website platform in the world and it is for a reason. The reason is its simplicity, ability to customize, and functionality. WordPress is very easy to work with. Their websites are designed this way and are great for newcomers.

The ability to customize your WordPress site is also a key feature. This way you can really make it reflect you and what your site is all about.

And then maybe the most important characteristic of WordPress websites is that they are search engine friendly. They are able to rank in search engines just like any other website out there, paid or unpaid.

I’m guessing you want website traffic, so this feature is important. Search engines are responsible for bringing a huge amount of website traffic.

How to Build a Free Website on Site Rubix

To build your very own fully functional website at Site Rubix it only takes 4 steps:

  1. Name you website (must choose a name that isn’t being used)
  2. Give your website a title.
  3. Pick a website theme (different themes have different setups and looks)
  4. Then just click the “Build” button

Once you click Build it will only take a few seconds for your website to be set up and ready for use.

Here is a brief tutorial I put together for you to show you how easy it actually is:

You have a website. You have website hosting. Your website is fully functional. You are now ready to start putting content out for the world to see.

Try It Here

Ok, so all you have to do is type in the website name you wish to use. If it is available it will tell you. Then all you have to do is click build.

Once you click build you will be redirected to Site Rubix’s site. There you will create a free account. All you will need to enter is your name, email, and a password.

Its simple and very much worth it. You can’t beat this deal anywhere.

Ok, so just to review, these are the benefits of a free Site Rubix account:

  • You get 2 free websites
  • The websites come with free website hosting
  • The websites are powered by WordPress and very simple yet effective
    • They are customizable
    • They are search engine friendly and can rank just as easy as websites you pay for
  • Free training on how to monetize your site will also be available
  • Creating your website can be done in less than a minute

The Downside

The only downside to building a website through Site Rubix is that your domain will have a .siterubix.com extension instead of the normal .com extension that you could get if you buy your own domain.

Ex: yourwebsite.siterubix.com  VS yourwebsite.com

Your site will have the siterubix.com extension because it is run through Site Rubix. Sure it doesn’t look quite as good but its FREE. You can’t beat that and if you are new to the whole online business thing I definitely recommend you try a free website first.

The good thing is that you can MOVE your Site Rubix website to a purchased domain later on if you want. You can have all the content transferred in a matter of minutes so you don’t have to go through the whole content process again. Its simple.

What Kind of Website Should I Build?

Thats up to you. You can build whatever kind of website your heart desires. If I were you I would take advantage of this opportunity and earn some money online.

When you create your free Site Rubix account you get connected with Wealthy Affiliate (free as well). There you can find any sort of training you want when it comes to building an online business. You can access free training on everything from choosing a website niche, to building your site, to generating site traffic, to monetizing your site.

If you so choose you can also create an account at Wealthy Affiliate. This will give you access to more training and help you need. I will also be available within the Wealthy Affiliate community for your help.

Click Here to Build a Free Website at SiteRubix

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