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Blog Comments and SEO – Do This & Increase Your Blog’s SEO

By Kyle / March 22, 2017
blog comments and seo

Blog comments for SEO has became more popular over the years, and rightly so. The reason for this is simply because IT WORKS.

Now to make it clear, I am talking about having visitor comments on YOUR blog that boost your SEO standings. I am not talking about commenting on other blogs/forums and linking back to your site.

In this post I’m going to go over a little bit about why getting comments on your blog can help your chances of ranking higher in Google and other search engines, and then I’m going to show you an awesome tool that you can use to get unlimited unique and real human comments on your blog.

 Getting Comments On Your Blog Can Boost Your Google Rankings

Everyone wants to rank on page 1 in Google. The higher you rank, the more traffic your blog gets, and thus.. the more money you make. Of course I’m assuming that you are trying to monetize your website, which you might as well since you are getting the traffic to do so.

Getting people to comment on your blog posts is seeming to be more important to the Google algorithm lately. And although I don’t have any inside information from Google on what all reasons this might be for, I do know 2 reasons why this is the case…. and these are: user engagement and updated content.

User Engagement

Google loves to see user engagement on your website. If you have a site that people go to and then leave right away, this tells Google that people obviously don’t care for your content too much. And this will lead to lower rankings for you.

But if you can get your visitors to stick around, read over the entire post, and even comment at the bottom, Google knows you are giving readers what they want. And remember, Google is all about providing users with the best and most helpful information possible. So when Google sees that people are actively commenting on your posts, it rewards you slightly and helps your chances of ranking higher.

Updated Content

Google also loves updated content. Because updated content is the newest, the freshest, and has a good chance of benefiting its users the most.

New content, once it settles into place, has a good chance of out ranking old content. Of course this depends on a lot of factors, but generally speaking Google loves new content.

When you get comments on your blog and you approve them, this acts as a content update. With each comment you publish, your post is updated and refreshed. Google will see this and, again, your post will have a better chance of ranking higher due to it.

Even Google Tells You That Comments Help

Jennifer Slegg (author or thesempost.com) actually questioned Gary Illyes of Google on the whole topic of blog commenting benefiting Google rankings. The reason for the questioning is because many sites routinely delete comments because they feel that they have negative effects, due to being seen as “low quality” content.

Gary Illyes confirmed that blog comments are indeed good for your rankings.

He tells us that User Generated Content, and blog comments in particular show that there is a “thriving community”. Gary Illyes then goes on to say that the “thriving community” aspect has an impact on Googles perception of the general quality of the website and content. It is obviously less of an impact and less important than the administrator published content of the site, but nonetheless it does have an impact.

How To Get Unlimited Comments On Your Blog

Ok, so now you know that comments are a good thing. Every blogger should strive to get comments on their posts. And if you aren’t already, you need to start.

But how do you get comments on your blog?

Well the obvious way is to write interesting and engaging content that gets people thinking and asking questions. You could also ask them at the end of each post to leave their comments, questions, etc. below.

But I’m not here to explain the obvious ways. What I want to introduce to you is an amazing tool that allows you to get unlimited blog comments from real people. This isn’t some bot commenting software that spams comments all over the place. This is software that gets real people to comment.

What is it? It is…


SiteComments is one of the tools available at Wealthy Affiliate. It is part of the SiteRubix website builder and website hosting platform inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I don’t want to talk too much about Wealthy Affiliate here because I have already written a very detailed review on it. But just to summarize what it is… it’s an online business platform that provides training, support, hosting, and pretty much everything you need when it comes to creating an online business via a website.

Anyways.. back to SiteComments and all of its glory.

How It Works

Step 1 – Request Comments

Once inside the SiteComments area, you will see a button you can click to request comments. You will click this.


Step 2 – Choose The Website You Want Comments On

Now you will be able to choose the website that you want comments on from a drop-down menu. This will include a list of all the sites you have hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are going to use SiteComments you are going to have to be a WA (Wealthy Affiliate) member, and you get unlimited website hosting with that membership, so you might as well use it.

As you can see in the screenshot, I’m going to choose to request comments on earnbeast.com, which is the site you are on right now.

Step 3 – Choose What Page You Want Comments On

After you select the website in which you would like comments on, the SiteComments tool will pull up a list of every single page and post on your website in a couple seconds. All you have to do is select the one you want.

In the example below I selected a post I wrote about a traffic sharing website called Traffic Monsoon.

Step 4 – Choose The Category of Your Website

This is important and I’ll go over why later. But as for now, just make sure you choose an appropriate category. For my site I chose internet marketing.

Step 5 – Choose How Many Comments You Want

The amount you can request depends on how many “credits” you have. Each comment costs 2 credits. I have over 700 credits at the moment and am able to get 386 comments if I wish to.

Step 6 – Choose When You Want The Comments

This is pretty awesome. Obviously you wouldn’t want all 167 comments all at once. Google would pick up on the suspicious activity and it would be a hassle for you to publish them all.

The good thing is that you can spread the comments out over specific periods of time.

Step 7 – Submit Your Request

Now all you have to do is click submit and your comments will be delivered as specified.

How Does This All Work?

“Credits” are the form of currency you use to request comments. You can earn credits by commenting on other peoples’s websites, creating training at Wealthy Affiliate, referring people, and other ways.

Each comment costs 2 credits. When you use them to request comments, your request will be shown to other members of WA, and these members will be able to earn credits of their own for commenting on your website.

So there is incentive for real members to post real comments, because they will be credited. Also there is incentive for them to leave good comments because you can deny their comments if they are bad and this will impact their rank at WA.

Also, the category that you have to enter when you are requesting comments (as I went over above) helps match up your request with people that want to comment on blogs in that particular category.

Everything Is Done Through SiteComments

One thing about this that is great is that everything is done through SiteComments. There is no need to login to your website to publish the comments you receive.

Once you receive comments you have the ability to approve or disapprove of them. Once you approve them on the SiteComments platform they are automatically published on your website. This is made possible because your websites are hosted in the SiteRubix platform.

Final Thoughts

My last words are this…. Comments are a must. You need them if you want to SEO your site as much as possible. SiteComments is a one-of-a-kind commenting platform that you can get unlimited real human comments from on demand. It is awesome. And that’s all there is to it.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, which is the online business platform that provides SiteComments, you can read my review here.

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