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Block Spam Comments – WordPress 2016

By Kyle / February 16, 2016

There are a lot of anti spam plugins out there but you need to know what works. You need to be able to keep spam out so that you don’t have to go through deleting comments that make your website look like a spam dump. And of course you want it to be free of charge.

Well I want to introduce you to Anti-Spam Bee. Its what I use on all of my sites and I have antispambee1NEVER had a problem with spam. Its completely free, no trials, no credit card, no nothing. Free for as long as you want. And it doesn’t just block any spam. You can choose different settings and set it up in a way that you like best. There are 18 settings to be exact.

But before we get into that lets go through how to install and activate Antispam Bee.

Install Antispam Bee

Once you are logged into WordPress, go over to the Dashboard on the left-hand side. Scroll down until you see “Appearance” and Plugins should be right under that. Once you click on Plugins go to “add new”.

Then search for Antispam Bee in the search bar and click install.antispamplugin

When you search Antispam Bee there will be a button that says install. Mine says installed of course because I already have it.

Next you will have to activate this plugin.


Activate Antispam Bee

To do this you click on the Plugins tab on the left-hand side menu. Then all of your plugins should appear. So you need to locate Antispam Bee and click “activate” which is located right under it. See picture below (mine says “deactivate” because it is already activated).antispamplugin2

Now your antispam plugin is installed and activated. Next you need to set it up the way you want.


There are 18 settings in which you can change, but I’m not going to go over all 18. I’ll go over the settings that I use and recommend you use. Here is what your settings should look like.antispambee2

In the first column you have the basic spam filter settings. In this column I have the following boxes checked:

  • trust approved commenters
    • once a comment is approved by you that particular IP address will not be considered spam again.
  • BBCode is spam
    •  BBCode is commonly used to spam in forums and its best to just block this
  • Validate IP address of commenters
    • of course you want this because if their IP address is invalid then something weird is going on and theres a good chance its spam
  • Use regular expressions
    • a lot of times spam will not have anything to do with your article and will just be regular expressions. These add no value and need blocked
  • Look in local spam database
    • if comments by this person are already marked as spam then they automatically will be next time

Now on to the advanced settings. I only have two settings checked here:

  • Mark as spam, do not delete
    • Sometimes you will find things marked as spam that isn’t really spam. You want any good comments you can get so this is a good way to make sure you don’t miss any.
  • Delete existing spam after __ days
    • This will give you enough time to look the spam over if you want to but you won’t need to worry about going through and deleting it manually. Usually I set mine to delete in 30 days.

Next there are just a few more settings on the right column. Here I only have Spam Counter on Dashboard and Comment Form Used Outside of Posts checked.

  • The spam counter on dashboard is just a little thing to show you how good Antispam Bee is working. The amount of spam it stops is impressive.
  •  If you check the Comment Form Used Outside of Posts box then Antispam Bee will collect spam that is coming in on pages also.

Antispam Bee is the best of the best

Its free, it catches all spam, its simple to set up, its customizable. What else can you ask for? Before using Antispam Bee I would receive spam every day and have to go through it manually deleting it all. I remember those days at the beginning. Then I came across a review, probably similar to this, and gave it a try.

If you are having problems with your current antispam plugin or you don’t have a plugin yet, then I suggest you try Antispam Bee. Its all you need.

If you have questions comment below so that I can get back to you.

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My name is Kyle and I am the owner of Earn Beast. I created this website to explore the various ways of earning and mainly focus on teaching others how they can make money online. To learn how I make a full-time income online, Click Here

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