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Bing Rewards, Scam or Legit? Heres my personal review

By Kyle / March 6, 2016
  • bing-rewards-homeProgram: Bing Rewards
  • Website: bing.com/rewards
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 8/10 (Definitely a legit program, don’t have to go out of your way to earn, the earnings are very low however)

Bing Rewards is a great way for some people to make extra money online, or is it? Is Bing rewards a scam, or is it a legitimate way to make extra cash? In this review I’ll be going over the basics of Bing Rewards and whether or not its worth your time.

First let me go over how Bing Rewards works

Its free to sign up. And once you are a member there are 2 ways for you to earn points, which can later be redeemed for gift cards and some other things.

The two ways to earn points are simply by searching and by completing offers.

Searching online using Bing

Bing wants you to use their search engine instead of Yahoo or Google, so by rewarding you it gives some incentive to use it. You will get points by simply performing regular searches. You don’t have to click on anything, just search and earn points.

When you first join you won’t be earning much. Your status will be a regular member, and you can only earn somewhere around 30 points per day. You will be allowed to earn 15 from searches with your computer, 10 with mobile searches, and then some more just by completing some daily tasks (points vary).

After you use their search for a while and the points start to add up, you will be promoted. The next level is the Silver Member level, and the highest is Gold Member.

With Gold Member status you can perform up to 20 searches per day that you can get points for. With this status you can earn around 40 points a day.

Here is what the statuses look like on the Bing Rewards dashboard.bing-rewards-member-status

How much are the points worth?

This all depends on what you are redeeming your points for. One of the most popular rewards is the Amazon gift card so I’m going to use this as an example.

Currently there is an Amazon $5 gift card available for 525 points for a Standard and Silver Member. But its discounted for a Gold Member at 475 pointsbing-rewards

If you take $5 divided by 525 points you end up with $0.0095/ point. So each point is worth just under 1 cent.

For the Gold Member if you take the $5 divided by the discount price of 475 points you get $0.0105/ point. So here each point is worth just over 1 cent.

Not much of a difference between the member statuses, so lets just say each point is worth 1 cent.

Depending on the reward you are redeeming your points for, the worth of your points varies slightly. But its usually right around 1 cent/point.

Pros Vs Cons of Bing Rewards


  • free to use
  • not a hassle
    • can earn while you search the web, which you already do


  • Bing search engine isn’t as good as Google (everyone like Google best)
  • takes a while to get enough points to be able to redeem for a reward
  • cant redeem points for cash, has to be gift cards or similar items

Is Bing Rewards a scam and is it worth signing up for?

Well its definitely no scam. Bing is a legitimate business and their rewards program is legitimate. Sure there are complaints, but there are always going to be complaints.

As for me, I don’t really have any complaints. It doesn’t pay much, but I never expected much out of it.

The biggest downside in my opinion is that you have to use Bing to search. I am a huge fan of Google. Its the best and thats why its the most popular. But I’ve gotten used to Bing a good bit. It works fine and does a good job. But I still like Google best.

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