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Beware of the PaidLikeMack.com Scam – Aspire is a SCAM!

By Kyle / September 5, 2016

paidlikemack.com scamStay clear of PaidLikeMack.com. Its a scam and you will just end up losing your money if you fall for it. In this PaidLikeMack.com review I’ll be going over what it really is and why you should stay the hell away from it.

There is a good chance you came across it on WorldStarHipHop.com, thats where I did. I don’t get why WSHH would even post an obvious scam like this, but I guess they don’t care. They just want the money and if you pay enough you can get a featured video.

What Is PaidLikeMack.com?

If you go to paidlikemack.com you will be redirected to another website, which looks like this…aspire scam

Don’t be fooled by how awesome this ASPIRE program sounds, its just another scam that has been around for at least a couple years at this point.

ASPIRE Is A SCAM & So Is The Company Behind It

You can read my full review of Aspire here

ASPIRE is a product of DigitalAltitude.co and you can go there if you want to see it.

So of course if you want to know if the program is a scam, you should first look at the source, where it comes from, and in this case it comes from Digital Altitude. And this company isn’t exactly what I would call honest or trustworthy.

Digital Altitude was created by a guy named Michael Force. And this guy has a list of scams that he has been a part of. The most well known would be the Empower Network scam, in which he was one of the top producers for.

The Empower Network was one of the biggest Pyramid Schemes online, with over 200,000 members. Unfortunately it imploded in just 3 years and around 97% of its members ended up losing money. Some lost just a little bit of money, but some also lost a lot.

I’m not going to go into any more detail on this Empower Network scam because there are plenty of reviews online about it if you want to read more on it.

But anyways, now you know the guy behind ASPIRE and the whole company doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that ASPIRE is a scam. To prove to you its a scam I’m going to go into a little detail on how it all works.

How ASPIRE Works

So obviously ASPIRE is a “make money online” program. But how does it work?

In the PaidLikeMack.com video the guy is always talking about commissions. All of the money he earns are commissions, but where do these commissions come from? They come from YOU! He is getting commissions on the sales that he is making by selling this scam ASPIRE program to people like you.

Thats how ASPIRE works. You buy it and the main thing it teaches you to do is how to sell it to other people. It teaches you how to get other gullible people desperate for an opportunity to buy into it.

Once you go out and get other people to buy ASPIRE, you then get commissions from your sales. And you also get commissions from their sales, and their sales’ sales.

Its just a pyramid scheme. There is no good value in this product and its main focus is on to get you to sell it to other people.

Different Memberships of ASPIRE

As you may know, they offer a $1 trial that lasts for 14 days. This is nothing more than an easy way for them to get your email, name, and most importantly your credit card information.

After that trial you will be charged $37 per month if you sign up for the ASPIRE Walker level, which is the one you will be directed to if you went to paidlikemack.com.

But there are 2 other levels that ASPIRE has. Here is a list of the different levels and what they include.

  • ASPIRE Walker – $37/month
    • 40% commission
    • 1 tier pyramid
    • Members area
    • Startup training videos
  • ASPIRE Hiker – $67/month
    • 50% commission
    • 2 tier pyramid
    • Members area
    • Startup training videos
    • Weekly training & more
  • ASPIRE Climber – $127/month
    • 60% Commission
    • 3 tier pyramid
    • Members area
    • Startup training videos
    • Weekly training
    • And a lot more

Obviously the Climber level is the most desirable. The ASPIRE Walker level that you were referred to from paidlikemack.com is a piece of crap compared to the others. It only has a 1 tiered payout pyramid and 40% commissions where as the Climber has 3 tiered payout pyramid with 60% commissions.

But who has an extra $127/month to spend on something that they don’t even know will work out? (and I’m telling you it won’t work out)

ASPIRE doesn’t end there. Those were just the different levels you can have as an ASPIRE member. There is more to it, much more.

ASPIRE Products

Aspire does have products, but the overwhelming focus is not put on selling the products, it is put on recruiting others into this scam program as I mentioned.

Pretty much the only reason they have products is so that they can operate their business legally, although its is still a scam.

They are extremely HIGH  TICKET products and the catch is that YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM in order to be able to sell them to other people. There are 5 products that they call “memberships”in which I will give a brief overview of, but I’m not going to go into detail because they aren’t that important.

  • The Base Membership – $595 one time payment
    • Has 12 training modules in 3 sections
    • Mostly has to do with getting customers and setting up sales funnels
  • The Rise Membership – $1,997 one time payment
    • Training with 19 modules in 5 sections
    • Basically teaches you how to sucker people into buying from you
  • The Ascend Membership – $9,997 one time payment
    • Gives you a 3 day retreat in Las Vegas for you and a partner
    • Also gives you some more training on things like scaling your traffic and building a team of sellers beneath you
  • The Peak Membership – $16,997
    • Here you get a bunch of high level stuff like…
      •  Creating more efficiency in your business, adding more value to the products, and autopilot retirement
  • The Apex Membership – $27,997
    • And this is it, the top of the top. You can get to the top of this pyramid scheme, all you need is an extra $27,997 laying around to spend.
    • Here you get a 7 day retreat in Las Vegas for 2 people along with training
    • But thats not the main thing you get. The main thing you get is the ability to be at the top and look down at all the gullible people that have been screwed over and are desperately trying to make money on a system that only works for those at the top.

Is that all!!???? Yep thats about it with ASPIRE… now onto the scam part of it.


The problem with pyramid schemes like this is that the MAJORITY of people LOSE MONEY. That is a statistical fact. Only the very top of the pyramid will be able to make good money for the amount that they are spending.

The only way you can make money is if you are able to recruit tons of gullible people. And….. you are really going to need to recruit a lot. Because you only make money if they make money, and most of them are probably going to end up quitting and cutting their loses after they find out its just a scam.

Can You Make Money?

Yes there is no doubt that you can. But for the average Joe… for the waiters, waitresses, mechanics, college dropouts, street hustlers, and people just trying to survive… NO YOU WON’T MAKE MONEY.

This system will absolutely NOT work for the average person and the people selling it know damn well that its true.

The guy in the paidlikemack.com is a filthy scammer that is doing nothing but trying to trick you just so he can make a buck.

Final Thoughts on ASPIRE

Its nothing but a scam. There is no good value in the product you get. Its all focused around selling it to more people and making the people high up on the pyramid richer.

For a normal person that doesn’t have some massive social media following, or another way of recruiting gullible people to buy into a phony product, it WON’T work. You will end up losing money. That’s just the way schemes like this work.

If you are looking for a way to legitimately make good money online then take a peek at what I do and see if its something you would be interested in.

I make a living working online for myself and I sure as heck am not participating in any scam schemes like Aspire. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it.

–> Click Here to learn about it 

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…


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