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ESL Teaching Jobs

Looking to teach English online, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else that has an Internet connection? Well… Here are 15 of the best online ESL teaching jobs that are out there… Enjoy…

15 ESl Teaching Jobs Online

Teaching ESL (English as a second language) online is becoming increasingly popular.


Well… For the obvious reasons… Online work gives you the ability to skip the morning commute, spend more time with your family, and often times allows you to have a flexible schedule. Then of course you also get to have a fun time teaching kids from other parts of the world, which can be quite enjoyable and interesting.

The 15 online ESL teaching jobs that I have listed below provide different opportunities, some better suited for some people, while others are better suited for others. But they are all pretty darn good teaching programs.

There it’s probably nobody reading this that is looking to spend a bunch of time preparing lessons, grading work, and things like that, so you will be happy to hear that with all of these places listed below the lessons are pre-made and there is no grading to be done, besides leaving feedback on students (which is pretty easy).

Before diving into this, you should also be aware that many of these online teaching jobs or for Asian countries, in particular China. What this means is that a lot of them require you to work strange hours, often times early-morning weekdays and late night weekends, although peak hours will vary as you will see.

But anyways… Without further ado, let’s get into this…

15 Online ESL Teaching Jobs for You to Make Money from Home!

* It’s hard to rank these so they don’t really go in order from best to worst. Some may be better suited for some people while others for other people.

#1 – VIPKid

VIPKID is one of the most well-known and reputable ESL teaching platforms out there, and for good reason. They have built quite the reputation over the years and have been able to grow their platform to over 60,000 teachers and over 500,000 students in China.

Working as a teacher for this place will give you the ability to make $14-$22 per hour in the schedule is very flexible, there are no minimum hours and no set hours that you need to work.

Basically how it works is students will be able to view your teaching profile on the platform and book your class, which also means that you are not guaranteed work.

All classes are taught one-on-one… Just you and a student. This provides a good learning environment with little distraction, but the downside to this place is that you are guaranteed to work with that same students over and over again. Sure, many students, after getting to know you, will re-book new lessons with you, but it isn’t guaranteed.

If you are interested in applying you must have a bachelors degree and you must be eligible to work in the US or Canada.

You can get more information here:

#2 – Qkids English (Used to be called Funbulous)

Qkids English, or just Qkids, is another pretty popular online ESL teaching program. If you haven’t heard of this place before, you may have heard of its former name called Funbulous, which they did away with for some reason.

But anyways… For this place teachers are excepted from both the US and Canada.

Teaching here is all about playing games with the kids. They make the learning environment very fun and use a variety of different interactive games/animations so that the kids stay more interested and enjoy their time more.

As a teacher here you will be working with kids ages 4 to 12 years old… With over 300,000 students total using the platform.

Teaching lessons are 30 minutes in length and you can have up to four students per lesson.

As with the previous, there is also no lesson plan needed.

You are not guaranteed work with this platform. But this is how most of these online teaching jobs go. You will however have to commit to at least six hours of availability a week, which basically means that you are available to teach within certain hours if kids decide to book lessons with you.

The pay is pretty good, but not the best. You can make $16-$20 per hour, and this consists of two lessons. The base pay is set at $16 per hour but there are bonuses on top of that can get you up to $20 per hour.

If you are looking to apply you first must either hold a bachelors degree or be currently pursuing one.

You can get more information on their website here if interested:

#3 – SayABC

If interested in this place that you better like kids, because you will be teaching children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Classes here are fairly longer than others… At 40 minutes apiece. And you may have up to four students per class, so things can get a bit crazy, or more fun if you’d like to think of it that way.

The lessons, which are actually from National Geographic, are all focused on being fun. You will get the chance to be more than just a teacher… Also an entertainer. From what I’ve heard from teachers there, these lessons are very well put together. They are interactive, use great visuals, and very content-rich.

The available hours here are actually on a weekday evening’s. As a teacher you will be meeting with the same classes of children two times a week. A lot of people really like this because since you are being scheduled with the same kids, you have the ability to form connections and really get to know them.

The pay is up to $21 for a 40 minute lesson, but you are limited to only for a day. So if you do the math then you have the potential to make up to $84 a day.

In order to work for this place you need to have a bachelors degree or be a senior in undergraduate studies, and native English speaking. You are also going to have to commit to at least three months, which is not nearly as long as many other places.

Here is there website if you want to learn more or are interested in applying:

#4 – SkimaTalk

Out of all the different online ESL jobs on this list, SkimaTalk is the only place that does not require you to have a college degree. You just have to be a native English speaker. The requirement to have a degree, no matter what kind, is pretty commonplace nowadays and there are very few places like this left out there.

The teaching lessons you will have are all one-on-one and are 25 minutes in length. You will be communicating with your student via Skype video. This isn’t like some of the other places that have fancy interactive platforms that you can utilize, but it isn’t that bad either.

Just like pretty much every other place, here you can set your unavailability and hope that students choose you as a teacher.

I couldn’t find any official pay listing from the company themselves, but based on the information I found on Glassdoor from reviews people have left, it seems that most people are making around $20 per hour, which consists of two lessons.

if interested, more information on becoming a teacher at SkimaTalk can be found at the following link:

#5 – GogoKid

GogoKid is a fairly popular platform, so if you have been looking around for teaching jobs like this for some time, you might have come across it.

At this place you will be teaching 25 minute lessons that are one-on-one. The lessons are all prepared but they do recommend that you have some of your own materials, such as props, to go above and beyond with your lessons and to really engage with the kids your teaching.

The pay here ranges from $14-$25 per hour, a rather large range. And you may be happy to hear that there is no limit to the number of hours that you can work… But of course you can’t just go out and work 100 hours a week if you want to because there isn’t just unlimited lessons available.

The downside, which goes for a lot of these places, is that you are not guaranteed you will get the same students over again. Like many platforms, the students book their classes and choose their teachers. So if you do a good job they might come back, but there is no guarantee.

Peak hours for this place are from 7 to 9 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 9 PM on weekends. This is a bit different from a lot of the ESL platforms out there that normally peak out on weekday mornings.

To work for this place you must have a bachelors degree and the minimum contract length is six months.

More info here:

#6 – Cambly

Cambly is a bit different from most. Instead of the focus here being on teaching people from Asia, you can potentially have students from all over… Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. This can be fun and interesting, and also means that the available teaching hours aren’t going to be packed all into one strange timeframe.

Students here have the ability to take different types of lessons. They can take your normal conversational level English lessons, they can take more structured English courses, where they can even take courses that are aimed on getting them to pass the IELTS and TOEFL. So as a teacher, it isn’t going to be all fun and game-style teaching like some of the other places.

One of the big upsides is that you don’t need any experience and as far as I know, you don’t even need a college degree. You just have to be a native English speaker. However, the downside is that you don’t get paid all that much. The pay is $0.17 per minute which equates to $10.20 per hour.

But overall it’s a pretty good platform. It is not just your basic back and forth chat platform. For example, students are able to use an in-chat translations told that allows them to get an instant translation on words there stuck on in their own language, which is nice because it helps them out and makes things more smooth for the teacher.

If interested in applying here you must be from either the US, Canada, UK or Australia. More information can be found at:

#7 – iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup, as the name suggests, is a group of different ESL tutoring platforms. Within this one opportunity there are many different platforms that you could potentially teach ESL through. These include platforms like…

  • tutorabc – ESL platform for mainland China
  • VIPjr – for mainland China; students can learn English, math, and other subjects
  • VIPabc – ESL platform for Japan
  • TutorABC – ESL platform for Taiwan
  • And more

Applying here and getting accepted could mean teaching elementary school students, businessmen and women looking to better their English, and so on. You could be teaching people in different Asian countries anywhere from 6 to 65 years old.

The lesson types here are all based around conversational-style English and lesson materials are provided.

As far as pay goes, it is determined based on your experience and qualifications. I can’t give you any good numbers to go off of, but it is said to be “competitive”.

In order to become a teacher, you need an international English teaching certificate, which is the TEFL/TESOL, and you must also have a professional background of some sort, which could be in law, medicine, finance, marketing, and so on. And then of course you also need a bachelors degree.

More info here:

#8 – DaDaABC

DadaABC is a pretty reputable and well known platform that is continuing to grow in size. One reason for that is because they are some pretty good pay, up to $22 per hour with bonuses available.

To work for this place they do restrict the amount you can work however. You need to work at least three hours per week but cannot work more than 20, so obviously it is just a supplemental income type of opportunity.

Teaching is all done through their two way interactive platform and, as always, the curriculum is provided.

One of the upsides to working at this place is that they do a good job at scheduling. All teachers have regular schedules. It is not a complete mess like some places where you have no idea if you are actually going to get work and when you might get it. You have pay you can count on once you get scheduled.

In order to apply you need to be a native English speaker can you must also hold a bachelors degree. You can check out their website at if you want to learn more.

#9 – LearnTalk

This place isn’t all that large of an online ESL teaching platform, but LearnTalk it does have its perks.

One big difference from other platforms is that many of the students on this one are from Spain. This gives you a different experience, not that it is better or worse. And it also leads to different peak teaching hours, which is mainly from 7 AM to 4 PM (could be a bad time for a lot of people working normal jobs).

When it comes to teaching, there are three different levels and you will be assigned a level based on your teaching ability and certification. The pay you will receive at each level along with the qualifications are as follows…

  • Language Tutor: $4 – $5/hr
    • C1 CEFR Level
  • Experienced Instructor: $8 – $10/hr
    • C2 CEFR Level & 2 years of experience
  • Professional Teacher: $12 – $15/hr
    • C2 CEFR Level, 4 years of experience, and certification

All tutoring sessions here are your typical 25 minutes.

If you want to apply you can go to The application process is very short and straightforward.

#10 – First Future

First Future claims to be the largest B2B online English education company in China, but who knows how true the statement is. It seems that a lot of places make similar claims.

But anyways, some of the upsides to working here are that you can make up to $25 per hour, you have a fixed schedule, and you still get paid for lessons even if the students don’t show up, which is going to happen eventually at any place like this.

Classes differ in length. There are 25 minute classes and 45 minute classes. The 25 minute ones are considered 1/2 hour while the 45 minute ones are considered a full hour.

The also offer different types of classes. There are one-on-one teaching classes as well as group sessions of up to six students. All lessons are provided to you, but the downside is that you don’t have some fancy awesome interactive platform to work with. The lessons are provided via PDF form and usually consist of vocabulary with focus on pronunciation, understanding and using the words in real life, etc.

If you want to work here you will have to have a bachelors degree and speak good English. I don’t think there is any requirement that you be a native English speaker, as long as you can speak it good enough. You also must commit to at least 20 hours a week of work, which is a lot more of a commitment than most places.

Intersted? Go to to get started.

#11 – Magic Ears

At Magic Ears you can teach kids ages 4 to 12 years old and virtual classrooms of up to four students.

At this place the lessons are prepared for you but you are still expected to do a little bit of your own preparation before hand. They want you to have at least two props that are relevant to your lessons in which you can use.

Lessons consist of 25 minutes of teaching and five minutes of valuation, totaling 30 minutes each. The pay for each of these lessons is between $9 and $11, however you have the ability to earn up to two dollars bonus in each lesson if you login early and if you teach during peak hours, which means that per hour you can make up to $26 with all the bonuses.

One of the downsides, besides signing a six month contract which a lot of people won’t like committing to, is that students are randomly assigned teachers. As far as I see, the students don’t even pick their teachers, which means you have very little chance of building connections and getting to know the people you are teaching.

Requirements include that you must be a native English speaker from either the US or Canada and you must hold a bachelors degree.

Visit to apply.

#12 – 51 Talk (and HAWO)

51 Talk and HAWO are both owned by a company called China Online Education, which was founded in 2011 and was actually the first Chinese education company to make its way onto the New York Stock Exchange (not that it matters to you).

51 Talk is there ESL online teaching platform for one-on-one lessons, while HAWO is there ESL online teaching platform for group classes.

At this place you will be teaching 45 minute lessons to kids under the age of 12. The base pay is set at $18 per lesson but there are performance bonuses available which can get you up to $22 per 45 minute lesson, which is considered an hour.

Stugents are booked group classes on two week or four week increments, and are often rebooked afterwords. What this means is that you do have the ability to connect with the same students over and over again and possibly build good relationships.

They want you to work at least 10 hours per week at this place and they also want you to agree to a one-year contract, so this isn’t for someone who is unsure of whether or not they really want to teach online ESL.

If you are interested, go to

#13 – English Hunt

If you look up reviews for this place you will find loads of good ones.

On the website they only mention one-on-one phone classes that they offer to Korean adults looking to learn English, however there apparently seems to be other teaching opportunities as well, such as teaching children. I found this out based on reviews and testimonials I’ve read.

So I’m not sure what that means, maybe just at the time I was looking into it they didn’t have any openings for teaching children.

But anyways… Here you can teach lessons that are 10, 15, or 20 minutes long and you make around two dollars for every 10 minutes you teach.

Your lessons are mapped out for you but you are able to put your own twist on them as you feel fit.

In order to apply you only need 48 college credit hours or an ESL certificate. They are pretty lenient in this regard.

More info at or your can read my review here.

#14 – Teach Away

Teach Away offers a lot of different teaching jobs, ESL jobs seems to be some of the most popular.

They call themselves a “community of international educators looing for careeer and professional development opportunties”, which I think is pretty appropriate because it seems like they are sort of like a job board to help you find other ESL teaching opportunities, as well as offering their own ESL teaching opportunities.

For example, when I was on the website and searched for available ESL online opportunities, I also found listings for other platforms such as VIPKID, as well is listings for ESL jobs with Teach Away themselves.

Teaching here means connecting one-on-one with Chinese students from preschool to sixth grade.

You do need a bachelors degree in order to apply and the pay will vary depending on your qualifications.

Go to if interested.

#15 – BlingABC

And last but not least…BlingABC might not sound like a very serious ESL online teaching program judging by the name of it, but it actually is… More serious than most and with good pay.

The reason I say this place is more serious than most is because you get assigned a teaching assistant, classes can last 4 – 15 weeks, you and you will have somewhat of a set schedule where you will meet with classes two times per week.

This isn’t just another platform where students stop by whenever they feel I try to find a teacher. You will be able to connect with the same students over and over and build relationships that lead to a more productive and enjoyable environment.

Lessons here are 40 minutes long and are provided for you.

The pay is $20-$36 per 90 minutes, which includes two lessons and a 10 minute break. If you do the math, that is around $18-$24 per hour which is pretty darn good in my opinion.

You of course must speak good English and hold a bachelors degree in order to apply, which you can do at

Now go out there and apply!

Teaching ESL online can be, not only a good paying part-time job, but also a very rewarding experience. If this is something you are serious about getting into, I suggest going for it. There are a lot of people who really love it and have been teaching for years.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns… Leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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