, Scam or Legit? My Review

Recently I’ve been looking into cashback/coupon programs and BeFrugal is one of the programs that I came across. I did some “investigating” too see how good this program is all around and if you are wondering is a scam then this review is for you.

I’ll get straight to the point here. I can assure you that this place is not a scam. But…. that doesn’t mean its worth your time. There are a lot of programs like this out there and this isn’t necessarily the best option. In this review  I’ll be going over how this program works, how much money you can save, some complaints about it, and whether or not I think its a going choice. Review

  • Website:
  • Type: Coupon/cashback savings site
  • Cost to Join: Free
  • Legit?: Yes


BeFrugal is a shopping savings program that is partnered with over 5,000 retailers to bring you coupons and cashback savings. They are completely free to join and very simple to use.

How this business model works is like this: BeFrugal offers cashback and coupon deals as a method of advertising for retailers. These retailers pay them a certain amount for each sale that they refer. With the coupons you save money upfront on your purchases and with cashback BeFrugal actually pays money back to you for buying through their platform.

How You Save Money

After creating an account, which only takes a minute, it is pretty simple to use the platform and start saving.

You can browse through different categories of stores, you can search for a specific store in the search bar, and other ways. You will be able to find deals with all the big retailers here.. Walmart, Target, Goupon, Best Buy, etc.

Once you find a store that you want to shop at just click on it and you will see all the available coupons as well as the cashback offered. As an example I click on Bed Bath & Beyond. As you can see the coupons that they offer are no joke. They are offering 50 online coupons and 2 printable ones at this time. That is pretty crazy.

To use these coupons all you have to do is click “Get Coupon” and it will direct you to the online store to shop. And the cool thing is that you automatically get the cashback when you use the coupons.

If there are not coupons that you want to use then you can just take the cashback offer alone and click the “Shop Now” button that I circled on the right.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount that you can save is dependent on the store that you are looking to shop at. The coupons vary a lot. You might find some coupons that only offer free shipping when you spend $25+ or you might find coupons that offer 70% off certain items… it all depends.

When it comes to cashback usually the bigger retailers that everyone shops at don’t offer high amounts. For Walmart, Dicks, Lowes, Target, Best Buy,etc…. you can expect anywhere from 1 – 4% cashback generally. But when you look at lesser known stores or service providers like hotels, travel services, etc… you can find good deals of over 10% cashback.

I have seen cashback deals of up to 40% but these are for places that just about no one will have any interest in.

How You Get Paid

So when you use a coupon you obviously aren’t going to get paid. You save money upfront on the purchase. But when you get cashback the money goes into your account at BeFrugal. You then have to cash it out to actually get the money.

You can choose to receive this money via a check in the mail, PayPal, or even for an Amazon gift card if you wish. Personally I would go with Paypal just because its the fastest and its money that you can use for anything, but the choice is yours.

What I Like About This Place

As I mentioned, I have been looking into a lot of savings programs like this recently and have been comparing them. BeFrugal is pretty good overall and there are a couple of things that I really like about this place.

The first is how they offer printable coupons that you can use in-store. Most other similar programs like this do not offer this. I mean sure… there aren’t many printable coupons offered, but at least there are some.

Second, they have an absolute abundance of coupons. I showed you above that Bed Bath & Beyond had 50 online coupons available at the time and that isn’t really out of the ordinary with big stores like it.


There aren’t really many complaints at all for this site that I have or from other people. The number one complaint is definitely not receiving cashback however.

This is a common complaint with every single cashback site that I have looked into thus far. The reason for this is that the tracking code that tracks your purchase gets “messed up” and does not relay the purchase back to BeFrugal.

One suggestion so that this doesn’t happen is to clear your “cookies” (the tracking codes) before using BeFrugal and you shouldn’t have a problem.

If you do have a problem you can talk to their support staff which I have heard good things about.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend BeFrugal?

Overall I really like BeFrugal. I was recommending a cashback site called TopCashBack for a while but I’m going to start recommending this site instead. They have a ton of offers and the cashback rates are pretty good so in my opinion this is a really good choice to save money while shopping. Its definitely a legit site and in no way a scam.

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