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Automatic Mobile Cash Scam

By Kyle / March 15, 2016


  • Name: Automatic Mobile Cash
  • Website: automaticmobilecash.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (absolute scam; stay away, you won’t be earning money here)

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Automatic Mobile Cash is a scam WITHOUT A DOUBT. They claim you can make $300 a day without lifting a finger, but this simply isn’t true. In this review of Automatic Mobile Cash I’ll be going over some serious red flags that scream SCAM at the top of their lungs.

To begin, l’ll go over the ridiculous way that Automatic Mobile Cash works.

How Automatic Mobile Cash works

Initially you will have to buy “network package” for a minimum of $25. And this money goes to their team and is used to fund development of new mobile apps.

The apps that Automatic Mobile Cash develops are released on multiple platforms and put for sale. And each time an app sells you get paid a percentage of that sale.

Sounds great right? I mean, all you have to do is invest $25 and then you let them do the rest. After that you get paid for every app that is sold for the rest of your life!

Funny isn’t it?

This makes absolutely NO sense

If it was so cheap to buy in (only $25) and you could make $300 easily, then why would this opportunity be open to the public?

Answer: It wouldn’t. There is no way. If you could make that MASSIVE of a return off of a small initial investment then only the people who make up this company would be involved.

And they make it seem like you can earn a lot more than $300 per day.

Unrealistic Earnings – Red Flag

When you are on the homepage if you look right above the “sign up” button you will see a bunch of “live” results of how much money people are making.automatic-mobile-cash-scam

It doesn’t say how long it took for these people to make these amounts of money, but based on how the page is bragging about all the money you can make “daily”, I’m guessing they are trying to tell you that these people have made these amounts just today.

Take a look at that. The one lady made $3,158!!! Are you kidding me?

This is ridiculous.

“Hurry” Another Red Flag

Also, as you will see right where you are supposed to sign up it says “hurry!” So that you can sign up before the network pays out again.automatic-mobile-cash-scam

This “hurry” thing is very common with online scams, or any scams for that matter. They try to get you hurry and sign up because the faster they can get you to do so the less chance you have at thinking logically and figuring out that its a scam.

Then when you do sign up they do it again. They tell you there are only a limited number of packages left and that you have to hurry up and buy one before they run out.

Here is what you will see.automatic-mobile-cash-membership

Another Red Flag – No Support

So when you go to the support tab, you will be redirected to this support-system

This is supportsystem.com. And this is a customer support platform that is developed for businesses.

But you don’t actually “get” support here. Its JUST a platform that businesses buy to make their lives easier.

It has nothing to do with Automatic Mobile Cash and this is a HUGE red flag. Automatic Mobile Cash just linked off to this site because it is legitimate and is professional. But it didn’t fool me.

Final Thoughts on Automatic Mobile Cash

Look, there is no doubt that Automatic Mobile Cash is a scam. It just doesn’t make sense. When you pay the $25 for their network package, that money is NOT going towards creating new mobile applications. That money is going into peoples pockets.

I’m not sure exactly how this scam works out but I am sure its a scam.

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