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Auto Cash Biz Scam – Scam Alert

By Kyle / March 10, 2016


  • Name: Auto Cash
  • Website: autocash.biz
  • Rating: 0/10 (Not only is this a scam but it is ILLEGAL)

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This Auto Cash Biz scam needs to be stopped. If you are thinking about joining you better read my review here first. Its not what they make it sound like, and Yes its too good to be true.

Overview of the Auto Cash Biz Scam

Heres how it works in summary. You get people to join and they pay you a down payment. Then, the people who just joined start to recruit their own people. And you get money from them too.

The system keeps branching out as people join and the money trail leads back to you.

This is absolutely illegal and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

When you go to autocash.biz, there are 7 steps that you are supposed to go over, each of which is manipulative and tries to suck in “suckers” that are willing to buy into this.

I painfully went through all 7 steps so that I could give a good review on this. Here they are. And get ready because… (joke)autocashbiz

7 Steps before joining

  • Step 1) Watch a video about how the rich keep getting richer

    • This video literally tells you nothing of value. It is about how rich people spend their money vs how poor people spend their money. They say that poor people spend their money on “stuff” and rich people spend their money on assets that make money for them.
    • They then claim there is a simple formula that you have to follow to be rich. And guess what? There going to give it to you! Their opportunity is supposedly the best cash generating opportunity there is. With it, you are able to create a passive income while you just sit back and relax.
    • But they don’t go into detail yet about this awesome opportunity.
  • Step 2) Watch a video on how that shows how their cash generating system works (illegal)

    • Their system is literally a pyramid scheme at its finest (aka Ponzi scheme). All you do is call people and get them to pledge and make a payment to you.
    • Its a domino effect. When some one signs up under you, they are then able to recruit people. And the pledges and down payments that their recruits make are partially given to you.
    • This form of scam is popular because it is very easy to pull of. It is illegal and you should not go anywhere close to this.
  • Step 3) Watch a video where an “market expert” explains how the receiving lines work

    • This just goes into the details a little more. This scheme isn’t the basic pyramid scheme. Its a little different but the it still meets the criteria.
    • You get paid from people who pledge to you. Then that pledge recruits someone and you receive that down payment as well. After this Your first pledge is able to break off and start their own receiving line.
    • It might sound confusing here, but its simple and most definitely a scam and illegal. Here is a screenshot of the layout which might help you understand itautocash.biz-scam
  • Step 4) This video goes over your options for getting started

    • You can pledge in at $500, $1,000, or $2,000. Of course if you join in at the $2,000 level, you have more money making potential.
  • Step 5) This video goes over why this system is the number 1 program for generating cash online

    • Here they just go over how easy it is and that anyone can do it. They make it sound like the greatest thing that has ever blessed the internet.
  • Step 6: Here there is a video that has a bunch of customer testimonials

    • The testimonials sound real, but don’t let that fool you. They are only audio recordings without any video. This makes them easier to fake than video testimonials.
  • Step 7) This is the last step you take before joining. Here they answer questions like “is this legal?”, “is this a pyramid?” “this sounds too good to be true, is it?” and so on.

    • As you can guess, they obviously lie when answering these.
    • No its not legal, yes its a pyramid, and yes it is too good to be true. But thats not what they tell you. They make up some elaborate lies to persuade you to join.

The next step is to join! I sure hope you don’t

If you do join this is what you getautocash-system

I’m not telling you to join, I’m just being thorough in my review.

The presentation center is a website that they supposedly set you up with where you will direct traffic. And this page will be where you get people to sign up.

Then you have some software that will supposedly manage your entire organization. And then theres training. But why would you need training if you have software that does everything for you?

Lastly there is the support center.

I can not say whether any of these features to the program are real because there is NO WAY in hell I’m signing up for $500 minimum.

Do NOT Join,  the Auto Cash System is a scam without a doubt

Usually scams like this try to make their systems seem more legitimate than this one. But this one clearly outlines the process of the money you can make. And its is clearly a pyramid type scheme with a twist.

This activity is absolutely illegal. I really hope you don’t get suckered into joining.

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